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Whitepaper:The eyes have it: Eye Protection


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"The eyes have it" by Bob Bowen. Whitepaper about eye protection adapted from February 2017 Silvey One Line newsletter, an Aubrey Silvey Enterprises Inc. publications. Silvey is a construction company that provides substations for utility companies. Visit for more information.

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Whitepaper:The eyes have it: Eye Protection

  1. 1. According to Google, there has never been a successful eye transplant. And as we all know, we have one pair of eyes. So, these have to last us a lifetime. Eye safety is probably the easiest and cheapest safety function to maintain at work. But sometimes, it is the last thing on our mind. How many times have we started a job only to realize that we have taken off the glasses and left them someplace else? Instead of stopping and getting the glasses, we take those extra few minutes to finish the work. 3 T h e S a f e t y N e t 3 The Eyes Have It By Bob Bowen, EPC Unfortunately, it only takes a split second for something to get in our eye. This will, at the very least, distract us from the task at hand; but it could also end up costing us our sight. For what? A few minutes of productivity? We pride ourselves on how productive we are. But we also pride ourselves on how safely we do our work. A serious injury can cause the whole job to shut down while people take care of the injury and deter- mine what happened. That, along with the cost of the injury, will severely affect the efficiency of our work compared to two minutes spent on getting the glasses or a similar safety precaution. So, remember: always wear safety glasses on the job. Always wear a face shield with safety glass- es when cutting or grinding. If you are forgetful about wearing the glasses, get a lanyard and hang them around your neck. This way, there will be no temptation to set them down elsewhere and forget about them. If you see someone without glasses, tell them. Finally, if someone tells you to put on your glasses, don’t roll your eyes. Be thankful for your vision and for a coworker who cares about you.