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Nicola 2nd tpb, 19 may 14


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Published in: Environment
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Nicola 2nd tpb, 19 may 14

  2. 2. HOI HA ENCLAVE A wilderness area Country Park on 3 sides Marine Park on the 4th side Site of Special Scientific Interest Biodiversity hotspot Rich in habitats Diverse flora and fauna Some rare. Some only found at Hoi Ha and nowhere else in HK or in the world.
  3. 3. Convention on Biodiversity Land adjacent to protected areas – such as Marine Park and Country Park – should be protected from development. Why has Hoi Ha been zoned for development, as a Green Belt reservoir of future building land? Why not zone it for conservation, as Conservation Area?
  4. 4. UNDER THE SEA AT HOI HA • Have you ever been diving or snorkelling at Hoi Ha? • Have you ever been out on the WWF’s glass- bottomed boat? • This is what you will see: • Raymond Man’s film: HK Marine • It is in the Public’s interest for you to conserve this.
  5. 5. The biggest threat to the Marine Park used to be fishing – we used to have trawlers and still have some dynamite fishing
  6. 6. Now, the greatest threats are from the abuses of the Small House Policy – and zoning for development
  7. 7. Hoi Ha is a biodiversity hotspot facing destruction
  8. 8. FOREST everywhere, in the valley and on the hillsides
  9. 9. MARSHLAND both Seasonal and Permanent drain into the sea
  10. 10. Streams flow through forest, mangroves and marshland into the sea
  11. 11. Streams flow through Open Canopy Shrubland into the sea
  12. 12. Beaches and Mangroves
  13. 13. Intertidal Area Habitat
  14. 14. Marine Habitat
  15. 15. HABITATS ARE HOMES • All these habitats support life • They are rich in fauna and flora • They provide homes for plants and animals, fish, birds and insects
  16. 16. There is life wherever you look
  18. 18. Fung Shui forest demoted from Conservation Area to Green Belt Plan D had originally zoned the forest to the east of the village as Conservation Area The forest contains Fung Shui Forest, secondary woodland and open canopy shrubland This is where the majority of rare species are found at Hoi Ha – rich in flora and fauna A few weeks ago, they took away Conservation Area status and zoned this biodiversity hotspot as a Green Belt reservoir of building land. Why are they sacrificing this special area to the Small House Policy when Fung Shui Forest is supposed to be inviolate? A stream flows through the middle of the Green Belt – why are they considering septic tanks either side of a stream that flows into the sea? PLEASE REINSTATE CONSERVATION AREA
  19. 19. DESTROY FIRST, DEVELOP LATER Usual tactic – destroy anything of ecological value • Bulldoze forest • Clear the land • Drain the marshes • Divert streams Establish a temporary farm or market garden. Apply to build on now degraded land Please place AGRICULTURAL USE in Column 2
  20. 20. PLACE FARMING IN COLUMN 2 • The developers have told the villagers that they will cut down the forest and drain the marsh. • AFCD have objected to Column 2 because it will stop farming in the future. STRANGE OBJECTION when: • There is no longer any farmland at Hoi Ha. • Even if there were, farming is still allowed on request if appropriate. • Nature reclaimed this land when villagers emigrated to UK in the 1970s and changed the river valley back into habitat. • There is a 50-year old forest, a 50 year-old marshland and 50-year old open- canopy shrubland on what used to be farmland Is it in the Public’s interest to destroy this BIODIVERSITY HOTSPOT? FARMING AT HOI HA BELONGS IN COLUMN 2 – PLEASE PLACE IT THERE.
  21. 21. DO YOU AGREE THAT DEVELOPERS SHOULD DESTROY HOI HA? Bear in mind that: • The reason why Hoi Ha has exceptionally good coral coverage is that the seawater is clean and unpolluted. • It is the forest and the marshland that keep the sea clean.
  22. 22. What are the consequences of removing forest, diverting streams and draining marshland? • The valley will be covered in bare soil. • What happens when it rains?  The soil will be washed into the sea. • What happens to coral when it is covered in silt?  It dies. • Why WAS Hoi Ha Wan made a Marine Park?  Because of its coral. Is it in the Public’s interest to allow the Marine Park to be destroyed?
  23. 23. What are the consequences of temporary farming? • What do farmers typically use on their soil?  Pesticides  Herbicides  Fertilizers • What happens when these are broadcast on the soil? They will wash off into marshland, streams and into the sea. These are TOXIC and will kill life in these habitats. It is not in the Public’s interest nor in the interests of Hoi Ha’s biodiversity to allow this wanton destruction.
  24. 24. Under threat from abuses of the Small House Policy • SHP is riddled with corruption • there is no Town Planning – No access for emergency vehicles such as fire engines – No parking – No gardens • The houses are built cheaply - Back-to back slums of the future • They do not conform to Building Regulations • The most environmentally-damaging form of building • Each house will have a septic tank discharging toxic effluent into Hoi Ha’s sensitive environment. • There is no such thing as an environmentally-friendly septic tank.
  25. 25. River Valley is a Waterlogged Flood Plain Streams overflow their banks in rainy season
  26. 26. Seasonal streams appear in the rainy season and flood the surrounding V-zone
  27. 27. Children at risk from e-coli E-coli is already being detected from existing houses IS IT SAFE FOR KIDS TO PLAY DOWNSTREAM OF UNTREATED SEWAGE?
  28. 28. Waste water from Hoi Ha village houses goes straight into storm drains and into the sea
  29. 29. Naturally occurring scum is already accumulating in the lagoon
  30. 30. Hoi Ha Lagoon – an OPEN SEWER • This area is not flushed regularly by the tides • Toxic waste will accumulate in the lagoon • This is where Hoi Ha’s main stand of mangroves is found • The mangroves and marine life will be adversely impacted by waste from additional septic tanks.
  31. 31. Valley V-zone is always waterlogged
  32. 32. Marshland water plants in the waterlogged forest in the valley V-zone
  33. 33. V-zone in front of the Village Temple is flooded in the rainy season and becomes a seasonal marsh
  34. 34. Flooded areas are not suitable for building or for siting septic tanks • V-zone has a high groundwater table • Much of the Hoi Ha V-zone is waterlogged all the year round • There are water plants in the V-zone • Areas that are dry in the winter become flooded/waterlogged in the rainy season – Evidence of seasonal flooding and waterlogging – Evidence of streams flowing after rainstorms
  35. 35. Nobody carries out percolation tests before applying to build
  36. 36. The river valley is too waterlogged for a septic tank – it does not pass a percolation test. The area should not be zoned as V-zone or Green Belt – this is not suitable building land.
  37. 37. Guidance Notes on Discharges from Village Houses • Septic Tank Systems are not feasible in areas: – Prone to flooding during storms – With high groundwater tables – Hoi Ha floods during storms – Hoi Ha has a high groundwater table and is waterlogged a) Permanently in some areas b) Seasonally in others HOI HA IS TOO WET AND WATERLOGGED FOR SEPTIC TANK SYSTEMS - so why have these areas been zoned as V-zone and Green Belt reservoirs of building land? PLEASE ZONE AS CONSERVATION AREA
  38. 38. Consequences of allowing septic tanks at Hoi Ha Why are septic tanks toxic to the environment? What do they discharge into the marshes, streams and sea? • Bleaches • Non-biodegradable detergents • E-coli • EDCs: Endocrine Disrupting Compounds – Interfere with the sexuality of fish in the Marine Park – Have already changed the sex of snails – finding female snails with penises. – How will this affect humans in the future? Life in the streams and in the marshland, in the inter-tidal areas and in the streams will be KILLED or DAMAGED Human reproduction could be compromised Is it in the Public’s best interests to allow this devastation at Hoi Ha for the sake of a minority private interest occasioned by the inherently corrupt and anachronistic Small House Policy?
  39. 39. Hoi Ha has 96,000 visitors a year They love HOI HA Here are Hong Kong families looking for starfish and crabs
  40. 40. Coachloads of visitors Hire canoes from the villagers
  41. 41. Stand on the jetty looking at coral and seahorses
  42. 42. Students come on Field Trips
  43. 43. Death of a Marine Park Hoi Ha has some of the cleanest waters in Hong Kong thanks to the surrounding forest and streams This is why the marine life, including the mangroves and corals, are in good shape. This is why Hoi Ha is a tourist destination ZONE FOR CONSERVATION NOT FOR BUILDING The minimum requirement is Conservation Area and Coastal Protection. If you don’t, what will you do next once the Marine Park is dying and the beaches are closed to the public because of e-coli? ARE YOU PLANNING ON DEGAZETTING THE MARINE PARK? WHAT IS IN THE PUBLIC’S BEST INTERESTS? There will be public unrest if this area is destroyed
  44. 44. Please save Hoi Ha for future generations • EXTINCTION is FOREVER • Please zone this beautiful wilderness area as Conservation Area
  45. 45. QUESTIONS???