What to Expect YourFirst Day ofHemodialysis Addressof Dialysis Unit:_______________________________________________My Firs...
Brochure- First Day of Hemodialysis
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Brochure- First Day of Hemodialysis


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A pamphlet I created using information off Davita's website for hemodialysis patient's. This gives tips about the first day of outpatient hemodialysis

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Brochure- First Day of Hemodialysis

  1. 1. What to Expect YourFirst Day ofHemodialysis Addressof Dialysis Unit:_______________________________________________My First Day:On ________________At_________________Items to BringYour First DayYour insurance CardList of your medicationsBlanket/jacketSnackBook/magazineWriting pad- for notesMake sure to dress comfortably and warmly for your treatment. Dialysis Treatment Time Length:______________DaVita — Italian for "giving life"-910590-1139825About our websiteDaVita.com is the premier online resource for information on dialysis and chronic kidney disease. Our website was created to answer questions and provide education for people with chronic kidney disease or on dialysis, their caregivers, family members and friends. DaVita.com is a trusted, easy-to-understand source featuring a user-friendly design that includes large-size type that can be increased or decreased for the best viewing.From informative articles and animated learning modules to recipes for the dialysis diet and other useful tools, DaVita.com is always adding to the wealth of information it offers website visitors. We invite you to discover how kidneys work and how dialysis works, plus take advantage of special features including our: discussion forum, dialysis center locator, GFR calculator and more. Thank you for visiting DaVita.com.1551 Wewatta St.Denver, CO 80202Phone: 1-800-244-0680 What Will Happen Your First Treatment:How does in-center hemodialysis work*With in-center hemodialysis once the person arrives at the dialysis center the health care team will take care of all aspects of treatment.*First, your access area will be washed by a patient care technician; then you will be weighed and escorted to your dialysis chair. Your blood pressure will be taken both standing and sitting and a dialysis nurse will check your vitals and connect you to the dialysis machine.*The typical dialysis session is usually four hours and during that time your blood pressure will be taken and the dialysis machine will be monitored. You are free to read, watch television, talk to fellow patients and care team members, sleep or any activity you can do from the dialysis chair.*Once the dialysis treatment time is up, you will be disconnected from the dialysis machine and your vital signs will be recorded again. Once it is determined you are medically stable, you will be free to go. Have someone else drive you home the first several treatments.Empowering through advocacy and educationWhat is hemodialysis? While healthy kidneys have several functions in the body, the most well-known job is to produce urine. When kidney function goes below 10% to 15% kidneys are no longer able to filter the blood and make urine. This causes toxins to build up in the body along with excess fluid. Fortunately, we live in a time when there are treatments and medicines that can replace the functions of the kidneys and keep the body alive. One type of renal replacement therapy — meaning a treatment that replaces kidney function — is hemodialysis. Hemodialysis is a therapy that filters waste, removes extra fluid and balances electrolytes (sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, chloride, calcium, magnesium and phosphate).-906145-1143000<br />