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The FAIR principle in the Big Data World


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Data Ownership and Data Access Issues.. Presentation at the VDI Smart Agriculture workshops

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The FAIR principle in the Big Data World

  1. 1. DUESSELDORF, 2017-03-28 The FAIR Principle in the Big Data World Data Ownership and Data Access Rights issues Johannes Keizer, GODAN Secretariat
  2. 2. • GODAN Secretariat Partnerships Lead • Before: Team Leader at FAO for open Access and open Science • Background: Research, Pesticide Chemistry Johannes Keizer, PhDTHE PRESENTER
  3. 3.
  4. 4. GODAN advocates that important datasets in agriculture and nutrition should be considered global public goods and made be available to everyone
  5. 5. WHY GODAN?
  6. 6. Sequencing machines + Gene editing + Big data analysis Drones &satellites + AI picture processing + Big data analysis Revolutionary results, examples
  7. 7. WHAT DOES OPEN DATA MEAN? Ownership and Access
  8. 8. The FAIRprinciple In 2016 endorsed by the G20 Summit in Hangzhou
  9. 9. THE FAIR PRINCIPLE resources need to be Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable = FAIR FAIR principle by Barend Mons, EC, EOSC
  10. 10. Challenges • “Open data is good only for the big players” • “Open data will create more data monopolies and divides” • “This research data is only meaningful in specific context [and only I understand that…]” • “Somebody has to pay!”
  11. 11. What is GODAN • Advocacy • Think Tank • Knowledge Network
  12. 12. “I went through this Responsible Data in Agriculture brochure that’s online and it strikes me how much it applies, in concrete terms, to the data revolution that is part and parcel of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.” Thomas Gass, UN-DESA
  13. 13. An example to follow? Second Payment Service Directive, or “PSD2”…. ….. will compel banks to share data easily with licensed third parties (if that is what their account-holders want)……..
  14. 14. 450 partners 16. february 8 Donors in the GODAN steering group
  15. 15. Our network
  16. 16. It is worthwhile to become GODAN partner !!!!! We have to be thousands to make enough pressure on opening data! (list to be revised) ● Participate to discuss and resolve open questions ● Learn from successes (and failures of others) ● Bring your issues to the broader community ● Become a GODAN champion and influence the community ● Use the GODAN context to find new Grants for open data
  17. 17. Join GODAN! ● Sign up means you agree to our principles in our Statement of Purpose purpose/ ● Easy to complete forms online godan-partner/ ● Talk to us about how you can get involved in our events, publications and working groups