Gain Compliance Confidence: Symantec Hosted Service Approach


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Are you confident that your company is staying abreast of the frequent updates to online security regulations?

Electronic communication standards, regulations and laws are continuously being updated. As security risks increase and regulations get more complicated, businesses are struggling to keep up. Staying on top of these updates is imperative to making sure your company remains compliant with federal and state regulations.

View this on-demand webcast, and listen as Nancy Flynnn, executive director of the ePolicy Institute, and Symantec Hosted Services experts provide you with a "cheat sheet" of what you need to know to stay up-to-date in the world of online security compliance to ensure you keep your organization's network, email and online architecture in compliance with state and federal laws.

View this webcast for insights and updates on regulatory changes, along with best practices to mitigate risk and protect company data, including:

Staying current on federal and state regulatory changes, such as HIPAA, HiTech, PCI, FISA, Mass. 201 and CMR 17

Emerging compliance best practices that can be implemented immediately

Maintaining security compliance for large companies affected by disparate offices and remote employees

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