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UCSB|NYC Network

  1. 1. Start Date: January 1, 2013 Kellock Irvin (‘12) & Cody Corona (‘10) UCSB NYCSet the Scene: UC Santa Barbara is a world class university nestled between the Santa Ynez Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean Some Stats 20 12 5 Varsity National Resident Teams Research Nobel Centers Laureates 20K 10 5 TOP Undergrad Distinct & Graduate Public Colleges Students University Challenge: As recent graduates of UC Santa Barbara, and migrants to the borough of Manhattan, we feel disconnected from the Gaucho Network We are compelled to provide a structure for past, present, and future Gauchos.
  2. 2. UCSB NYCWho we are The Gauchos in New York City: Over 1,500 strong, with more coming every day As young as 22, and as old as 75, and everywhere in between We have jobs that span from marketing to finance, public rela- tions to medical care, fashion to technology, retired to “starting at square one.” We play sports, meet for coffee, help each other find jobs, meet at the bar, explore neighborhoods, and hunt for the next best bagel. But, without an Alumni Association presence, we’re homeless. Our goal is to create a home.
  3. 3. UCSB NYCMethod: We will create a website to hub all activities and communication for the UCSB|NYC network. We will develop a network of volunteers to help Gauchos, young and old, in their transition. There will be continuous blog posts by regulars such as Donn Bernstein and Cody Corona, and guest authors as they arise.
  4. 4. UCSB NYCObjectives: The primary objective of UCSB|NYC is to create a professional and social network of UCSB alumni residing in the Greater New York Area. The secondary objective of UCSB|NYC is to provide a network of alumni to support graduates interested in moving to New York after graduation. The tertiary objective of UCSB|NYC is to provide a platform for local high school students interested in attending UCSB.
  5. 5. UCSB NYCWhat to Expect: Alumni Network: As alumni of a west coast university, it can be a daunting move for recent migrants and graduates to make without the professional community that most major west coast cities provide. We believe it’s our obligation as alumni to support future Gauchos in this transition. Providing an online communi- ty is the first step towards connecting and helping Gauchos far from home.
  6. 6. UCSB NYCWhat to Expect: Alumni Network: (contd’) Furthermore, as alumni with similar stories of UCSB, it is also natural for us to want to get together and socialize. UCSB|NYC will provide the framework and scheduling tools to organize events, happy hours, community service days, softball teams, ride shares and more. We want to chronicle the stories, the experiences, the trials and the tribulations of each Gaucho as they navigate this concrete jungle.
  7. 7. UCSB NYCWhat to Expect: Current Students: UCSB|NYC will provide access to a network of alumni that have volunteered to talk about life in New York City. This will not only develop a rapport amongst Gauchos, young and old, but also provide the support that many Gauchos need before making the considerable move East.
  8. 8. UCSB NYCWhat to Expect: Future Students: With a growth in the demand for out-of-state students at UCSB, the Chancellor has made an annual effort to travel to New York City to generate interest in current high-school students and potential graduate students. UCSB|NYC will provide support to Chancellor Yang’s efforts, while maintaining a year-round presence for students unable to attend his keynote. Our alumni background boast a diverse portfolio of backgrounds and interests at Santa Barbara; UCSB|NYC will provide high schoolers insight that they might not otherwise have.
  9. 9. UCSB NYC Content Plan:Newswire posts• News (roommates needed, job openings found, Gaucho Video content Gatherings, sports updates, etc) • Alumni interviews• Editorials on New York (best restaurants, news • Sports team highlights neighborhoods, how-to’s, etc.) • Original creative content about New York City• Editorials on UCSB (favorite memories, best places to eat, • Roundtable discussions and debates (gather Gauchos and dis- etc) cuss favorite neighborhoods in the city)• Alumni character features and interviews • Video editorials• Original creative content (stories, recollections, etc.) • Monthly talkshow hosted by Cody Corona, Kellock Irvin and• Advice and help columns (how to find a job, how to Donn Bernstein survive New York as a newcomer, etc) Photo galleries Career Resources • Expositions on the life of a Gaucho in NYC (pick a • Monthly advice columns by Donn Bernstein different Gaucho each month to photo-profile) • UCSBNYC.com will form a strategic partnership with Skillshare • Recaps of Gaucho Gatherings in NYC to help Gaucho Alumni improve their business and • Recaps of Gauchos sports games creative skills • Photos of Gaucho living spaces • Monthly written and video contributions from professional • Photos of Gauchos “on the job” Alumni that can provide career advice and guidance. • Routine Gatherings for brainstorming and job hunting collaboration