Draft 4 part 2


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Draft 4 part 2

  1. 1. Part D Hard Candy (Print Screens) Secrets Mind Games Suspense Torture Interaction of 2 characters (longA fear of doubt shot)(close up)showing heremotion Low angle close up showing the intensity of his footsteps. Extreme close up is used to focus on something important.
  2. 2. Part D Child’s Play (Chucky)Even Though The Comes UnderFilm Itself Is Old The Genre OfThe Plot Is Still Thriller/HorrorEntertaining ToWatch The Concept Of Has The Basic A Childrens Toy Conventions Of A Coming To Life Horror And And Is Playing Thriller; Murder, An Knifes, Death Evil, Murdering Villain
  3. 3. Part D Children’s Doll-Voodoo Doll- Possession-Evil-Devil Chucky Changes expression to become a more frightening character The Character of chuckyChucky Showing then proves to be evil whenNormal Child-Friendly he attacks the womanFacial Expression Woman Goes To Destroy The Doll By Burning Him In The Fire.
  4. 4. Part E Our chosen theme is… What is revenge? To inflict punishment in return for (injury or insult). The act of retaliating for wrongs or injury received. to inflict equivalent injury or damage for (injury received) Part E We used “REVENGE” as a theme because it is a act caused by the antagonist to inflict damage, fear and pain to the protagonist. This happens to Nia in the opening sequence when certain things occur to make her life a living hell and hard to cope.
  5. 5. Chosen ThemesPart F
  6. 6. Part F Research On Revenge • I watched a range of movies such as “Dead Silence” and "Law abiding citizen” they all had the aspect of revenge I watched how they got their “revenge” and all of them was a Painful MURDER Girl gets murdered Clips from dead silence because she the old man is tortured& laughed & killed (revenge) for his Mocked the doll past behaviour (Dead silence)
  7. 7. Part F Research On Revenge Continued Man (Clyde) reveals his identity on the man who killed and raped his daughter and wife The murderer tries to shoot him not knowing when he pulls the trigger the gun will numbed his body which Clyde had planned as a part of his torture Clyde then tortures the man then kills him but cutting him into pieces (48 pieces)
  8. 8. Part FI watched the“ Pursuit of Happiness” Suffering this has elements of suffering in it.Man gets kicked out of hishouse and is now homeless Man and his young son sleep in the train station no blanket , no pillow , No hope (Suffering)