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Twitter 101 A Guide To Getting Started

Editor's Notes

  1. Your presence may feel insignificant at first.
  2. -As with all social media, the Twitter community expects its users to be generous.-“Say 12x as much about others as you say about yourself” -@chrisbrogan
  3. Don’t do this
  4. The first sign-up screenWhat’s in a name – choose wisely---avoid names with numbers in them
  5. Upload your avatar (aka picture)Add your 160 character bio---Be clever, but not too clever (make it searchable)Include a linkProtected updates
  6. Getting going on Twitter sometimes feels slow, as you work to build relationships and community
  7. Anatomy of a Twitter home page – reviewingthe different sections
  8. With a new account, the first step is to start tweeting!
  9. Remember, your tweets are public (not just to your followers)
  10. Tweet is the verbh/t = hat tipTweetup = a local meet-up (no invites required)
  11. Being transparent means re-tweeting when you learned of something from a tweetTMI, of course, means too much information Returning a follow, or following backUnfollows
  12. Once you have some tweets, then start by following a few of your friends-Spammers (including those of the adult entertainment variety) discovered Twitter around the same time Oprah did. Look at each follower to make sure they’re someone you’d want to follow back.Following allows that person to DM you
  13. A lot of tools exist to help make Tweeting easier – an ever-growing list is on Delicious--Desktop client – Tweetdeck, Twhirl, Seesmic--Web-based – Hootsuite, Co-Tweet--Mobile – Tweetie, Twitterific,
  14. Despite all of the hype around Twitter, it’s just part of a whole system of social media outlets that you’ll want to consider