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Granite State Ambassadors Yearbook 2017-18


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Welcoming the World to NH since 1996

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Granite State Ambassadors Yearbook 2017-18

  1. 1. New Hampshire Granite State Ambassadors 2017-2018 Commemorative Yearbook Welcoming the World to New Hampshire since 1996 PhotoArt by Maurice
  2. 2. Board of Directors 2017-2018 Officers: Gretchen Ziegler, Chair Bill Petersen, Vice-Chair / NHGSA Founder Charlene Courtemanche, Secretary Directors: Maryanne Adams, NHTI Frederic Clausen, Proctor’s Lakehouse Cottages Maurice Demers, 2017 GSA of the Year Susanne Greenbaum, 2016 GSA of the Year Peter Laufenberg Chris Lockwood Anita Memos, 2015 GSA of the Year Peter Morgan, NHGSA Founder Mark Okrant, Joseph Walker, New England College / NHTI Judi Window, St. Mary’s Bank, NHGSA Founder Staff (part-time) & Contractors Kelly Bryer, Executive Director Michelle Demirjian, Chief Financial Officer Naomi Halter, Director of Volunteer Operations Matt Lavoie, Literature Coordinator Lorinda Franklin, Data Entry Emily Goulet, Intern Sindy Chown, Intern GSA Mission and Values Our Mission The Granite State Ambassadors program is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the informational needs of guests and residents of the State of New Hampshire through in-depth training and active participation of our certified Ambassadors. Our Core Values We believe in volunteerism, participation, and cooperation. We believe in training and demonstrating the essence of New Hampshire hospitality. We believe that citizen responsibility and living landscape are the themes that define this essence. Citizen Responsibility A belief that individual citizens can and will take responsibility for our future. Living Landscape A strong attachment to the condition of the state, including both its natural resources and its built environments. In short, we believe that New Hampshire will only be a good place to visit if it continues to be a good place to live. Visitors will come only if we work proactively to retain our scenic open spaces, rich historic and cultural attractions, livable communities, as well as the social structure that values the individuals and permits them regular opportunities to pitch in and make a difference. In Memory of Those Who Passed Away This Past Year: Patti Welch Ladybug 2000 Ronald Brown Kancamaugus Class 1998 Barbara Bowie-Hemphill Sprint Class of 2002 Jim Theodosopoulos Ladybug Class 2000 Dwight Haynes Fish & Game Class 2008 Mary Lenz First in Nation Class 1999 Lois Boston Essence of NH Y2K 2000
  3. 3. A Message from Our Executive Director Kelly Bryer, Executive Director Museum of NH History Class of 2003 I wish there were words to express just how much we appreciate everything you, our GSAs, do for the state’s tourism industry. The best we can do is give you a support team that is as passionate about Granite State Ambassador’s mission as you are. This year we certified a whopping 94 new GSAs and they are already out there making a real difference in our traveling guests experiences while visiting NH. This year we made a lot of new industry friends too, with more than two-dozen new tours, perks, presenters, and partnerships. I can’t wait to tell you about all the new programs we are working on to keep you engaged and educated. These new volunteer / learning opportunities and program initiatives are direct results of your professionalism, passion and support. People notice - and when they notice, your passion and ‘sunny’ disposition become infectious and they want to be a part of your energy. In the past 12 months, 330 certified GSA volunteers served 18,300 hours assisting guests at over 40 welcome centers and events. Of these 330 GSAs, 173 participated in additional learning opportunities including tours, activities, and meetings around the state. Not only did these GSAs attend, they wrote thoughtful thank you notes to our hosts, and blog articles to share with other GSAs to learn about the places we visit. It’s this level of dedication to volunteer and learn, that help forge partnerships for Granite State Ambassadors and open doors for new initiatives and partnerships. Together, we are a well oiled machine with an impressive amount of love for an impressive state, and the drive to share it emphatically with everyone we meet. Thank you for another incredible year from myself, your staff and your board! A Message from Our Chair Gretchen Ziegler, Chair of the Board of Directors Stonewall Farm Class of 2004 My, my, my, it has been a hectic and exciting year!! During four unique GSA Training Classes we met and trained some wonderful people who came to learn more about the Granite State Ambassadors and volunteer at our many Centers and special events. Among our new GSAs are the leaders of the Abenaki Nation in New Hampshire, a New Hampshire State Legislator, a leader of the NH Tourism Industry, a published NH History author, industry professionals, and many eager volunteers. Kelly has found new ways to raise money to keep our organization afloat. Many do not realize that it takes a lot of money to pay all the bills for the Granite State Ambassadors. We deeply appreciate the support we get from the NH Division of Travel and Tourism Development and the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, but it is not enough to support all the things we want to do for and with you, the Granite State Ambassador Volunteers. And we appreciate the support we have received from you Volunteers and Board Members this year and I’m happy to report our finances look great! We want to thank our Board Members for their service, ideas, and dedication to the Granite State Ambassadors, especially our GSAs of the Year who each serve a term of three years. This year we want to especially thank Anita Memos who is completing her term of service. We have enjoyed and appreciate her time with us on the Board. Thank you doesn’t cover what we want to say to the Staff. Naomi is assuming a new role and competently taking some of the load back from Kelly. Emily has been a delight during her year with us as an Intern—we have learned from her, enjoyed her wonderful smile, and can’t say enough about all she has done for our Organization and Kelly. And Michelle and Lorinda have provided us with the financial and clerical support we have needed. What can I say about Kelly? You and I know we couldn’t run this Organization without an Executive Director. But we did not know what a jewel we were getting. She has not only led the Organization and performed the duties of the job, she has gone way, way beyond the call of duty in searching out new ways to support, strengthen, and enhance the Granite State Ambassador organization. Bravo, Kelly, and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!!
  4. 4. HMS Host @ MHT Class of 2018 Seacoast Science Center Class of 2018 Chelsea Demastrie Michele Demers Kris Doucette Vicki Ferraro Richard Flagg Anthony Gallo Kathy Gallo Emily Goulet Roberta Grady Darlene Greenwood John Heroux Judi Hess Richard Jenkins Donna Kirouac Bob McGrath Karen Mitchell Donna Pelletier John Richards Geri Smith Patricia Storm Pauline Thibault James Tondreau Tami Webster Patricia Berger Elizabeth Bouchard Robert Bouchard Katharine Brown Jean Cabaup Emma Carney Margaret Bravar Demopoulos Beth Dupell Heather Eicholzer Rachael Ela Mary Guerino Theresa Hemenway Muriel McMillan Robert McMillan Marie Nickerson Deborah Nugent Marguerite Tucker Bobbi Vandenbulcke
  5. 5. Mountain View Grand Class of 2018 The Bridges House Class of 2018 Randall Armor Dawn Bourret Kathleen Boyle Michael Bruno Paul Cote Makenzie Driscoll Colleen Eliason Heather Fillion Darren Goodreau Mia Jacobson Nathan Karol Adam Keul Claudette Laliberte Diane Laliberte Cassidy Maver Kimberly McNamara Stephen Nelson Jayne O’Connor Kathleen Rice Orshak Mark Orshak Kendra Pashley Elizabeth Ruediger Tom Samson Lyn Tober Sarah Verney Pam Wintturi-Pitman Cory Yelle Nina Adams Gregory Barsanti Marie Carothers Stevi Dineley Douglas Finney Alexandria Fortier Paula Fortner James Harrison Janice Harrison Lise Juliani Dorothy Kalil Susan Leaver Pamela Lindberg Kenneth Matthews Daniel McGuire Julia Mierzejewski Bobbie Murphy Lyon Richard Nadeau Sarah Pirrotta-Benoit Denise Pouliot Paul Pouliot Nicole Ruscillo Doug Sturtevant Nicholas Wallner
  6. 6. Volunteer Opportunities - Events (not all pictured) Division of Travel & Tourism Booth New England Brewfest Nashua Rotary West’s Rock’n Ribfest Division of Travel & Tourism Booth Best of New Hampshire Party Statewide Visitor Centers Division of Travel & Tourism Booth League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair Hillsborough Balloon Festival Bedrock Gardens Fairy & Hobbit House Festival Governor’s Holiday Party at The Bridges House Division of Travel & Tourism Booth NH Farm & Forest Expo Monadnock Travel Council Keene Ice & Snow Festival NH State Home ShowNH Farm & Forest Expo
  7. 7. NH State Council on the Arts Poetry Out Loud Competition Division of Travel & Tourism Booth NH Camping & RV Show Made in New Hampshire Expo Division of Travel & Tourism Booth Made in New Hampshire Expo St. Mary’s Bank CU4 Reality Financial Fairs Commissioning of the USS Manchester Department of Transportation Wellness Fair New Hampshire Travel Council Governor’s Conference on Tourism Division of Travel & Tourism Booth NH Building - The Big E Division of Travel & Tourism Booth NH Building - The Big E Division of Travel & Tourism Booth NH Building - The Big E MS Mount Washington Shakedown Cruise
  8. 8. Learning Opportunties NH Boat Museum Seacoast Science CenterWright Museum Paddle the Pemi with Ski Fanatics NH Highland GamesManchester-Boston Regional Airport Moonlight Meadery NHTI, Concord’s Community CollegeWhite Mountain National Forest Appalachian Mountain Club Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center American Independence Museum Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce
  9. 9. Mill Falls Marketplace Hermit Woods WineryMill Falls at the Lake White Mountain Attractions 4-day Educational Tour Stonewall Farm GSA Holiday Party The Cog Railway Social Committee Luncheon at Oasis Cafe at SkyVenture Social Committee Journey to the North Pole Social Committee Sunapee Luncheon Cruise Experience Squam Boat Excursions Social Committee Inn at East Hill Retreat Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Management Meeting
  10. 10. 100 Hours Iris Altilio Jane Anderson Joseph Distefano Virginia Drew Karen Green Laura Harty William Lacroix Rosalind Lowen Karen Maitland Mary-Helen McGrath Kris Soderberg Alice Ward 250 Hours Betsy Booth Rose Marie Cusson Karen Green Deborah Hickey Ann Karcich Burt Lohnes Sharon Lohnes Heather Lovejoy Karen Maitland Diane Miner Mary Morris Norma Whitcomb Liz Ziegler 500 Hours James Byrd Paul Hentschel Linda Irwin Jimmy Jordan Veronica Molloy Carmen Nadeau Mary O’Brien Rose Shajenko Gretchen Ziegler 1000 Hours Violet Anderson Joyce Heinrich Diane LaBelle Virginia Leighton Arthur Lizie Mary Lizie Michael Renzulli Maureen Walsh 2000 Hours Joe Reisert Brenda Urban EARNED & HOURS AWARDS Annual Hours Tim Adams - 428 Brenda Urban - 379 Maureen Walsh - 377 Karen Maitland - 311 Mary Lizie - 304 Art Lizie - 302 James Byrd - 301 Enlightenment & Education Credits Norma Angwin Rose Marie Cusson Connie Loken GSA of the Year – Kathryn Segreti League of NH Craftsmen Concord Class of 2012 The GSA of the Year is recognized for excellent service to the community and dedication to the GSA mission. This GSA is making a difference, providing guests a unique experience with spirit and enthusiasm, and helping other GSAs by training and mentoring with patience. Kathryn Segreti embodies the best qualities of a GSA: her positive attitude, willingness to help people, and her love of New Hampshire. She is constantly learning and exploring. Kathryn is a regular volunteer at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, special events including the Big E, and GSA Certification Trainings. She has helped with extra projects in the last couple of years as well, such as contributing to the photo boards for our 20th Anniversary Celebration, and she often helps the staff out with passing supplies to and from each other. If a call for help has been made, Kathryn can be found there hard at work, quietly doing whatever needs to be done. “Congratulations Kathryn - we look forward to hosting you for a celebratory stay at Mill Falls!” “We are honored to host the 1000 Hour recipients!”
  11. 11. Hospitality from the Heart Award – Ron Lai Concentra Urgent Care Class of 2009 This award is given to the GSA who spends endless hours trying to go unnoticed and gives generous contributions to other GSAs from their warm heart. Ron is the most congenial man you can know. He always has a smile on his face and has a way of making anyone he meets comfortable. This carries over with the public he serves when he volunteers as a GSA. You just can’t not like him. He epitomizes Hospitality From the Heart. Ron Lai volunteers at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, the NH State House Visitor Center, and at many special events. With his quiet demeanor, he always has a smile or kind word for everyone. Service Award – Brenda Urban Courville Communities Class of 2013 The Service Award is given to the GSA that serves the GSA program by volunteering their time with enthusiasm. They are someone who shares their training expertise with others while still continuing to learn about the state of New Hampshire. Brenda Urban is generous with both her time and her knowledge, helping visitors and other GSAs alike. She has volunteered many hours at Manchester- Boston Regional Airport, special events, and with special projects like NHGSA’s 20th Anniversary Celebration – she donated space in her home to the development of the photo boards, which monopolized her dining area for weeks. Brenda is always willing to jump in and help, always pleasant and friendly, and always goes out of her way to get the job done. Judi Window - It’s Always Sunny in New Hampshire Award – Deborah Hickey Red River Theatre Class of 2013 The Judi Window It’s Always Sunny in NH Award is given to the person who best exemplifies the “It’s Always Sunny in NH” spirit, serving guests even in difficult situations with a smile and a positive outlook. Deb Hickey is always enthusiastically promoting New Hampshire to young and old. She drives long distances from the Monadnock region to volunteer at special events, and she’s a regular volunteer at the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce. Deb’s playful persona and positive attitude influence everything she does – from helping kids stump their parents with NH trivia, to taking fun photographs at events, and contributing blog posts for the NHGSA newsletter. Deb’s warm smile is infectious, and leaves everyone she meets feeling “sunnier”!
  12. 12. 2018 Special Awards Sandra Chandonnet Charlene Courtemanche Rose Marie Cusson Lois Dziergowski Don Eberly Marie Farmer Richard Flagg Bruce Flegal Sue Geyer Sue Greenbaum Tim Adams Iris Altilio Jane Anderson Gary Bashline Kate Bashline Betsy Booth Norma Boyce Sarah Brown Kelly Bryer Jim Byrd KUDOS AWARDS Anne Hatin Dick Hatin Deb Hickey Susan Jodoin Ron Lai Phil Lefebvre Connie Loken Duncan MacIntyre Karen Maitland Patty Mason Jean McGiffin Maryellen McGrath Elise Watson Merrick Veronica Molloy Susie Moore Mary Morris Bob Mullen Irene Mullen Mary O’Brien Joe Reisert Ron Ricker Michael Renzulli Kathryn Segreti Christine Stacy Marlene Taussig Brenda Urban Vivian Villemure Marty Wagner Maureen Walsh Roz Weizer Rookie Award Karen Maitland Stark Brewing Company Class of 2017 Almost 400 hours in a year! Go Karen! Referred The Most New GSAs Bob Mullen Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Class of 2015 Irene Mullen McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Center Class of 2014 Tourism Industry Leader Award Tom Malafronte, Interim Airport Director Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Class of 2011 10 Year Pins Active members of the 2008 Classes Christmas Farm Inn & Spa Discover Wild NH Fish & Game Peterborough Historical Society St. Mary’s Bank - America’s Credit Union Museum The Heart of the Great North Woods 5 Year Pins Active members of the 2013 Classes Children’s Museum of NH Courville Communities Gunstock Mountain Resort Red River Theatre “Karen is a great asset to the Visitor Center! She does it all! Lifelong educator who enjoys learning something new every day!” Virginia Drew, State House Visitor Center “Tom is an amazing and inspirational leader. He is dedicated to making sure that every guest at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport has the best experience possible. He truly understands the meaning of Customer Service Excellence!” Kelly Bryer, MHT GSA Center Manager “Bob & Irene went over and above sharing their love of being a GSA with everyone they knew or met!” Gretchen Ziegler, GSA Board Chair
  13. 13. History of the AMBIE Awards The Granite State Ambassadors’ “Achievement Awards” were established in 1999 to honor 20 GSAs who had achieved 100-500 hours of volunteer service. After growing to honor hundreds of GSAs for thousands of hours of service, the event was renamed the “AMBIE” Awards (like the Emmy Awards, but for Ambassadors). Throughout the year, fellow Granite State Ambassadors, Center Managers, tourism and state officials, and the traveling public, take time to give “Kudos” to our Granite State Ambassadors. From these submissions, our Nominating Committee, comprised of former GSAs of the Year, and Board and Staff members, meets to discuss the suggestions. This team develops a recommended slate of award recipients for approval by the NHGSA Board of Directors. Congratulations to our Annual, our Hours, our Kudos and all our Award recipients, and to all our wonderful Granite State Ambassadors for your dedication and service to New Hampshire. GSAs of the Year 2018 - Kathryn Segreti 2017 - Maurice Demers 2016 - Sue Greenbaum 2015 - Anita Memos 2014 – Sue Geyer 2013 – Jean McGiffin 2012 – Lorraine Charron 2011 – Richard Russell 2010 – Jean Acton 2009 – Vivian Villemure 2008 – Linda Gross 2006 – Jim Narkiewicz 2005 – Trudy Hainey 2004 – Paul Lacourse 2003 – Mary Osborne 2002 – Ron Brown 2001 – Rita Glasheen 2000 – Gerry Steinberger 1999 – Georgie/Charlie Reagan Hospitality from the Heart Award 2018 - Ron Lai 2017 - Diane LaBelle 2016 - Patty Mason 2015 - Joyce Heinrich 2014 – Judy Lai 2013 – Steve/Karen Jordan 2012 – Sue Geyer 2011 – Al Peters 2010 – Judy Greer 2009 – Don/Bev McWay 2008 – Pearl Martin 2006 – Ann Carroll 2005 – Jill Guild 2004 – Trudy Hainey 2003 – Roger Bernier 2002 – Art Garey 2001 – Paul Carroll 2000 – Pat Michell 1999 – Mary Osborne Service Award 2018 - Brenda Urban 2017 - Maureen Walsh 2016 - Marty Wagner 2015 - Maurice Demers 2014 – Kathleen Kozak 2013 – Sue Greenbaum 2012 – Kate/Gary Bashline 2011 – Anita Memos 2010 – Lorraine Charron 2009 – Joe Reisert 2008 – Jean McGiffin 2006 – Lloyd Farnham 2005 – Linda Gross 2005 – Virginia Stone 2004 – Jim Narkiewicz 2003 – Therese Colford 2002 – Jim Theodosopouls 2001 – Mel Schunneman 2000 – Vera Hujar 1999 – Jean Acton Judi Window - It’s Always Sunny in NH Award 2018 - Deborah Hickey 2017 - Dan Memos 2016 - Kathryn Segreti 2015 - Howie Wheeler 2014 – Judi Window 2012 - Joanne Tethers (Sunshine) 2011 - Lorry Young (Sunshine) SPECIAL AWARDS (Past 10 years) 2017 - Tim Adams, James Byrd, Mary Lenz, NH State House Visitor Center, White Mountains Attractions Association 2016 - Carolyn O’Brien, Doreen Braley, Connie Loken, Maurice Demers 2015 - Jennifer Codispoti, Jennifer Townsend, Kirsten Powelson, Indian Head Resort, Kathleen Beliveau, Sue Greenbaum, Jeanne Walcek, Paul Lacourse, Kathleen Kozak, Brenda Urban, Yvonne Cote, Deborah Hickey, Kathryn Segreti, Raymond Croteau, Ann Verow 2014 - Virginia Drew, Pip Adams, Diane LaBelle, Jennifer Tockman, Brenda Urban 2013 – Dianne Fortin, Phyllis Goodhue, Trudy Hainey, Anita Memos, Marty Wagner, Howie Wheeler 2012 – Jennifer Aldrich, Christine Colby, Dylan Crepeau, Maison D’Amelio, Royce D’Amelio, Moe Demers, Allison Demirjian, Nathan Pasquale 2011 – Charlene Courtemanche, Kathleen Kozak, Bob Spoerl 2010 – Kelly Bryer, Jacky Courtois, Leo Glasheen, Kirk Membry, Charlie Reagan, Helen Ryba 2009 – Kathy Cassavaugh, Jill Guild, Peter Morgan, Ron Brown, Lois Mosowitz, Wally Mitchell 2008 – Amoskeag Strummers, Georgie Reagan, Charlie Reagan, Gerry Steinberger
  14. 14. 2018 - Volunteer Service Award in Group Category - Awarded at Volunteer NH’s Spirit of NH Awards 2015 - NH Travel Council “Tourism Person of the Year” Awarded by the NH Travel Council to Board Chair, Gretchen Ziegler 2012 – “Volunteer Champion Award” - For volunteerism at its best. Awarded by Volunteer NH 2012 – “2012 Top 20 Businesses in NH” - Awarded by New Hampshire Herald 2009 – “Profile Award” - In recognition of strength and character based on contributions to the state in preserving New Hampshire’s heritage, culture, resources, traditions, and history. Awarded by Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund 2007 – “Governor’s Commendation” - For 10 Years of Service to New Hampshire. Awarded by NH Resource & Economic Development - Commissioner George Bald for Gov. John Lynch 2004 – “NH Business of the Year” - Tourism/Hospitality. Awarded by Business NH Magazine and the NH Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives 2004 – “Granite Pineapple Industry Leader” - Awarded to Bill Petersen, GSA President by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce for his tourism leadership in the city of Manchester 2003 – “Most Valuable Volunteer(s)” - National Award – Nominated by NH Lodging & Restaurant Association. Awarded by American Hotel & Lodging Association 2003 – “Yankee Barn Raiser” - Awarded to Bill Petersen, GSA President by Yankee Magazine for his service as president of GSA Inc. and to the state of New Hampshire 2000 – “Very Best Volunteers In NH” - Awarded by NH Magazine and voted for by the residents of New Hampshire 1997 – “Tourism Person of the Year” - Awarded to Judi Window, GSA Managing Director by the NH Travel Council AWARD WINNING ORGANIZATION
  15. 15. The STATE HOUSE has become a welcoming building with tours offered by our GSAs and hearty welcomes in our Visitor Center! Each day I realize more and more how much these wonderful volunteers enhance the guest experience as well as save my time! LOVE THE GSAs! Virginia Drew, NH State House Visitor Center Granite State Ambassadors are the front line members of the Airport’s customer service team. Their dedication and impact is evident in the fact that we were recently selected “Best Mid-sized Airport in the Country” by and also as one of the “Top 15 Best Airports in the Country” by Money Magazine. We are very fortunate to have Ambassadors on hand each day to welcome customers to the Airport. They are often the first and last impression our visitors take away with them and we are thankful for their service. Tom Malafronte, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Huge thanks to all of the NH Granite State Ambassadors from Bedrock Gardens The welcome and education you provide has helped put our ‘Oasis of Horticulture, Art and Inspiration’ on the map as a premier public garden for New Hampshire! We look forward to seeing you in the our gardens soon! With our appreciation, Founders Jill Nooney & Bob Munger, John Forti, Executive Director, your fellow NH GSAs Kate Bashline, Program Man- ager and Gary Bashline, Board Member and the rest of The Friends of Bedrock Gardens Board Every year Poetry Out Loud serves over 8,000 NH High School Students. The program culminates in the State Championship at the NH State House which is a transformative experience thanks to the generous hours and support given by the Granite State Ambassadors. We are very grateful for the time, patience, and smiles provided by GSA in supporting this event. Thank You! NH State Council on the Arts I would be lost without my devoted, amazing volunteers! Whether sharing the Visitor Center with me or covering in my absence, their service is priceless to me and the staff at the Chamber. Many, many thanks to the Granite State Ambassadors who selflessly give their time and vast knowledge to the many visitors to Concord and the State of New Hampshire!! Carolyn O’Brien, Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce A special thank you to GSAs for volunteering at the Information Booths at the Cheshire Fair and the Keene Ice & Snow Festival promoting the Monadnock Region to its visitors. I would also like to send a special thank you to the GSAs for all their help in assisting me with various tasks at the Keene Ice & Snow Festival, I couldn’t do it without you. You are all the “best of the best”. Jim Narkiewicz, Monadnock Travel Council Information Booth Manager Cheshire Fair and Festival / Coordinator, Keene Ice & Snow Festival Kathleen – Thank you for all you do for the Lakes Region Tourism Association. We love having you as our volunteer, friend and so so much more. Thank you for being you! Amy, Kim, and Kristin The Granite State Ambassador organization and the folks who serve as GSA volunteers are the gold standard in service This group of well trained and customer centric men and women are a true asset to the state of NH and the organizations they serve. Patty McGoldrick, Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce A Few of Many Accolades
  16. 16. Partners & Major Sponsors Member Visitor Center Partners Bedrock Gardens, Lee Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce Capitol Region Visitor Center Concord Downtown Kiosk Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce Lakes Region Tourism Association, Tilton Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Monadnock Travel Council Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce Greater Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce NH Division of Travel & Tourism Canterbury Welcome Center Colebrook Welcome Center Hooksett North Welcome Center Hooksett South Welcome Center Intervale Welcome Center Lebanon Welcome Center Littleton Welcome Center Salem Welcome Center Sanbornton Welcome Center Seabrook Welcome Center Springfield Welcome Center Sutton Welcome Center NH State House Visitor Center White Mountain National Forest Gateway Visitor Center - Exit 32 Headquarters - Exit 27 GSA Certification Training Sponsors 2018 Key Partners
  17. 17. Event Partners Major Perk and Supportor Gifts Bedrock Gardens Fairy / Hobbit House Fest CC & D’s Kitchen Market - GSA Holiday Party Greater Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce Hillsborough Balloon Fest Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce Jack-O’Lantern Festival Manchester Downtown Hotel Millyard Communications Inc. Made in NH Expo Monadnock Travel Council Cheshire Fair Keene Ice & Snow Festival Murphy’s Taproom & Carriage House AMBIE Awards Luncheon Nashua Rotary West Rock’n Ribfest NH Division of Travel and Tourism Best of NH Party Farm & Forest Expo League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair Made in NH Expo NH Camping & RV Show New England Brewfest The Big E NH Farm and Forest Expo NH Homebuilders Association NH State Home Show NH State Council on the Arts - Poetry Out Loud NH Travel Council Governor’s Conference on Tourism Stonewall Farm - GSA Holiday Party St. Mary’s Bank CU4 Reality Financial Fairs The Bridges House Governor’s Holiday Party
  18. 18. Training Class Speakers Alpine Adventures American Independence Museum Arts Alliance of Northern NH Appalachian Mountain Club Bedrock Gardens Candia Springs Adventure Park Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce HMS Host at MHT The Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth Jack Daniels Motor Inn Lakes Region Tourism Association Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce Little River Bed & Breakfast Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves Manchester Historic Association Manchester-Boston Regional Airport McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center Monadnock Travel Council NH Department of Agriculture NH Division of Forests & Lands NH Division of Travel & Tourism Development NH Division of Economic Development NH Division of Parks & Recreation NH Fish & Game Department NH Historical Society Northern Community Investment Corporation NH Made NH Motor Speedway Odiorne Point State Park Outlaw Ridge Sled Dog Kennel SEE Science Center Star Island Stephanie Seacord - Japan American Association Strawbery Banke Whale’s Tale Waterpark White Mountains Attractions Association White Mountain National Forest Perk & Award Sponsors Boomerang Adventures Membership Envy Sports Club & Cafe Franklin Pierce Homestead Homewood Suites by Hilton Gateway Hills Nashua Jack Daniels Motor Inn Jean’s Playhouse Kearsarge & Upper Valley Life Magazine Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Massage Envy Merrimack Premium Outlets Mount Washington Cruises Quality Inn Manchester Airport Tanger Outlet Center, Tilton White Mountains Attractions Association Corporate Membership, Sponsorships, Grants NH Division of Travel & Tourism Development Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Enterprise Holdings Tanger Outlet Center AMBIE Awards Luncheon Sponsors Murphy’s Taproom & Carriage House Indian Head Resort (1000 Hour) Mill Falls at the Lake (GSA of the Year) Newfound Lake Association EcoTours (Annual Hours) Yearbook Sponsors LGA Media Group True Colors Print & Design Lincoln Sign Company Training Class Sponsors HMS Host at MHT Seacoast Science Center Mountain View Grand The Bridges House
  19. 19. The White Mountains Attractions Association would like to THANK all past and present Granite State Ambassador volunteers for your service promoting tourism in the State of New Hampshire and for passionately sharing your knowledge and experiences in the White Mountains and at our popular Attractions with the visiting public. MOUNTAINS OF FUN FOR ALL AGES! THE WHITE MOUNTAINS ATTRACTIONS THANK YOU!
  20. 20. Granite State Ambassadors 470 Mast Rd, Goffstown NH 03045 (240) 621-0638 Special Thanks to our Key Partners Plan your New Hampshire Stay-Cation at our Holiday Fundraising Auction! OCTOBER 26 - NOVEMBER 5, 2018 For more holiday fun, check out our friends at NH Made’s 2nd Annual Holiday Auction October 19 - November 1, 2018 2017 Peer Award Winners Dan Memos, Diane LaBelle, Maureen Walsh, Maurice Demers Thank you again to our generous yearbook sponsors!