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Formative assessment


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Published in: Education
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Formative assessment

  1. 1. Formative Assessment<br />Researching the 21 California Missions<br />The first step in my students’ projects is to do some research on their assigned mission. This research will be done in the classroom using books, and pre-made research packets, as well as in the computer lab on appropriate mission websites. The information gathered will be recorded on a Mission Fact sheet which will later be used by students to write a 3 paragraph research report on their mission. By recording the information on a fact sheet, I am able to check progress, as well as understanding during the research process. <br />The next step in the project is for students to write a 3 paragraph research report on their assigned mission, and then type this report on an Alpha Smart computer. These mini computers are available through the school computer lab, and each student has his/her own computer to use in the classroom. Before writing and typing their reports, I will show them a model report which they can use as a guide in writing their won report. Students are not able to check out an Alpha Smart computer until they have completed their Fact Sheet, and written report which follows the provided guide. <br />After reports have been typed into the Alpha Smarts, we will visit the Computer Lab as a class where students will connect their Alpha Smart to their computer and upload their typed report. Once the report has been uploaded to the Lab computer, students will begin the editing process. As students are editing their writing on the computer, I can walk around and monitor their progress, as well as assist them in their editing. <br />Once the reports have been edited completely for spelling and grammar, students will then begin working on their Mission Brochure using Apple Works. For this brochure, students will find an image of their mission that they would like to include on the front of their brochure. These images will be found on the websites they used for their research. Once they have found the image they will use, they will copy and paste it into their brochure. Underneath the brochure, students will include the date their mission was founded along with the founding father. <br />As a final part of this research project, students will have the opportunity to share their brochures with their classmates. Their brochures will also be posted in the classroom where the class can take a “Brochure Walk”. <br />