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  2. 2. Hello, We Are Equisolve AnIssuer-FocusedDigitalAgency
  3. 3. We Professionally Build & Manage Websites Equisolve provides the complete website solution. Each website incorporates cutting-edge design and development, custom-built IR functionality, and a robust content management system built on a world- class infrastructure. Add in our extensive public company experience and the most attentive and responsive client services team in the industry, and you have the ideal website solution. That’s why hundreds of public companies rely on Equisolve.
  4. 4. We Do It All Starting with extensive research and analysis and continuing with careful planning of structure, placement and flow of content, your dedicated team ensures your company will be positioned to tell your story in a way that will make you the envy of your peers. Once your new website is live, you will appreciate the automated updates of all investor-related information. You will have peace of mind knowing that your Equisolve team will be reading every press release and SEC filing as it occurs to determine what additional changes and updates need to be made – all without you having to ask. MakingitEasyForYou,That’sWhatWeDo
  5. 5. IssuerExperience Equisolve knows what investors are looking for and we have the expertise to give them exactly what they need. We also understand the needs of a busy executive, so we built in automation that allows us to keep your web presence current on a minute-by-minute basis without requiring your attention. WeOnlyWorkWithPublicCompanies
  6. 6. User Experience Your website is more than just a page with words, it’s a reflection of your company. It provides an opportunity to impress your visitors and convert prospects into customers or investors into shareholders. Your website conveys that you know what you’re doing, you’re trusted to perform, and care about your customers and shareholders. With our annual analysis of 2.5+ million visits across hundreds of issuer websites, we have advanced user and investor engagement. Our findings reduce the amount of non-value added interactions and act as the basis to our UX approach. Built on that foundation, we examine your business, content and data to produce detailed wireframes. Aligning your website and business goals for an optimal user experience to all users. CarefulPlanning,FlawlessExecution
  7. 7. Writing for the Internet is different than any other medium: Your audience has a finite amount of time to sift through your website and understand your company. Based on our analytics, we know how much time we have to present your story and tailor your content to match. Our analytics also provide insight into the different entrance points to your website. By knowing your audience’s behavior, we create a holistic strategy in which each page touches upon all areas of your company. Content Strategy Data-DrivenStorytelling
  8. 8. Creative Direction & Design Your brand is that gut feeling that customers and investors have when they think about your company. For most people the first impression comes from your company’s website. Along with your leadership and financial results, your brand should be one of your most valuable assets to inspire investor confidence. At Equisolve, we design beautiful websites that capture the essence of each company and reflect their message, personality, and branding in every detail. Our designs are more than just a pretty face. Driven by content and crafted with artistry, our websites drive new relationships, sales, and investors to your company, while instilling confidence in your company’s brand. YouOnlyGetOneFirstImpression
  9. 9. Development & QA We employ techniques that promote web accessibility and usability consistent with World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the ATCB’s Section 508 Standards for Electronic and Information Technology. Our development team has worked extensively with many third-party integration services including, HR recruitment portals, Intranets, customer relationship management tools (CRMs), custom search, marketing engines, Vimeo, YouTube and social media. ArchitectingSuperiorWebTechnology HighStandards&Integration After the designs are approved, our in-house development team creates a fully responsive website that is integrated into our proprietary content management system, customized specifically for your company’s ongoing management needs.
  10. 10. BestPractices Your IR website from Equisolve will benefit from our extensive experience managing IR websites as well as our analysis of 2.5+ million investor visits each year. Because of this, we develop and deliver exactly what investors are looking for, where they are looking for it. GoingBeyondComplianceHasNever BeenEasier The advanced automation and proprietary features of our content management system maximize transparency, compliance and investor engagement – without burdening your company’s busy executives. Our proprietary content management system has no limits to what can be automated or features that can be created to reduce your workload. Identify any repetitive task and we will either automate it or make it painless and easy to manage. FlexibleAutomation&Programming
  11. 11. Integrated Earnings Events We have redefined the user experience for visitors and participants while simplifying the process for those responsible for managing the IR Website and events. Registration, webcast streaming and replay happens right inside your IR Website. No more third party links or changing URLs, and you get an exclusive, dedicated phone number that will never change. Additionally, when you order a webcast, it automatically adds the event to your IR website calendar and moves it to a past event when completed. You even manage your webcasts and teleconferences in the same CMS that you manage your IR website. Already have a webcast vendor you love? You can keep them, we can integrate them into our system, not a problem. BetterForYourInvestors,EasierForYou
  12. 12. Content Management If you would like to reduce tedium and minimize the possibility of mistakes, then you will love what a sophisticated CMS platform will do for you. From the drag-and-drop simplicity to the database-driven system for managing content across multiple pages, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Less work, more accurate information, maximum compliance – most people would call that a good thing. ABetterWayOfDoingIt
  13. 13. Infrastructure At Equisolve we take security seriously. With our industry- leading encryption, strong access control policies, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 audited data centers, and unique closed-loop authentication system, you can sleep well at night knowing Equisolve has it handled. Nobody likes a slow website, and your investors are no different. Equisolve’s infrastructure delivers the fastest websites from around the world. With more than 52 data centers spread across 19 countries, we are also the most reliable. SpeedMatters SecurityBreachesAreAtAnEpidemicLevel
  14. 14. Value With website solutions to meet any budget, we apply the same quality principles to every project, big or small. When you choose Equisolve, you automatically benefit from our years of experience with hundreds of public companies and the ongoing development of our technology. Our niche focus enables us deliver better websites, in a shorter time, with greater value. GetMore&PayLess
  15. 15. TheEquisolveProcess