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The SECRET to solving your Intranet Adoption Issues


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The surprising secret to solving any intranet adoptions issues that you might have. From Geoff Talbot at

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The SECRET to solving your Intranet Adoption Issues

  1. 1. The Surprising SECRET to Increasing Your Intranet Adoption Rate.
  2. 2. Be good to your puppy and Increase Intranet Adoption -- © 2016 Emgage Inc. When no one will adopt, don’t blame the puppy.
  3. 3. It is critical that you ask the right questions. If you do not, you’ll waste even more time and money solving the wrong problem.
  4. 4. The 3 Giant Myths of Intranet Adoption
  5. 5. Myth #1 If your intranet adoption rate is low, then you have an employee engagement problem.
  6. 6. Myth #1 - Debunked Low Intranet adoption is symptomatic of an Intranet that isn’t improving work significantly for the end user. Watch Full Video Here -- © 2016 Emgage Inc. All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Myth #2 If you build it, they will come.
  8. 8. Myth #2 - Debunked Having an Intranet available doesn’t guarantee adoption. Technology is not a solution for cultural issues, like engagement, lack of collaboration, etc. These issues require human solutions.
  9. 9. Myth #3 To increase intranet adoption you must make it more social.
  10. 10. Myth #3 - Debunked Technology is adopted more quickly when people connect around common work goals. Your Intranet should function first to solve work problems.
  11. 11. Increase your Intranet adoption watch this video now Watch Full Video Here -- © 2016 Emgage Inc. All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. Beware, superficial Band-Aids for low Intranet adoption don’t work.
  13. 13. • Broadcasting Success Stories. • Changing the Color Scheme Regularly. • Listing Important Community Events. • Using Images to Support Text. • Making sure that the Leadership are Early Adopters. • Creating Compelling Content Regularly. • Creating Social Campaigns to Encourage Regular Use and Interaction. • Using Contests and Gamification. • Providing Training and Tutorials. • Using Humor to Increase Engagement. Examples of superficial Band-Aids that ignore the underlying problem.
  14. 14. Low adoption occurs when your Intranet doesn’t solve big problems in significant ways. See this here -- © 2016 Emgage Inc. All Rights Reserved Work problemsSlightly better, but not worth it
  15. 15. The #1 Way To Increase Your Intranet Adoption.
  16. 16. Your Intranet must solve important work problems in much better ways than before. A great Intranet massively solves work problems for the User. Watch Webinar Here -- Work problems
  17. 17. Bought to you by the SharePoint Intranet Experts - Your Intranet must make work simpler, faster and more efficient for your User.
  18. 18. Adoption Efforts vs Work Improvement Ratio™ AdoptionEfforts Work Improvement Ratio™ 1x 10x $ $$$ $$ 5x The more your Intranet improves work for Users the less effort ($) you’ll need to increase adoption.
  19. 19. Adoption Efforts vs Work Improvement Ratio™ AdoptionEfforts Work Improvement Ratio™ 1x 10x $ $$$ $$ 5x Fax For example, fax machines improved work significantly for Users, but some adoption effort was still required.
  20. 20. Watch Full Video Here -- © 2016 Emgage Inc. All Rights Reserved Adoption Efforts vs Work Improvement Ratio™ AdoptionEfforts Work Improvement Ratio™ 1x 10x $ $$$ $$ 5x Email Fax Email was a major improvement, solving work problems in much better ways, so very little adoption effort was needed.
  21. 21. How to Create an Intranet that Solves Significant Work Problems?
  22. 22. First, Focus on the User Work Needs and Problems Identify Work Problems • How is your Intranet currently helping your Users do their work? • Where are the blockages, slow points, frustrations and inefficiencies in their work practices? • How quickly can your Intranet adapt to your Users' changing needs?
  23. 23. • Greatly increase productivity. • Deliver a superior service or product to Users. • Provide each business unit with unique solutions to their specific problems. • Create an Intranet that adapts quickly to changing business needs. Second, Focus on the Objectives of the Business Massively solve work problems.
  24. 24. • Simplify change at different organizational levels. • Content should find users - not the other way around. • External collaboration should be easy and intuitive. • Work processes should be non-technical and malleable (no coding). Examples of Big Work Problems to Solve Your Intranet needs to be flexible and agile enough to cope with your shifting work demands.
  25. 25. An Intranet that solves big work problems, adoption is a piece of cake, but you still have to lead people to the cake.
  26. 26. • Initial Attraction – Your Intranet needs to look good. • Easy to Use – The end user shouldn’t need to code. • Availability & Dependability – It needs to function on mobile. • Layered Discovery – A end user should be able to go deep and do important work via the Intranet. • Viral Propagation – Adoption increases exponentially when the user shares while working. Speeding up the adoption process
  27. 27. In conclusion, make your Intranet considerably better for the User. Solve this problem in significant ways and your adoption problems will disappear.
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  29. 29. Few of our customers Watch Full Video Here -- © 2016 Emgage Inc. All Rights Reserved
  30. 30. Location Santa Monica, California Experience Founded in 2008 Microsoft Gold Partner & Microsoft Business Critical SharePoint Partner Hundreds of customers across multiple industries Emgage Overview
  31. 31. Get a free no pressure demonstration of our products here. Watch Full Video Here -- © 2016 Emgage Inc. All Rights Reserved