PechaKucha 20x20 presentation 2012


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kstyle, interior designer shows her eclectic use of materials and reveals the client's personality in her designs.

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  • Nick is a 14 year old boy and wanted a grown up room. A new color pallet of gray and taupe along with a low profile bed is chosen. An old, oversized frame and large a large graphic “N” becomes the focus above the bed. Nick’s room just grew up.
  • The wall opposite of Nick’s bed became the “art wall”. Nick chooses what he likes; I put together an industrial art board using old road signs, metal tags and random numbers and letters. Add some graphic pictures and Nick’s room will take him through high school.
  • Alex is 16 yrs. old and wants a chair in her room. I suggest and old one with great lines and comfort. It is recovered using a rug for the seat cushion and a coordinating fabric for the rest. Add an ottoman and “Boho Chic” becomes the new focus.
  • I promise Alex’s mom if we get rid of the old bedroom set it would be replaced using the green concept. Reclaimed dressers that are sturdy and stylish with a modern finish. We use a 1940’s dresser for the new make-up central and a repurposed mirror is hung above.
  • This table was mine, I will use anything. My children had written their love notes on the underneath side when they were 11 and 9. I took pictures of their “artwork” and them framed for them. The new seat is stunning in its new home. The history of the table will have a new story in a new home.
  • Dining room chairs can be comfortable and fun. 4 sturdy golden girl chairs were snagged at a garage sale. They were sanded, painted and sealed. The seats were covered with a brown, Melton wool and monogrammed “foodie”. The chairs are a cover worthy.
  • These 2 porch posts have been around a long time waiting to be used again. An island needs support and is integral to the design I’ve chosen for this kitchen. Not much needed to be done; a good cleaning and sealing is all it takes for the post to shine. Age and weather made this post perfect.
  • In keeping with an old porch “repurposed” in this kitchen, these 6 old porch brackets are used for the shelf supports. The gray 4x6 tile came from a resale store. They didn’t end up in a land fill and cost $10.00.
  • I had the buffet custom made for the space. I designed and finished it. My client couldn’t decide on the what accessories she liked best, so I did both two for her. She loved both and changes them out with the seasons. Old school-fall/winter, New school-spring/summer.
  • The chair stays; it’s a family heirloom.. The butterfly fabric inspired the look of the chair. I transform a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly
  • A home office can be pretty too. A goodwill find gets transformed into a functional, pretty desk.
  • Great display is creating balance and a point of view. This is what is used in this one of a kind, personal display: flea market finds, junk finds, client’s stash, silver, rust, aged wood and a pop of color. Asian, primitive, modern, Moroccan style blend with black & white photography make the wall work together.
  • A wall can be a playground for ideas. Small budget, big impact….so I decided that MDF was my new best friend. Left over wall paper and wall decals in my stash were going to give this wall a personality. The two panels provide interest and depth and it’s playful.
  • This old table loses it’s leaves. An old stool is added, a great picture and some unique accessories in my favorite color, “paper bag brown”. The table fills the corner with interest and style.
  • The same table provides me with more ideas. Three old Wisk brooms now are “utilitarian art”.
  • I need a vanity right now, the plumber is coming next week. I want a granite counter top and vessel sink. Those two items blow my budget. I went attic hunting and find an old, oak dresser. With the help of my cabinet guy and my finishing skills we have a great vanity!
  • Basement walls can be filed with the personality of the homeowners. This screen door does that; the patina is perfect and with some creativity the “soup party display is born. This display tells the story of the family’s Annual Soup Competition for the last 15 years.
  • I found the perfect table for a client, but not the perfect price. My client says “my husband can make that”. Okay, he makes it I apply the finish. The client can boast what a great job her husband did and I came in on budget.
  • The dreaded TV in the bedroom. It’s like a Steven Hawking’s theory of the “black hole”. What do you do with it. You find the best artist you can afford and buy and off the rack cabinet. This is what you get, an eyes sore diverted when not in use and a beautiful work of art when not.
  • This is my favorite. The coffee table is a 19th century Chinese hunting table. It folds up and was worn on the hunters back. It made it to Madison WI all cleaned and waiting for me to purchase and use in a design. It’s perfect in age and scale and it has a good story. I love a good story.
  • PechaKucha 20x20 presentation 2012

    1. 1. random things industrial and urban
    2. 2. 70’s and holding i still rock and swivel
    3. 3. total make over please mirror, mirror
    4. 4. 25 years of service 50 years more
    5. 5. from cane to insane!
    6. 6. i have to split you two supportive as ever
    7. 7. oh so pretty the tiles started it
    8. 8. old school botanical new school botanical
    9. 9. can’t let go it’s worth keeping
    10. 10. surely, I can find someone i can work here to help me
    11. 11. just trust me birds on a wire
    12. 12. little heavy on one side i love my new look
    13. 13. i need your parts glad i could help
    14. 14. just one look that’s all it took
    15. 15. i have the wood sexy table
    16. 16. ugly, just plain ugly never expected this!