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Driving Sales Executive Summit Adp Social Marketing Reputation Management 091009 V2

  1. 1. A Commercial/Social Dual Website Strategy<br />With most dealership Internet Sales operations, the emphasis is on selling a car RIGHT NOW, or as soon as possible. Our focus has been to move the customer from Keyboard-to-Keyboard (email/web) communication, to Ear-to-Ear (phone) and then to Face-to-Face (showroom) as quickly as possible. An effective Social Marketing and Reputation Management (SM/RM) strategy works more like a good CRM plan than an advertising campaign… dealers receive online assets, tools and web sites that are focused on long term relationships and connections. <br />Dealership Community Social Website<br />Using a CRM type of relationship focus, ADP has developed a Social Marketing and Reputation Management strategy that includes the creation and utilization of “Dealership Community” social network sites designed to emphasize relationship building and ongoing communications. The platform we chose is ideal for communicating different topics that are about lifestyle with the dealer’s products and social engagement. The “Community” platform we selected is based on a need to provide a robust set of tools, applications and features that would basically create a social network similar to Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace, but is dealer owned and integrates seamlessly with whatever social media or networks are popular with the dealership’s customers today, and in the future. <br />Dealership Business Commercial Website<br />Alternately, the dealership’s traditional “Commercial Website” is all about providing tools to customers who want to do business today… Pick a vehicle to buy from inventory, schedule a service appointment, complete an online credit application, request a price and payment quote, get directions to the dealership, etc. Of course, we connect the two dealership sites together, but with community and relationship building objectives handled by the dealership’s community site, the commercial website is freed to place the vast majority of its focus on transacting business in all the dealership’s departments. In many ways, this is a lot like the use of dealer microsites and the “one website is not enough” strategy that has propelled many dealership Internet sales into the triple digit volume levels. By having the “Commercial” website all about doing business, it becomes much more efficient, develops a better conversion rate and can be cleaner and less cluttered than if you tried to do BOTH Social Marketing and eCommerce within the same website design. <br />Scope of Services<br />ADP sets up a steady stream of interesting content and installs the right tools to provide desirable information that the consumer will seek out, rather than just promoting the latest deal, rebate or incentive on a car. <br />Leverage customer reviews of dealership in a community site platform that makes it easy to syndicate ONLY the good reviews across multiple social networks, search engine listings, blogs and news sites. Use push syndication to drive positive consumer perception of the dealership’s reputation at a level that exceeds what competing dealers have achieved… Examples showing Dealership Communities featuring their reviews are: www.Ford-Community.com , www.Automotive-Avenues.com and www.MyJeepCommunity.com <br /><ul><li>Set Up Dealership Profiles and User Accounts with Leading UGC sites and Social Networks</li></ul>Google <br /><ul><li>We start by creating a dealership www.Gmail.com account; i.e. AutomotiveAvenues@gmail.com
  2. 2. Using the dealership’s Gmail account we:
  3. 3. set up your dealership’s YouTube Channel with links to community
  4. 4. set up Google Analytics for tracking community site activity
  5. 5. set up Google Webmaster, generate HTML tag for community site
  6. 6. set up Google AdSense, generate HTML code for community site
  7. 7. set up Google Adwords, first campaign targets your community site!
  8. 8. set up Google Maps Business Listing with complete profile and coupons
  9. 9. set up dealership Blogger site, embed community content syndication
  10. 10. Examples: www.KennyRossTube.com , www.AutoAvesYouTube.com </li></ul>Ning <br /><ul><li>Setup brand focused dealership community site with optional services:
  11. 11. Use your URL; i.e. www.SandersonCommunity.com
  12. 12. We go Ad free and remove Ning promotional links
  13. 13. Social media syndication of dealer and consumer generated content
  14. 14. Online Forums used by consumers, suppliers and dealers to interact with each other
  15. 15. Customers, suppliers and employees get web site with CMS and SEO tools
  16. 16. Blog application indexed and top ranked by Google
  17. 17. Integrated Social Media syndication includes:
  18. 18. www.Flickr.com www.Facebook.com www.Twitter.com
  19. 19. www.MySpace.com www.Digg.com www.Delicious.com
  20. 20. Examples of Dealer Community sites that use the Ning platform:
  21. 21. www.Automotive-Avenues.com www.FordCommunity.com
  22. 22. www.MyJeepCommunity.com www.SandersonCommunity.com
  23. 23. www.Boston-Honda.com www.Boston-Volkswagen.com
  24. 24. www.DealerRater.com
  25. 25. Setup/get dealership annual certification
  26. 26. Acquire/redirect easy to remember URL to your review page: i.e. www.RateAutoAves.com
  27. 27. DealerRater reviews are indexed and included in Google Maps and Business Listings
  28. 28. We use the DealerRater “widget” to embed automatically updated customer review feeds, engage satisfied sold customers with prospective new customers within the online community
  29. 29. Social media syndication tools that integrate with Ning, Facebook, MySpace and others
  30. 30. DealerRater to Dealer Community site syndication examples:
  31. 31. www.Automotive-Avenues.com
  32. 32. www.MyJeepCommunity.com </li></ul>Facebook<br /><ul><li>Setup dealership “fan” page business profile
  33. 33. Add links to the dealership’s community site and commercial sites
  34. 34. Add proprietary application that displays the dealer’s inventory within a Facebook tab
  35. 35. Add videos from clips hosted within the dealership community site
  36. 36. See Dealer Facebook Fan pages at www.AutoAvesFacebook.com , www.KennyRossFacebook.com </li></ul>Twitter<br /><ul><li>Create 4 dealer accounts at http://Twitter.com; Community, New Cars, Used Cars, Service and Parts
  37. 37. Syndicate “Latest Activity” RSS feed into Dealer Community Twitter accounts
  38. 38. See Dealer Examples at: http://Twitter.com/RichFordNM , http://Twitter.com/AutoAves http://Twitter.com/SandersonFordAZ , http://twitter.com/MyFordCommunity </li></ul>MySpace<br /><ul><li>Create MySpace profile using dealership name i.e. www.myspace.com/automotiveavenues
  39. 39. Acquire and reassign designated URL for MySpace profile i.e. www.AutoAvesMySpace.com
  40. 40. Syndicate RSS feeds from Dealer Community to MySpace Blog</li></ul>Flickr<br /><ul><li>Setup dealership’s photo and blog account, upgrade to Professional version for a year
  41. 41. Acquire Flickr application API key code and install in your Dealership Community account</li></ul>Digg<br /><ul><li>Setup dealership’s account using same Gmail address and password as Dealership Community</li></ul>Delicious<br /><ul><li>Setup dealership’s account using same Gmail address and password as Dealership Community</li></ul>After getting your dealership’s Web 2.0 community website in place, we train dealers to use the content management tools, and assign the daily tasks that get their community’s content created and syndicated out to social media, generating traffic and valuable back-links. Look at www.Automotive-Avenues.com , www.FordCommunity.com , www.MyJeepCommunity.com and www.SandersonCommunity.com for “Best in Class” examples of Dealership Community sites.<br />Build social networking connections with existing customers while using weekly meetings to motivate and engage dealership employees from every department with practical guidance and rewards. Issue payroll flyers on how employees can link their personal profiles in the dealership’s community to social networks.<br /><ul><li>Social Marketing/Reputation Management Employee Meetings:
  42. 42. Inform the dealership employees about the overall Social Media launch strategy
  43. 43. ½ hour meetings (each) with sales, fixed and management teams
  44. 44. Define the role that they play as pioneers in this new marketing strategy
  45. 45. Timeline: Get everything set up before the dealership launch meetings, and then set a goal of 50% employee enrollment in the dealership community site within the first 30 days
  46. 46. Cost: let the employees know the dealer is serious by announcing spiffs and bonuses at the launch meetings with the dealership employees:</li></ul>$250 = Employee who successfully invites the most new dealer community members in 30 days<br />$250 = Employee who gets most views of their videos uploaded to community in 30 days<br />Social Marketing and Reputation Management Campaign Assets<br />