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2016 06 chengdu


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June China Trip

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2016 06 chengdu

  1. 1. Presentation at Sichuan Academy of Science Chengdu, 2016-06-02Johannes Keizer, GODAN Secretariat, FAO of the UN
  2. 2. • GODAN Secretariat Partnerships Lead • Team Leader at FAO for open Access and open Science • Background: Pesticide Chemistry Johannes Keizer, PhDThe Presenter
  3. 3.
  4. 4. ●Doubling food production for feeding 9 billion ●Knowledge Economy ●Data Intensive Science ●Open Access ●Key words !!
  5. 5. GODAN advocates that important datasets in agriculture and nutrition should be considered global public goods and made be available to everyone
  6. 6. An initiative that supports global efforts to make data relevant to agriculture and nutrition available, accessible, and usable for unrestricted use worldwide Voluntary association of public and private entities including donors, international organizations and businesses who have agreed to a joint Statement of Purpose Rapidly growing initiative, currently with over 270 partners from non-governmental, international and private sector organizations and national governments What is GODAN?
  7. 7. What is GODAN doing • Advocacy • Think Tank • Knowledge Network
  8. 8. More than 270 partners 8 Donors in the GODAN steering group
  9. 9. Why Open Data? • A world where knowledge creates power for the many, not the few • A world where data frees us — to make informed choices about how we live, what we buy and who gets our vote • A world where information and insights are accessible — and apparent — to everyone • This is the world we choose (Open Knowledge International
  10. 10. Why open data in agriculture and nutrition? • For climate smart agriculture • For efficient pest management • For efficient fertilizer use • For avoiding prices crises • For informing consumers on food contamination • For increasing knowledge on nutrition • ........The list could be cont’d
  11. 11. Bottom Line on Open Data • Be accessible and curated • Be available in a machine- readable format • Have a licence that permits to access, use and share it
  12. 12. Challenges • “Open data are good only for the big players” • “Open data will create more data monopolies” • “Research data are only in a specific context meaningful”
  13. 13. GODAN addresses the Issues • Working group on data rights and responsibilities • Working group on data infrastructure • Working group on better technical, semantic and legal interoperability
  14. 14. OPEN DATA IN SCIENCE Specific issues:
  15. 15. If networked science is to reach its potential, scientists will have to embrace and reward the open sharing of all forms of scientific knowledge, not just traditional journal publication. Networked science must be open science.’ Michael Nielsen (OKI)
  17. 17. a personal data anecdote 2 These are the data from my Phd thesis, I started to look for them
  18. 18. Google Search 21 n+Toxizitaet+und+Biotransformation+- +Unterschiede+in+der&aq=f&oq=johannes+Keizer++Dissertati on+Toxizitaet+und+Biotransformation+- +Unterschiede+in+der&aqs=chrome.0.57.60915j0&sourceid=c hrome&ie=UTF-8 search/search/ 28.xml%3BDE19940007889
  19. 19. Accessibility Being online, does not necessarily mean being open
  20. 20. Specific Issues with Research Data • Data gets lost • Incentives, Responsibilities, Rights • What aggregation level be public? • Data is not equipped with metadata • Data is not published in a machine- readable format • Data comes always more from the field
  21. 21. Data Issues
  22. 22. • Organisational change through transparency • Fostering innovation to benefit everyone • More efficient and effective decision making What open data can achieve!
  23. 23. Evidence for open data benefits
  24. 24.
  25. 25. We want more Chinese Partners
  26. 26. It is worthwhile to become GODAN partner !!!!! We have to be thousands to make enough pressure on opening data! (list to be revised) ● Participate to discuss and resolve open questions ● Learn from successes (and failures of others) ● Bring your issues to the broader community ● Become a GODAN champion and influence the community ● Use the GODAN context to find new Grants for open data
  27. 27. Join GODAN! ● Sign up means you agree to our principles in our Statement of Purpose purpose/ ● Easy to complete forms online partner/ ● Talk to us about how you can get involved in our events, publications and working groups
  28. 28. GODAN Summit • New York, September 2016 • Participate in the GODAN Summit Challenge:
  29. 29.