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9.                                                            (                            (     U     )                  ...
C P          Y E N             F O U N D A T I O N                   12 Principles for Presencing                         ...
5. Cultivate union with universal energy                     awareness, source (primordial state) is realized as the      ...
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九月份對話新訊息 身處當下的12個原則 September 2011 CPYF dialogue newsletter - 12 principles for presencing


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九月份對話新訊息 身處當下的12個原則 September 2011 CPYF dialogue newsletter - 12 principles for presencing

  1. 1. 12 2011.09 10 U(presencing) 2. ‧ (JohnMilton) U ‧ (Otto Scharmer) ‧ (Peter Senge) 3. ‧ (JohnMilton) – U –(Crestone) – - 4. U1. ( - ) U 1
  2. 2. 9. ( ( U ) ) ( ) ( ) (presence) 10.5. ( (presence) ) - ( )(Qi/ ) 11.6. ( )7. 12. U 13.8. (Tonglen)
  3. 3. C P Y E N F O U N D A T I O N 12 Principles for Presencing September 2011This August 2011 the CPYF took a deep dive into Theory Then learn to decontract and relax your body, emotions,U’s presencing concept by joining a 10 day vision quest in thoughts and mind. Let go of all that you download: old ideas,the Colorado mountains with John Milton, pundit behind the judgments, emotions, structures, your own expectations, yourpresencing concept and spiritual teacher to Theory U authors need for approval or acceptance, and your idea of progress.Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge, This September’snewsletter offers one perspective on the meaning of presence Over time, replace habitual patterns of automatic contraction,as explained by John Milton’s Twelve Principles. with habits of meeting life through openness and letting go.These principles are an essentialization of Buddhist, Taoist, Trust your unfolding life - unwind, empty completely andDzogchen, Tantra, Vedanta, and several Shamanic paths; remain open to the fresh present. This deepening trust bringsJohn Milton developed them to serve as a guide for you to this 3rd Principle: Surrender.discovering our immense creativity available at the base ofthe U where we presence from our primordial awareness - As you surrender completely to the flow of lifes forms andour source. anchor your being in the stability of timeless presence, even the effort to let go and trust is released.John taught these 12 Principles to a small group ofpractitioners, for ten days they sat in a dialogue circlebeneath the foliage of aspen and pinion trees, on a 4. Remain in the Nowmountaintop in Crestone, Colorado, Three of these dayswere spent in solo retreat - John’s preferred “container” for Become aware of your distractions. Stay with presentdirectly experiencing the union of one’s inner and outer perception, emotion, and thought as it arises rather thannature - and contemplated on the meaning of each principle. withdrawing to the past or leaping to the future. RefineAs you read the following principles, we invite you to Nowness. As open spaces arise between emotions & thoughts,likewise contemplate this pathway to the bottom of the U: rest in the gap and let the clarity of your pure awareness settle naturally in itself. Enjoy the bliss of Nowness.1. The fundamental truth: all forms are interconnected, Remaining in the Now elicits true listening, enablingconstantly changing and continuously arising from and connection and trusting relationships with others,returning to primordial source spontaneously generating appropriate response from our innate source of infinite creativity. When we live from the bottom ofAll forms (material, energetic, perceptual, emotional and the U a co-creative genuine dialogue occurs.thought - including the sense of self) are interdependent andconstantly transforming; arising from and dissolving into ourSource awareness. If we resist our boundless and formless The First Principle of the interconnected, constantly changingtrue essence, we suffer; by surrendering to it, we dance in its nature of form, arising and dissolving from Primal Source laysflow. the foundation for engaging the Second Principle, our personal commitment to liberation (embarking on the U).2. Commit yourself completely to liberation in this The Third Principle, relaxation, cultivates the conditions forlifetime inner exploration, because if we are filled with bodily, emotional and mental contractions there is little room for realShamans believe intent is the ultimate power. It activates spiritual insight and meditation practice.like a match. The Fourth Principle, presence, is the necessary companion for relaxation; creating the essential qualities of alert, yet3. Relax and surrender to life relaxed meditation. All the Principles build on each other in this way.Locate where you still hold contractions and tensions in yourbody, emotions and mind.
  4. 4. 5. Cultivate union with universal energy awareness, source (primordial state) is realized as the underlying reality from which all form, including yourself,When present-centered awareness (presence) combines manifests; and extraordinary creativity occurs. Mostwith relaxation - blockages (bodily, emotional, energetic innovations and breakthroughs have come through deepand mental) are released, liberating life force (Qi/ ). communion with Source.Make habit your friend and blockages your teacher. 11. Remain in recognition6. Go with the universal flow By mastering principles 1-10 ones path naturallyWhen energy liberates you experience an opening of the culminates in remaining in continuous, complete, flowingheart; (love vitality) and the flow of natural movement recognition of source awareness. All forms, inner andand stillness effortlessly express our creative Source. outer, are experienced as the natural display of sources pure creativity.7. Rest in the radiance of your open heart 12. Serve as a warrior of the open heart and liberatedThe union of relaxation & presence unblocks and spiritcultivates our radiant life force which is experienced aspure, unconditional love which naturally arises as the Warriorship comes with the challenge of living the Twelvedirect innermost quality of relaxed, present, liberated Principles not just for yourself. At the bottom of the U weenergy. Through the natural deepening of this access our source capacity to bring innovative andopenhearted radiance, the separation between self and profoundly appropriate means of healing, happiness,other gradually dissolves. integration and liberation for all our relations.8. Active compassion arises naturally from 13. Dont Take All These 12 Principles too Seriouslyunconditional loveThe natural activity of open, unconditioned love,generated from principles 1-7, is compassionate action.It spontaneously arises from your heart essence andmanifests through inner practices like Tonglen, orthrough outer services.9. Cut through to clarity, spaciousness, andluminosity of pure source awarenessA cutting through event (powerful as a thunderbolt orsubtle like a falling leaf) stops the world in an instant,cutting through all obstacles (distractions, contractions,attachments and aversions) to the direct experience ofsource. Inner obscurations, including attachment to thebliss of an open heart, are cut through in a momentlaying bare the naked essence of source (our pristineawareness).10. Return to sourceThe ninth principle cracks through the egos seed coatblocking source. By following perceptions back to