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LeanCor Training and Education Webinar: Lean Live and Unscripted


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Are you deploying lean through your department or organization, but have hit some roadblocks?

Are you considering lean as the solution to your business challenge, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Are you just curious as to what lean is all about?

In this 1-hour webinar from LeanCor Training and Education, we’re break away from the traditional presentation format and host a live Q&A session on all things lean with our panel of Lean Deployment Executives.

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LeanCor Training and Education Webinar: Lean Live and Unscripted

  1. 1. 1-Hour Webinar | August 6, 2015
  2. 2. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group Ana Bailey Lean Deployment Executive • Supply Chain Senior Consultant: End-to- End supply chain solutions • Leader of LeanCor’s Training and Education Management System • Coach and Instructor - Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Supply Chain and Logistics, and Leadership • Education / Certifications: ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt; Education and Background in Psychology Brad Bossence Vice President • Over 17 years of third party logistics and consulting experience with a specific focus in Lean and Japanese production system environments • Responsible for leading the Consulting and Training divisions of LeanCor(“Lean Deployment”) • Lead Instructor – Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (Lean Supply Chain Professional Series, Lean Warehousing, Lean Inbound Logistics • Education / Certifications: Bachelor of Commerce; MBA with a focus in International Business and Organizational Behavior; Professional in Human Resources (PHR); Various lean and six sigma accreditations
  3. 3. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group LeanCor Training and Education LeanCor Logistics LeanCor Consulting • Thought leader in lean principles • Proven methodologies for implementing a culture of operational excellence • Curriculum: Lean, Leadership, Supply Chain & Logistics, Warehousing, Lean Six Sigma
  4. 4. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group PDCA Long Term Thinking Creating Customer Value The Purpose ThePeople Learning Organization Change Agent “Go See” Problem Solver Systems Thinker Responsibility & Results Students & Teacher Standardization Stability Flow - JIT Quality at the Source Waste Elimination Customer Focus TheProcess Respect For Humanity
  5. 5. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group Part 1
  6. 6. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group • For someone who is new to lean in the business world, what are some areas where lean practices can most commonly be found and what sort of marginal benefits can be seen as results? • I'm new to lean. Where do I fit in as a sales manager for a manufacturing company? • What are the first foundational steps needed to begin a lean journey? • Though helpful and beneficial, does a company really need a lean experienced expert or consultant to go lean? What is the criteria to justify bringing in a lean consultant?
  7. 7. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group Part 2
  8. 8. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group • What are the biggest difficulties for people in understanding lean? How do you get past the challenge of people viewing lean as ‘just something else they have to do in addition to their work’ instead of viewing it as a better way to do their work? • My role is strictly to support lean throughout the company, but managers at different levels do not seem to be fully engaged in this methodology - even after years of exposure. What do you suggest for ‘making’ managers and executives ‘buy’ into it instead of creating excuses for implementation?
  9. 9. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group Part 3
  10. 10. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group • What is the best way to roll out lean to multiple facilities? • What are some of the best practices in organizing/conducting Kaizen events? I am trying to implement ‘mini Kaizen’ events for lower level problems. The objective is to engage the organization in lean implementation by addressing smaller problems. • How can I implement lean in my daily work?
  11. 11. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group Part 4
  12. 12. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group • Our organization began [lean] in operations. Since then, we have had multiple pockets of success and failure. The organization would like to deploy continuous improvement company-wide. What is the best way to sustainably roll out continuous improvement - while minimizing the impact and pockets of failure? • How can we measure productivity in shipping? We are currently measuring the # of lines shipped as a metric for efficiency. • What advanced lean courses are available for seasoned lean leaders?
  13. 13. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group Part 5
  14. 14. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group • How can I deploy lean in a retail business? • Why do you feel the warehouse/logistics industry lags so far behind manufacturing regarding the practice of lean process improvement methods? • Can you please outline how you would approach applying lean to improve warehouse operations? Looking for major steps/phases and tools to employ in each phase. Are these concepts/phases/tools covered in the book, Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream? • What top three suggestions would you have for a small, high- mix, low-volume machine shop? How do we go about implementing lean when we have very little repeat work?
  15. 15. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group Conclusion
  16. 16. Copyright LeanCor Supply Chain Group Online Training Self-Paced Lean Fundamentals (90-min) Self-Paced Lean Leader (16 hours +1.6 CEUs) Blended Lean Leader (24 hours + 2.4 CEU’s) *Blended group starting this Monday! In-Person Training Private, On-Site Training Customized course created for YOUR team Professional Public Programs Georgia Tech Lean Supply Chain Professional Series = starts September 15! Fresno State Lean Culture Workshop =August 21 and 28 LEI Gemba-Based Workshop = Sept 29-30 Georgia Tech Lean Warehousing = October 20-22 Contact Us Today Ana Bailey 859.609.7389