Katy Perry Target Audience


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Katy Perry Target Audience

  1. 1. Our ideal fan would be between theage of 13 and 21 and mainly female.This is because Katy’s lyrics seem tobe from a women’s point of viewabout love which seems to appeal alot more to girls these days. Also thisage is vital to understand because thistends to be where the ‘innocence’ isstill around and where we learn thelessons which Katy also sings abouttherefore relating to the listenerswhich they respond to.
  2. 2. Katy Perry is quite an up to dateperson when it comes to styles andfashion. Usually audiences areinfluenced by celebrities they idoliseand because of this, the people thatwould follow Katy Perry would be seenas fashionable girls who like to keep totrends but still adding their own touchas Katy does with her vintage/retrochick styles.
  3. 3. When you go back to the age groups, the first thing you think isthat for the most of those years, the fan will still be in full timeeducation. When it comes to education and occupation, they tendto start with the part time jobs as a way to get a little bit of moneyfor shopping, days out etc. This means when it comes to creating adigipak, if we want them to buy it we need to make it special sothey see a reason to use their money for this instead of somethingelse.
  4. 4. For someone of these ages, the main interests would be basedaround shopping, spending time with friends and days out toremember. Stereotypically it would be quite important for thegirl to have nice hair, make up and outfits because they aspire tobe as beautiful as they celebrities they see ontelevision/Youtube. Also the upside to all this socialising wouldbe the idea of concerts. This is also a good way for them to learnmore about the artist and fall more in love with their music.Another key interest when it comes to socialising would be overthe internet with sites such as MSN, Facebook, Twitter and Bebo.This is an advantage when it comes to distributing the music andgetting it across to the fans as we could put ads over the sites forfree as well.
  5. 5. When it comes to television, the fans around Katy Perry would beinterested in things such as MTV where the reality shows arebecause usually this teen age is very much interested in drama andwhen it doesn’t involve them its perfect to watch. So programmessuch as 16 and Pregnant, Only Way is Essex and others are perfectfor the teen.When it comes to music, from liking Katy Perry we know they havean interest in pop so artists such as Britney Spears, Jessie J, LadyGaga seem to stand out as the ones that would catch theirattention. Because we know this, we can also go into researchinghow they have been advertised and take inspiration from it andmake it out own with our artist.
  6. 6. By covering this in our research we can always refer back to itwhen it comes to making our magazine ads and digipak as we canunderstand what type of things our target audience will belooking for and create our own previews from our video whichwe think will catch the audience when it comes to relating backto the artist.