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Podcasting In Education


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Published in: Education
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Podcasting In Education

  1. 1. Podcasting in Education By Kassie Kuntz
  2. 2. Menu Article 1 Article 2 Article 3
  3. 3. The Power of Podcasting • This article mainly stated how a Spanish Civilization professor quit lecturing to his class and put together a podcast lecture instead because the students were so busy taking notes that they never even spoke in class • The professor immediately noticed change in the communication with his students • The students spelling and vocabulary improved
  4. 4. “This new technology is revolutionizing the way faculty and administrators interact with students .“ Lydia Lum • The professor was worried about the attendance of the students after using the podcasts but he gave them a warning and there was no problem • National studies show that more than 80 percent of college students own at least one device that can download and play recordings.
  5. 5. Reflection I completely agree with everything in this article. I have been so caught up in taking notes during a lecture before that I didn’t even learn anything about the course. I think the podcast lecture idea allows students to listen, think, and reflect about the entire lecture. It is easy for many college students to listen to the lecture while working out or driving and actually have time to think about it.
  6. 6. Podcasts to provide teaching and learning • In this article, they talked about integrating podcasts into the classroom. The point of the article was to show how podcasts have really affected this generation and what we can do with them and the many ways we can use them. They did a study to see how effective the podcasts can be with teaching and learning.
  7. 7. “Yea, it just gives you and extra dimension of learning, you know, if you haven’t got the time to sit down and read a book…I can just…on the iPod…just go out and you can listen to it…you know. If I’m walking to somewhere I can listen to it on the way.” This seemed to be the same response from all of the other participants. It seemed that the podcasts seem to be a huge hit in the education aspect.
  8. 8. Reflection • This article, like the others, gave me the same reaction. It seems that emerging podcasts into the classroom is a wonderful idea, and everyone agrees it is for the better. Just like this online class, it gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and at their convenience.
  9. 9. Podcasting in the Classroom • I’ve never heard of anything like in this article. Duke University gave out 1,650 iPods to their incoming freshmen. The iPods were used academically in 16 different courses during the fall semester and 33 during the spring at Duke. They were used for course dissemination, classroom and field recording, study support, and file storage and transfer. • Students agreed they enjoyed being able to listen to lectures on their iPods at their conveinence. • Positive outcomes showed with a high score on the first exam for the students.
  10. 10. “Podcasting may be a cost effective way of delivering instruction without compromising learning effectiveness.” -Brian Flanagan and Brenda Calandra I really thought that this quote said a lot about the article. It proved that podcasting can really affect the students in a positive way and help them better understand classroom instruction and lectures.
  11. 11. Reflection • I find podcasting in the classroom to be a very effective idea. From both articles I’ve read it seems that students really enjoy the help of the podcasting and it seems to improve listening of lectures and more. I thought this article was well written and backed up. I also thought reading about Duke’s iPod program was really interesting.
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