January 2011 CPYF Dialogue Newsletter: A Year in Review


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January 2011 CPYF Dialogue Newsletter: A Year in Review

  1. 1. - Dialogue Newsletter - January 3 2010 2010 ! 2010 2010 :• (2010/4/30-5/2) (http://www.apgn2010.org/).• Café (2010/9/17) (http://cp-yen.ning.com/profiles/ blogs/xiang-xin-cafe-94-130pm).• (2010/10/23)• , , , ,• (2010/10-12)•••• www.cp-yen.ning.com• (MIT) (Sloan school of management) .••
  2. 2. • ICA • 2010 , , 2011 , The Magic of Dialogue !================================================================CP Yen Foundation newsletter - January 2011With the passing of 2010 we look back at the many unexpected breakthroughs and developments of thispast year.In continuance of our mission to foster the art of dialogue, facilitate positive social change and forgesustainable communities, CPYF’s 2010 highlights include:Collaborated Across Sectors: • Co-sponsored with (co-hosts) Green Party Taiwan and Taiwan Friends of the Global Greens the Second Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network (http://www.apgn2010.org/). The Foundation facilitated Open Space Technology meetings at pre-congress events and during the first day of the Congress agenda. (4/30 - 5/2/2010) • Co-sponsored with Zero Plan Association a social dialogue event Café (Believe Cafe) (http://cp-yen.ning.com/profiles/blogs/xiang-xin-cafe-94-130pm). (9/17/2010) • Co-sponsored with the Society of Organizational Learning (SoL) a Scenario Planning Workshop. (10/23/2010). This year the facilitation community and SoL began exploring opportunities for increased collaboration, starting with facilitators supporting SoL’s Annual Conference and SoL’s participation in Facilitator’s Forum. Our work together is a wonderful chance to strengthen our two organizations’ capabilities in dialogue and cross-sector collaboration.Fostered Dialogue Volunteers • Taught the Focused Conversation Method to children and volunteers in the Children Reading Association in Taiwan’s volunteer reading program. (10/12/2010) • Taught a “Dialogue Practitioners Training” program at a University. • Taught “Dialogue Practitioners Training” programs for community groups.Developed a Virtual Community of Dialogue Practitioners • Through our newsletters, every month the CPYF introduces topical developments in the dialogue field harvested from CPYF’s field study in North America. Topics include: relevant publications, interviews and dialogue learning tools and practices. • Set up a new ning site: www.cp-yen.ning.com
  3. 3. Strengthened Research and Development • In 2010 CPYF Project Manager, Keli Yen, relocated to Cambridge, Massachusetts to work with Peter Senge on SoL’s newest project: The Academy for Systemic Change; and serves as Research Affiliate at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Through collaboration with a vigorous community of dialogue and organizational learning practitioners, Keli provides for the CPYF research and development of systems for connecting and scaling positive social change from East to West.Deepened the Art of Dialogue in Education and NPOs: • Facilitated the visioning process through dialogic approaches for schools in Taiwan. • CPYF Executive Director, Jorie Wu, participated in the Institute of Cultural Affairs’ (ICA) facilitator volunteer program and traveled to Sichuan, China’s Lushan County to train teachers at the Renjia Central School in facilitative teaching approaches. The Renjia Central School was affected by the devastating 2008 Wenshan earthquake. TÜV Rheinland sponsors this reconstruction program focusing on developing both the infrastructural hardware as well as the “software” of knowledge and teaching methods. CPYF and other facilitators offered the core skills of facilitation and dialogue to these communities.CPYF Member Achievements: • CPYF Board Director Jackie Chang ( ) achieved facilitator certification (CPF)from the International Association of Facilitators. Adding executive director, Jorie Wu CPF to the list, the foundation now has 2 CPFs and several facilitator partners in advancing positive social change!Looking forward to 2011, we continue to embody our mission with discipline and learning; and to bothdeepen and broaden the network and collaboration among dialogue practitioners across sectors.This year we anticipate hosting a workshop on international standards in facilitation as well as to completethe Chinese translation of The Magic of Dialogue. Ultimately, we strive to raise dialogue to a level as highin priority as national literacy!Wishing you a rich year of quality dialogue, energy and spiritual fulfillment in life!