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Creativity in the Workplace - Innovative Project

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Innovative Project

  1. 1. Innovative Project for ‘Creativity in the Workplace’ Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Group Objective: The purpose of our innovative project is to improve study areas and the quality of resources for the students at Mount Royal College. Andrea Newcommon Kelli Alysha Green Teagan Leong Trevor Laduke Vedrianne Sentira
  2. 2. Our group “The Fab Five” have designed a plan to present our innovative project to the Mount Royal Faculty. Here is the important information we have included : • Group Resume (This is to help sell our credibility and the qualities we bring to this innovative project) • SWOT Analysis • Plan • Implementation • Cost Benefit(s) • Conclusion
  3. 3. The Fab 5 4825 Mount Royal Gate SW Calgary, Alberta T3E 6K6 403-FAB-FIVE / Objective: To improve the student working and studying conditions at Mount Royal College Group Members: Andrea Newcommon, Kelli Alysha Green, Teagan Leong, Trevor Laduke, Vedrianne Sentira (Cumulative time at Mount Royal: 5 years) Skills: Organizational Skills, Punctual, Independent, Communication Skills, Determination, Time Management, Honesty Education: Five High School Diplomas Post Secondary Education: Event Planning and Promotions Management Diploma Professional Experience: Office Assistant for International Education - Medicine Hat College, Medicine Hat, AB Marketing Coordinator - CKMH Rock 105.3, Medicine Hat, AB Marketing Manager and Media Coordinator - Live Nation Canada formerly House of Blues Concerts Canada, Vancouver, BC Office Assistant - Insignia (Oil and Gas company), Calgary, AB Photographer Assistant – Calgary, AB Golf Supervisor - Douglasdale Driving Range, Calgary, AB Shipping and Receiving at warehouses including Forklifts Driving Professional Affiliations: Athletic competitions in Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Field hockey, Ringette and Inline Hockey Volunteering as a back up singer in Bethany Indonesian Church ABA Alberta Bow Hunter Association Professional Awards or Certificates: Award of Excellence in Recognition of Outstanding Achievement Grade 12 Honours MVP Girls Soccer Team 2008 (Rundle College) Most Impressive efforts 2007 at Rundle College Calgary Babe Ruth Baseball, Gold Glove Award for Center Field
  4. 4. SWOT Analysis Strengths - Lots of open space - START Labs and learning center(s) are available for student use - Some facilities are open 24/7 including the Wykam House building which allows students to come in at anytime and use the Free Wireless Internet Connection Weaknesses - Not enough computers for students to use in the Library and designated labs - Wireless Signal is not available in many quot;Hot Spotquot; areas, even in many classrooms (for example, the quot;Bquot; Wing) - Classes seem to end around the same time leaving less opportunity for many to access labs, computers, food court and study areas Opportunities - New Library being built which will mean more computers for student use
 - Newer equipment and classrooms for students to voice their opinions and suggestions for the development of the new library Threats - Classes seem to end around the same time leaving less opportunity for many to access labs, computers, the food court and many study areas - Office space for faculty taking open study spaces 
 - With the Mount Royal name possibly changing, there will be more students applying to Mount Royal College. This in turn creates less opportunity and more of a competitive environment for current Mount Royal students. 
 - Students are not always aware of the study areas and help areas such as the START labs.
  5. 5. Plan 1. Determine the Issue a. So much wasted space in the designated “study areas” (See Figure 1) b. Usually only one or two electrical outlets available per space (See Figure 2) c. There are long line ups to use the computers in the designated “study areas” (See Figure 3) 2. Determine a Solution a. Determine future growth at Mount Royal and what students want need for proper study space b. Develop cost and benefit analysis for supporting the objective c. Arrange meeting with faculty at Mount Royal College to discuss c. Execute! Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3
  6. 6. Implementation • Arrange a meeting with the appropriate faculty to discuss the students needs for a proper study area. • Present objective, plan, implementation, cost, and benefit(s). • Discuss making more seating, tables, plug-ins, overall quiet study areas that help students to stay more focused. • This would benefit students if we had more study areas as student be more likely to stay at Mount Royal to complete homework and assignments rather than going home and missed classes. • Posters and brochures that can help advertise the new created study areas and the designated areas. For example: new study area available for students in the new EB building.
  7. 7. Cost and Benefit Item Cost Benefit • Cost per table (with 6-8 chairs per table): Tables and Chairs Having more tables and chairs in the study 350 areas will allow more students to work in an area at the same time, students will spend Total cost will later be determined. more time studying at school rather than going home. Reliable Internet in all classrooms and study Improve current Server Infrastructure A better wireless connection would be areas beneficial to students and faculty at Mount Royal, it would allow people to get their work done faster and more efficiently. • Estimated cost for an electrician per hour: Electrical Plugs More electrical plugs would also allow more $150/hour students to work in an area at the same time, it would allow students to bring their laptops Total cost will later be determined. to school and would be able to charge them when needed. • Cost per computer: ‘Dell Optiplex 360 Computers More computers would allow more computer Desktop’ - $426 per Comp. + $169.99 17” courses to take place. Also, students would Monitor have better access to the computers. Total cost will later determined. Overall Improved Study Area Priceless A better study area would be greatly beneficial to students as they would be able to study at the school rather than going home and staying home (skipping class). Students will be spending more time at the college which will allow for all of the college’s resources to be used effectively and efficiently. Through this the reputation of the college would be improved.
  8. 8. Conclusion • Our innovative project will be very successful and effective. Should be done since the transition process of going from a college to a university. • This will make students life much easier and will reduce their stress levels. • Peoples will improve their work ethics as they will have a better working environment. • A higher public image will be raised due to having more students at the school. • The implementation of these social areas will increase students social lives.