2013 04 g8


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My presentation at the G8 meeting on open agricultural data

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2013 04 g8

  1. 1. Presentations by Johannes Keizer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Dr. Johannes KeizerOffice of Knowledge ExchangeFood and Agriculture Organization of the UNExploiting open data for integratedinformation systemsPresentation at the G8 conference on “open Agricultural Data”
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  11. 11. johannes keizerhttp://aims.fao.orgRDA & agricultural dataA domain interest group to represent all stakeholdersproducing, managing, aggregating, sharing, consuming datafrom/for agricultural research & innovation• will bring existing problems & experience on the table• pave the way for a number of domain-specific WGs (e.g. germplasmdatabases)• serve as a well-supported and politically important domain case forother WGs• Positioned carefully to serve as an interface to existing fora becometheir mechanism and interface for consultation with research datainfrastructures• Will handle as first thing Wheat data interoperability in the context ofthe Global Wheat initiative
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