My multigenre project


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This is my multigenre project for my language arts methods class.

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My multigenre project

  1. 1. My Multigenre Project: For my Daddy By: Kelsey Davison
  2. 2. Claude Edward Davison was born in Red River County, Texas on September 16th 1961. He lived in Texas until the age of 10 when he moved to North Carolina with his mother. As a child, Daddy was rambunctious, creative, and inquisitive. He loved being outdoors and loved animals. He always had some sort of critters around the house including; skunks, snakes, squirrels, and turtles. As an adult, he still carried his love of nature. It wasn’t unusual for him to stop and pick up some kind of animal Daddy with a catfish he caught in on his way home from work. His the Yadkin River. favorite season was Summer and he spent every possible second outside. I remember him sleeping all night in a hammock in our backyard during the Summer.
  3. 3. We live right next to the Yadkin River and he spend every free second down there fishing off the muddy banks. Fishing was his favorite hobby. He would spend countless hours at the river and come home with loads of fish. He would often fillet them and fry them up for dinner. When my sister and I got old enough, we would go to the river fishing with him. Sometimes, we would just explore the banks and find a sand island to swim around and relax on. Fishing with my Daddy are some of my favorite memories ofDaddy (right) with his best friend our time together. after an all day fishing trip.
  4. 4. Daddy’s Girl
  5. 5. Daddy’s GirlFather’s Day 2012 High School Graduation 2009
  6. 6. May 29th, 2012. The day my life would be changed forever. All I remember about that phone call was hearing one word. Cancer. My worse fears had been confirmed as my Daddy explained to me that he had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I couldnt seem to wrap my head around the words I was hearing. Cancer was always something that I had sympathized with others for having, something that I had heard being discussed time and time again but it never affected me. I felt like he was lying to me. I felt like my Daddy couldnt have cancer, he was only fifty years old, he had too much life left to live. After the initial shock wore off, I was faced with a stage 4 diagnosis and a heartbreaking prognosis... "months." At only twenty-one years old I was having to accept the fact that my Dad would be gone in a matter of months. Suddenly, I was painfully aware of exactly how quickly time passes. I spent every second that I could by his side. We spend more time together than ever this past Summer. Luckily, we were able to get in some more good memories before the heavy medications faded his personality. Still, I spent every day that I could with him, mostly just watching him sleep but that was good enough for me.
  7. 7. September 8th, 2012. The day I had been dreading came quicker than Icould have ever imagined. I had 4 months to prepare for it, but no lengthof time prepares you to say good-bye to your Daddy. As I held his hand,I realized how precious every second of life is. Even those painfulseconds, holding his hand will be seconds that I cherish for the rest ofmy life. Now, I am beginning a new journey in my life. One that willbe difficult and will test my strength and my faith. Even though he isgone in physical form, my Daddy will be in my heart and will always bepart of who I am. Even though our time together was cut short, I havesome wonderful memories to hang on to. I was so lucky to get to havehim for my Dad even if only for a short while. I will miss my Daddy everysecond, of every day until we can be together again.
  8. 8. A Poem for Daddy on his birthday:It’s your birthday and I wantyou to know, that I carry youwith me everywhere I go. Yougave me your eyes, your lips,and your walk. You taught meto fish, and helped me to talk.Daddy I love you very muchthough, you did also give mevery long toes. I will alwaysremember your buttermilk pies,and going to the store for junkfood buys. Remember me withmy little brown curls, because Iwill always be your little girl.
  9. 9. The Perfect DayIt was a beautiful day in May. I had recently finished up my 3rd year in college and I anxiously began my summer break at home in Lexington. My sister and I made plans to spend the day with our Dad. We arrived at his house around noon and spent some time talking and catching up. I told him how school was going and filled him in on my relationship status. He showed us his new pet squirrel and I named him Henry. My Dad loved everything outdoors and was fascinated by nature and animals so it was no surprise to find him with some kind of critter. We spent some time letting Henry crawl up and down our arms and watching him jump around before Daddy suggested that we go fishing. Fishing was one of my Dads very favorite things and it became one of our favorite things to do together. We loaded down the car with live bait, fishing poles, and a tackle box and headed to a pond behind his neighbors house. It was a small pond surrounded by trees and tall grass. Daddy warned us to be careful and watch our step. He explained that just the week before he had been bitten by a snake out there in the grass. Soon after baiting our hooks with worms, my sister Lindsay caught the first fish. It was a little brim and Daddy taught us how to hold its gills down so that it wouldnt cut us while we removed the hook and then tossed in back in the water. After this, Daddy moved across the pond from us to try to catch some bigger fish with fancy lures. Lindsay and I took turns catching one after another of those tiny brims. Each time we would squeal with excitement and proudly show Daddy our prized fish. I remember his beaming smile from across the pond. We stayed out there making memories until the sun began to set and we headed home. We didnt know it yet but Daddy had cancer and in just a matter of weeks our lives would take a dramatic turn. I consider this the perfect day because it is one of the last memories with my Daddy before finding out about his cancer. This is a day that I will always cherish.
  10. 10. Dear Daddy, A Letter to Heaven:I miss you so much I can’t even begin to describe it. I know you are okaynow and that brings me peace but letting you go has been so hard.Sometimes I still catch myself thinking about calling you or stopping by tosee you. I wish I could just see you one more time, but I know that wouldstill not be enough. I miss your humor and your laugh the most. You werealways so silly and such a prankster. You brought laughter to everyonewho knew you. The holidays this year are going to be really hard withoutyou. I am going to miss watching Christmas movies with you and sitting bythe fire you built in the fire place. I will really miss your buttermilk pies, noone can make them like you. I know that you are always with me butsometimes I just want to hear your voice. It hurts to know that you won’tget to walk me down the isle or even meet my children, but you have beenand will always be an important part of my life. I am having a hard time withlosing you but I promised you that I would be okay and I will be. I willalways honor you by living my life to the fullest and pursuing my dreams. Ihope you know how much I love and miss you. This isn’t goodbye, it’s seeya later!Love you always,Kelsey
  11. 11. About the author:My name is Kelsey Davison. I am an upcoming senior this year at UNCC. My major is elementary education. I am writing this piece to remember and honor my father. My intended audience is my Daddy and myself. The purpose of this piece is honor him and help me to heal from his passing. I hope he knows how much I love and miss him. I will cherish our time together always.