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Figures of speech presentation


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Figures of speech! A quick test to test your knowledge.

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Figures of speech presentation

  1. 1. We use figures of speech to create images in the readers mind that express what we are trying to say. E.G: “he is as strong as a rock”
  2. 2. DEFINITIONS:METAPHOR: A Metaphor is a comparison without the use of “as”or “like”.SIMILE: A simile is a direct comparison that always contains theWords “as” or “like”.HYPERBOLE: is an over-exaggeration, not meant to be takenliterally. It is to emphasise a point.ALLITERATION: Alliteration is the repetition of consonantsound at the beginning of words.ASSONANCE: Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds. EitherAt the beginning or middle of a word.
  3. 3. IRONY: Irony implies the opposite of what is being said.Opposite of what is being said is meant to be understood.ONOMATOPOEIA: Onomatopoeia uses words thatImitate and reproduce real life sounds.PERSONIFICATION: gives human qualities to inanimateObjects and abstract ideas.PUN: is a clever play on words that are alike in sound butdifferent in meaning.ANTI-CLIMAX: is a build up of ideas but the finalStatement is often flat and unexpected.SARCASM: sarcasm is very similar to Irony in that theopposite of what is being said is intended, however with thepurpose of being hurtful.
  4. 4. “I can’t wait for my detention on Friday afternoon.”
  5. 5. Watching the movie Titanic is a real downer.
  6. 6. Knowing that her family was coming to visit,Kaylee prepared enough food to feed an army.
  7. 7. He was not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  8. 8. The clouds look down on the drought stricken earth and wept.
  9. 9. I love you to the bottom of my pencil case.
  10. 10. She is as bubbly as a bottle of champagne.
  11. 11. The eccentric Eleanor enthused her listeners.
  12. 12. “You must have worked very hard to be at the bottom of the class!”
  13. 13. The sky exploded with the crash, bang and hissing of fireworks.
  14. 14. The baby boy bounces the ball.