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Sendwithus + Kickbox Webinar: Segmentation


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Lists are for chimps.

Are you struggling to manage your email data? Are you looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns?

These are common pain points for marketers. For this Google Hangout we've teamed up with Kelly Kenney from Sendwithus to provide you with actionable advice to address these issues.

About the importance of email segmentation
How to segment your email data (best practices)
How to avoid stale email data

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Sendwithus + Kickbox Webinar: Segmentation

  1. 1. With Kelly Kenney (Sendwithus) & Matt Gonzales (Kickbox)
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Matt ● Partner Relations @ Kickbox ● 4 years in IT/IT Compliance; 4 years in the startup lifestyle ● Dad joke extraordinaire, gamer, educator
  3. 3. Hi, I’m Kelly ● Marketing @ Sendwithus ● Over 9 years in the Tech marketing field ● Email nerd, animal lover and cheese enthusiast
  4. 4. ● Email template management ● Iterate / Optimize without deploying code ● Set up A/B tests, drip campaigns ● Simplify workflow with Litmus & Smartling integration Kickbox & Sendwithus ● Email Address Verification ○ Bulk, Email list verification ○ Real-time verification API ● Recipient Authentication
  5. 5. About Kickbox The Kickbox team has been in the email privacy and security industry for over 10 years. Our background in anti-spam, anti- virus and email privacy comprises the foundation on which Kickbox was built. 2014 Founded Dallas, TX London, UK Headquarters
  6. 6. About Sendwithus ● Y Combinator backed ● Control + Optimize Email ● Top 300 Email sender Worldwide2013 Founded San Francisco, CA Victoria, BC Headquarters
  7. 7. Talking Points
  8. 8. Segmentation: What is it? Practice of creating smaller lists, or segments, from a larger email list based upon commonalities. 58% of all revenue is generated by segmented or targeted emails, according to Direct Marketing Association (DMA) study.
  9. 9. Segmentation: Why is it important? Your customers aren’t one-dimensional, so your data shouldn’t be either. ● No two customers are the same ● Segment to reach the customers that matter most to your business
  10. 10. Where do I begin? The foundation of any successful email segmentation strategy is a clean, active, engaged foundation. Kickbox identifies the good, the bad & the ugly email addresses in your data. ● Clean email lists prior to holidays ● Verify B2B lists every 3 months ● Verify B2C lists every 6 months
  11. 11. Top 3 ways to Segment: #1 Location, Location, Location
  12. 12. Top 3 ways to Segment: #2 Demographics ● Age ● Gender ● Occupation/Industry
  13. 13. Top 3 ways to Segment: #3 Customer Journey ● Prompt users to perform an action ● A/B test messaging and offers ● Retail brand examples: ○ Added something to cart ○ Completed purchase ○ Review product ○ Repeat purchase
  14. 14. Segment by Quality Scores ● User state + previous engagement in a tool like Salesforce ● Segment by most engaged and ask for feedback ● Segment by least engaged, auto-sunset + win- back
  15. 15. Personalize to Increase Relevance ● Tailor messaging to your segments ● First names, signup or customer appreciation can do a long way ● Onboarding sequence
  16. 16. How to avoid stale email data
  17. 17. 2 Ways to Ensure Fresh Data ● As soon as your pull the data it is aging ● Query as close to send ● Update data as frequently as possible Integrate with DatabaseFrequency of data pull ● Best case scenario: holistic complete view of your customers ● Minimal involvement from data team ● Segment on whole picture
  18. 18. ● Data consolidated from different sources ● Complete view of your customer, calculate Lifetime Value (LTV), etc. ● Queries at time of send - always fresh data! Data Warehouses: What to Know
  19. 19. What’s the worst that can happen? Timing is Everything
  20. 20. Wrong Data, Wrong Message
  21. 21. No Free Class for You ● Segment to the right audience ● Marketing best practice: Include promotion legalese
  22. 22. Perfect Segmentation Messaging ● Don't assume! - A/B Test! ● Treat email like a landing page ● Email is complicated. You can test: ○ SUBJECT LINES ○ INTRO TEXT ○ BODY STYLE
  23. 23. Wrapping Up ● Email Segmentation = ● List hygiene is essential ● Segment, Segment, Segment ● Fresh data + Updated content = Happy Customers
  24. 24. Housekeeping ● Kickbox / Sendwithus Questions ● Follow-up Recording ● Swag Giveaway How you doin’ [remembering all this information]?
  25. 25. Questions?