Gain Compliance Confidence: Symantec Hosted Service Approach


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Are you confident that your company is staying abreast of the frequent updates to online security regulations?

Electronic communication standards, regulations and laws are continuously being updated. As security risks increase and regulations get more complicated, businesses are struggling to keep up. Staying on top of these updates is imperative to making sure your company remains compliant with federal and state regulations.

View this on-demand webcast, and listen as Nancy Flynnn, executive director of the ePolicy Institute, and Symantec Hosted Services experts provide you with a "cheat sheet" of what you need to know to stay up-to-date in the world of online security compliance to ensure you keep your organization's network, email and online architecture in compliance with state and federal laws.

View this webcast for insights and updates on regulatory changes, along with best practices to mitigate risk and protect company data, including:

Staying current on federal and state regulatory changes, such as HIPAA, HiTech, PCI, FISA, Mass. 201 and CMR 17

Emerging compliance best practices that can be implemented immediately

Maintaining security compliance for large companies affected by disparate offices and remote employees

View recording here

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  • Kelly:
  • The top messaging security challenges facing your organization include: Email-borne Threats Continue to Evolve - From 2001 to 2010, spam volume grew from 8% of all email volume to over 80% of all emails. In fact, many enterprise customers are finding that over 95% of their email traffic is spam. Spammers are getting more sophisticated, and spam blocking is becoming more complicated. Attackers are motivated by financial gain and seek to sell private information in what has become a well organized underground economy.Sensitive Data is Leaving the Enterprise – Data loss can occur across a variety of vectors including email. Most data loss occurs as a result of employee error, but a 2009 Ponemon Institute study revealed that 59% of ex-employees took confidential information with them when they left.Ensuring Compliance with Usage Policies – To minimize legal risk and ensure email can be used as an effective tool for sharing confidential information with key business partners, businesses need effective tools for monitoring behavior and enforcing Acceptable Usage Policies that govern distribution of inappropriate content or mandate encryption. Managing Cost and Complexity – As the threat landscape evolves and businesses undergo changes, the cost of maintaining an effective messaging security environment can increase. Businesses need a solution that is easy to deploy and manage further protecting them and mitigating risks.Today, I’ll focus in on how we ensure compliance with usage policies covering our email protect and control, archiving, and encryption products.
  • Let us summarize the advantages of MessageLabs Hosted Email Archiving: Pure hosted solution – No appliances, servers, software or client plug ins make the service simpler to install, manage and maintain.Unlimited storage and retention – Customers no longer have to plan for future capacity or worry about increasing data costs. Easy to use end user search – within the archive users can search across their inbox, sent items and folders simultaneously to quickly find what they are looking for. Search filters break the results down into facets such as sender, date and attachment to quickly narrow down search results. Searches operate within the email and attachments. Bounded global search capability can be delegated to legal staff or managers.Powerful Legal Hold & e-discovery – Easily establish legal holds with the ability to change legal hold parameters and dynamically capture new emails that meet criteria as they enter the archive. Alerts can also be enabled to notify when new material is added to a legal hold.Multi platform support – The service supports Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 as well as Domino 6.x to 8.x and GroupWise.Hosted Exchange/cloud email support – The service has been engineered to be compatible with Hosted Exchange multi tenanted environments and other cloud email providers. Customers can deploy with an on-site email server today but leave themselves the option of moving to a cloud email platform in the future.
  • How it works: Admin creates user messaging and encryption policies tailored to your specific company needs. All outbound emails travel between the clients email server and MessageLabs infrastructure via a TLS (Transport Layer Security) encrypted tunnel. MessageLabs scans outbound email against user policy. Any email triggering a policy is encrypted automatically. The recipient views encrypted email either within their inbox or via a secure web portal.Recipients of encrypted email can send encrypted replies securely.All emails benefit from Anti-virus, Anti-spam and Image Control scans (if subscribed )
  • Data breaches whether committed by accidental or deliberate actions can have very damaging results. This slide shows a few notable cases which occurred in the last year.In the first example, a spreadsheet with social security information was emailed by an employee to a personal account.In the second example, a spreadsheet with the personal information of over 1700 Blue Cross providers was mistakenly emailed. The sheet contained names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and Social Security numbers.
  • MessageLabs Email Content Control service identifies and controls confidential or inappropriate content within emails and attachments sent or received by employees. Comprehensive rule-building processes allow you to quickly and easily establish policies and actions for matching email content. The service scans within subject, header and body as well as supported PDF, MS Office & compressed file attachments.Notifications are configurable for each rule and the action type attached to it. A customizable word list threshold allows administrators to establish how many occurrences of keywords or phrases must be present before a rule and action are applied. Our service also provides extended character list recognition to allow for rules and actions to be applied to non-western characters.
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