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Tinkering vs. Problem Solving


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Tinkering vs. Problem Solving

  1. 1. + Problem solving vs. Tinkering By Kelly Kitagawa, Liat Algranti and Justice Walz
  2. 2. + What is problem solving?  Problem Solving: the discovery and analysis of problems and their solutions
  3. 3. + What is Tinkering?  Tinkering: “Tinkering is a uniquely human activity, combining social and creative forces that encompass play and learning”- Sylvia Martinez  Therefore tinkering is a method of problem solving which involves social and creative thinking, a crucial component to the creative process.
  4. 4. + So… What’s the difference?  Encompasses specifically creative and social means of problem solving.  Much less formal.  Invites and encourages innovation.  a broad range of methods and usually gives the impression that there is only one ultimate solution.  Often more formal Tinkering Problem Solving
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