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Missing Link to iOT Computing: Rain RFID


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After decades of use, RFID is going mainstream and expanding beyond the realm of tightly controlled applications and environments into the internet of things. Mainstream adoption of RFID technology began with broad industry standards, and has now progressed to the emergence of individual application standards. Of all the emerging applications for RFID, the Internet of Things is the most interesting. RAIN RFID is the automatic identification solution for IoT. It is perfectly suited for artificial intelligence input.

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Missing Link to iOT Computing: Rain RFID

  1. 1. The Missing Link to iOT Computing: RAIN RFID Michael Hrabina Executive Vice President FEIG Electronics, Inc.
  2. 2. “Take a lot of unrelated and minimally related things such as passive RFID, Zigbee, wireless sensor networks and hobbyist micro-controllers and give them a grand new name such as the Internet of Things. Instantly you can claim it is a substantial market and set to be much bigger in the future if only because you will shovel other things into the definition. Sell it all as ”The Next Big Thing”. You can unload a lot of reports and consultancy on the back of that.” Dr. Peter Harrop, Chairman IDTechEx
  3. 3. Nailing the definition of The Internet of Things “The Internet of Things uses smart objects with their own IP addresses, operating and even collaborating without human involvement” Dr. Peter Harrop, Chairman IDTechEx
  4. 4. IoT depends on wide variety of technologies
  5. 5. Five Generations of computers Era Technology Programming 1940-1956 Vacuum tube Machine code 1956- 1963 Transistors Assembly Language 1964-1971 Integrated Circuits Proprietary Operating Systems 1971-Present Microprocessors Standard Operating Systems Beyond Massively Parallel Processing Quantum Computation The next generation is Artificial Intelligence
  6. 6. Progression of computer users Users Entity Scientists Governments Engineers University / Large Corporations Skilled workers Business Mass Population Home Users Things Everywhere Internet of Things is part of the fifth generation
  7. 7. AI requires many inputs • Voice recognition • Pattern recognition • Environmental sensors • Automatic Identification RAIN RFID is the ID for IoT
  8. 8. RAIN RFID perfectly suited AI input • Extremely fast • Non-line of sight data capture • Simultaneous capture of large numbers of transponders • Excellent read range • Small size, variety of form factors • Combined environmental sensors
  9. 9. RAIN RFID closes the gap to the next Generation of computing