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Descriptive geelong writing feb 2012


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Published in: Sports, Business
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Descriptive geelong writing feb 2012

  1. 1. The Leopold Sportsman’s Club By MaddyWhen you enter the club there’s a big car park. If the carparks are full there’s a straight road that leads you to asmaller car park.As you enter the building there’s a black bar you orderfrom. Then if you go left, there is a games room for the olderpeople.Where you have your meal, there are three medium tvs soyou can watch the news while eating your dinner.If you go to the back of the room where you eat your supper,there is a brown wooden path. If you follow that path it willtake you to an amazing small room.That small room is for people that bowl. So if you ask yourgrandparents if they want to play bowls, this is the place forthem to go. You can also have a party in that room. There is abar and black criss cross chains which they pull down if thebar is closed.You will enjoy visiting the Sportsman’s Club at Leopold.
  2. 2. Eastern Beach By Olivia YEastern Beach is a great place for entertainingpeople of all ages. There is a big promenade andthere are lots of diving boards.The water at Eastern Beach is four metres deep.As soon as you get there you can smell the saltyseaweed.The glittering water is beautiful to have a splashin. It is great on a hot day. If you’re ridingaround the pier, you can even jump in with yourclothes on.Before you have a refreshing dip in the cool waterat Eastern Beach, you could have a picnic on thegreen grass.On special occasions, Eastern Beach is verycrowded. It is a great place to visit in Geelong.
  3. 3. Barwon Heads Beach By LilliBarwon Heads beach is a wonderful place torelax and listen to the waves. When you get thereyou can smell the salty sea.You also can take beach ball, tables and chairs.You can have lunch there and you can bring yourwhole family and have picnics. There are evenplaygrounds here for the little ones. Andsometimes there is an ice cream truck.When you’re there, the sun is always shiningand the waves are rolling.
  4. 4. Gateway Sanctuary By ElijahGateway Sanctuary is a beautiful place. It is located inLeopold and is popular. It has very nice trees andsometimes you can see little creeks.It can sometimes bring tourists ad people can see veryrare things like platypus there. It has bridges, tracksand sometimes you can have a BBQ there. Even better,the Godfathers pizza restaurant is just over the road.Also, for the kids, there are playgrounds at GatewaySanctuary.Whether you want to relax, or walk around to enjoy theview, Gateway Sanctuary is a great place for all. Thereare all kinds of birds that you can see, including ibis,galahs and many more.All people who go there are lucky because you can enterfor free, and even if you did have to pay for it, it wouldbe worth it. Go there!
  5. 5. Adventure Park By JamesAdventure Park is a great place to go on a very hot day inGeelong. It is also a great place to stay for a picnic.It has great attractions like the go karts, aqua racer,Bonitos Bay and lots more.They have a huge undercover area with table and chairs,lockers for your needs and barbecues for convenience.It is located near Ocean Grove and is easy to spotbecause it has huge windmills and flags flyingeverywhere.You can see a great view from on top of the aqua racer.The cafe is a great place to go for a refreshing drink orsnack.If you like it that much, you can buy a yearly pass foraround $89.
  6. 6. Eastern Beach By TrentEastern Beach is a relaxing and calm place with sand and thefresh smell of sea water. You are able to sit down, play sports orjust have a nice picnic with your family and friends.There is a public pool and park, all in the one area. You can stopat the food bar and get a snack and walk around the pier whileyou’re at it.There are big hills and for the kids to play on and there’s anexcellent view for the parents to sit down and have a chat.If you’re fairly hot, go down to the water and have a dip to coolyou down. If you’re still hot, go to the ice cream van and get someice cream of your choice.On special days, go to the market and buy lots of stuff to fill upyour car.Are you a person of extremes? Well, if so go to the sky wheel andgo over 100 feet off the ground. Feel like flying? Well you can go tothe trampoline and soar through the sky.Are you in for some photography? Well you’ve come to the rightplace, there are lots of superb bollards to take wonderful pictureof.The best thing about all of this is you don’t have to pay a thing!
  7. 7. Port Phillip Bay By MaxPort Phillip Bay is a great spot to go fishing. Youcan go in a boat, jet ski or a canoe. You can seePort Phillip Bay from Barwon Heads.Port Phillip Bay is very cold and salty. Itsurrounds Melbourne and Geelong. Cargo shipsuse Port Phillip Bay to get to Melbourne.Some of the oil rigs come through Port Phillip Bay.You can only catch salt water fish there. You canfind shells in the cold water.You can fish from the shallow water or on thebank. When you are driving past, the bay looksvery beautiful. It is a wonderful place to gofishing.
  8. 8. The You Yangs By Olivia SThe You Yangs is in Lara, about 45 minutes fromLeopold. It is a wonderful place to visit and a nice placefor a family picnic. You can see the landmark from justabout anywhere in Geelong.You can have barbeques, build stick houses, sit arounda nice mini fire and toast marshmallows. Some funthings to do at the You Yangs are climbing the rocks,walking up the mountain and cycling on the track.The bike track is a fantastic path. Once you get to the topof the You Yangs there is the most amazing view you willever see.When you are with your family, the surroundings feelmagnificent. It feels as though you are in a real forest.Going for walks is a fantastic idea as you may see somewildlife, and there are many different types of trees tosee (like gumtrees and eucalyptus trees).The You Yangs are great!
  9. 9. Skilled Stadium By ClancySkilled Stadium is the Geelong Cats home ground. The Catsare Geelong’s football team (AFL) and they won thepremiership last year.AFL (Australian Football League) games are played atSkilled Stadium. You can always smell the fresh greengrass and the players sweat when you are sitting on theboundary.The oval is surrounded by heaps of seats and stands. Thereis the Bob Davis stand, the Gary Ablett Stand and thePremiership Stand. Skilled Stadium holds a lot of people,In most stands, there are blue and white seats. If you look atthe seats from a distance, the white seats spell out “GOCATS”.Just outside the doors of Skilled Stadium are the netballcourts. Many Geelong teams play netball there during theday and night.Skilled Stadium is a great place to watch to AFL. Go Cats!
  10. 10. Eastern Beach By SophieEastern Beach is a great place to go on a hot day. There isa normal beach with a promenade. The area underneaththe promenade is protected by shark-proof wire. There isalso a shallow pool with a statue in the middle of it.There are two very big playgrounds that are lots of funto play in. Along the soft sand there are woodenbollards. At the end of the long sandy beach there is aferris wheel called the Giant Sky Wheel.There is a cafe near the pool that sells hot and coldsdrinks, as well as lots of delicious food. Around thepromenade there are two diving boards. There are alsoplatforms you can swim to.The water at Eastern Beach is a bit cold, so on a hot day itis nice and refreshing.There is a big patch of soft green grass, which is great tohave a picnic on, or play football.