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Email Power Hour and the Prisoner of A/Bzkaban


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Deck from recent event - Email Power Hour!
This month we talked all things A/B testing: what elements you should test, what makes a good test, and what to do when it’s over. Includes case study by Fresh Inbox, Campaign Workhub, and Couchsurfing.

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Email Power Hour and the Prisoner of A/Bzkaban

  1. 1. Party Starts at 6:30pm. #emailpowerhour
  2. 2. #emailpowerhour
  3. 3. Housekeeping #emailpowerhour
  4. 4. Put Your Hands Up #emailpowerhour
  5. 5. Why? #emailpowerhour
  6. 6. #emailpowerhour What?
  7. 7. #emailpowerhour Who?
  8. 8. Guest Experts Justin writes about interactive email techniques at Email on Acid. He has been involved in many aspects of email over his career from building Webmail clients and email campaign services to coding HTML emails. Justin Khoo @freshinbox Alli leads the Marketing & Growth team at Couchsurfing, encouraging others to have the best travel experiences around the globe. She is no stranger to email marketing and optimization, and loves spending time exploring the outdoors. Alli Shea @allisonshea30
  9. 9. In-House Expert Alex Mohr @alexophile Marketing lead and resident Game of Thrones expert.
  10. 10. What is it? Split the email send to deliver variants to recipients, allows you to test engagement of each version.
  11. 11. What emails should I A/B Test? All of them! It’s not just for Marketing emails anymore: ● Newsletters ● Welcome emails ● Order Confirmations ● Onboarding sequences ● Re-engagement campaigns
  12. 12. What elements should I A/B Test? ● Subject line ● Copy ● Body Style ● Graphics/Imagery ● Headings ● CTA ● Offer Pro tips: ● Let’s not get too crazy - test one element at a time so you can isolate the winning component. ● Document, document, document! Be sure to record variants and results so that you can share learnings with other team members and don’t have to duplicate tests.
  13. 13. Email Metrics Basics: Subject line -> Increase Open rate CTA, Body Copy -> Increase CTR
  14. 14. #emailpowerhour
  15. 15. The Challenge: Increase click-to-convert for Verification Benefits: ● More likely host acceptance rate ● App benefits (no ads, etc)
  16. 16. The Challenge: Increase click-to-convert for Verification A/B test copy to hone product messaging: A) “Everyone else is doing it” B) “What’s in it for me”
  17. 17. Winner: Version B ● Test product messaging in email ● Apply learnings to future product innovations and mediums ● Email is low-friction and low dependencies
  18. 18. #emailpowerhour
  19. 19. Challenge: With a gathered list of potential customers waiting for the tool - Justin sent out an email to engage people to give the app a trial. A) Graphic reminds recipient of what the tool does, states ‘early access’ and provides a 30% discount for a “limited time.” B) Shorter email, green button CTA, Early access only Version A Version B
  20. 20. Winner: Version B had a 45% lift in click- thru-rate over version A. Version A Version B
  21. 21. #emailpowerhour FreshInbox
  22. 22. Challenge: Curiosity Newsletter test for the Subject line: A) #EmailGeeks Digest: Interactive Email Galore B) #EmailGeeks Digest: Interactive Pokemon GO Email. FreshInbox
  23. 23. FreshInbox Results: ● Open rates similar initially, overnight Version A won just slightly. ● More interesting - the Pokemon Go version began equal but had 23% more clicks the next day.
  24. 24. Takeaways #emailpowerhour
  25. 25. But Wait There’s More! #emailpowerhour
  26. 26. Email Fridays Resources/Guide #emailpowerhour
  27. 27. Thank You! #emailpowerhour
  28. 28. Feedback? #emailpowerhour