Policy primer i tunes 2010


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Policy primer i tunes 2010

  1. 1. In your excitementat owning a new ipod, iphone, ipad or other iTunes compatible device, did you thoroughly read the 30 pages of Terms & Conditions (TaC’s) before you downloaded it? http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/au/terms.html#SERVICE
  2. 2. I did and have pulled out the important bits you might like to know. Things that specifically relate to your online privacy and security.
  3. 3. Noun - Terms and Conditions (plural only) (law) A specification of restrictions for the use of goods or services http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/terms_and_conditions
  4. 4. TheseTerms and Conditions (TaC’s) cover the Genius feature, Ping, App Store, iTUNES, ibookstore, all sales, rentals and licenses. (p1)
  5. 5. You must agree to provide accurate and complete information when you register with Apple.(p.3)
  6. 6. You need to let Apple know of any security breach of your account THE MINUTE you find out.(p.3) YOU are responsible for the security of your account – Apple are not.(p.3)
  7. 7. You must be 13 years old to use iTUNES. ….but if you are under 18 you should review theseTaC’s with a parent or guardian.(p.2/3)
  8. 8. When you select the Genius feature, Apple may use your personal information for you, others and their own research. You can’t stop this, unless you stop using Genius. (p.3) When you select the Ping feature, Apple will regularly use your personal and it is made clearly available on Ping. If you want to stop this, you must stop using Ping and whilst your information is removed from view, it is not deleted by Ping for 7 days. (p5)
  9. 9. APP STORE (the fun shop) When you download an app store product you are downloading a license and part of that license agreement is that information about your device, software, system and peripherals, be available to the licensor for research. It is however anonymous. (p.14)
  10. 10. SPECIFIC PRIVACY POLICY Apple use your personal information to: - Communicate important notices to you - For internal audits, data collection, research - To control the advertising you receive - You can’t opt out of any of this, like general new product mail outs UNLESS YOU DON’T USE ITUNES. (p.17)
  11. 11. During a merger or sale Apple may transfer any or all of your information to a relevant 3rd party. (p.19)
  12. 12. MISCELLANEOUS If Apple believes you are in breach of the agreement they will take steps they believe are appropriate to enforce it.These include passing your information over to the relevant authorities or any other 3rd party. (p.8)
  13. 13. DISCLAIMER Apple says it make all reasonable efforts to protect your information, you submit all information at your own risk and they are not liable in any way! (p.7) Apple doesn’t guarantee that the service will be free from loss, corruption, attack, virus, intentional hacking or other security intrusion and disclaims liability.(p.7)
  14. 14. CHANGES CHANGES APPLE CAN CHANGE THIS AGREEMENT AT ANY TIME AND YOUR CONTINUED USE IS ACCEPTANCE OF THE CHANGES – it’s a good idea to check back regularly if privacy and security are important to you. (p.8)
  15. 15. Apple suggests throughout theTaC’s that you take care with submitting your personal information and when using certain features. (p.19) Good advice for all online activity!
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