Mainstreet Inc Capabilities Overview


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Mainstreet Inc Capabilities Overview

  1. 1. December 2011 Capabilities Overview For Mainstreet Inc.
  2. 2. Mainstreet Confidential 2 Table of Contents  Mainstreet Key Differentiators  Mainstreet Vitals  Mainstreet At A Glance  Leading Partnerships  Products Supported  Service Portfolio – Store on Demand: Integration Center – Service Express: Maintenance & Repair – Life Cycle Management Programs  digitalMainstreet  Mainstreet Information Management System (MIMS)  Mainstreet Contact Information
  3. 3. Mainstreet Confidential 3 Value Add Services  Mainstreet Attributes: nimble, responsive, creative, flexible, ethical, accountable, resourceful, respected, quality-centric  Focused on maximizing the ROI of our customers’ IT assets  Supports the retail environment throughout the entire life cycle for all store systems – Multi-vendor, multi-generational store systems – Refurbishment & Upgrades – Remarketing of Surplus Equipment, as approved by our clients – Environmentally Responsible & Secure eDisposal Programs  Diversity of product capabilities – Seamless support of increasingly complex store environments  Mainstreet Information Management System (MIMS) delivers superior accountability and serial number tracking for managing inventory and service activities – Easily customized to specific client requirements – Easily integrated with client systems – Client Portal provides real-time, anytime access to vital client data – Enables allocation of inventory between business as usual (BAU) activities , special projects, specific client departments or cost centers Mainstreet Key Differentiators
  4. 4. Mainstreet Confidential 4 Retail Technology Support Specialists  Specializing in the support of in-store systems including POS, self- checkout, wireless, payment terminals, kiosks & digital signage  Focus is to effectively cut costs from Client operations and protect their investment in IT assets  Proven track record of on-time, in-budget implementations  Consistently delivers high quality, high value client solutions  4 members of Mainstreet’s senior management team have a combined 80+ years experience in the POS industry  Integration Center – Staging & Integration; Warehousing, Pick & Ship; Asset Management  Maintenance & Repair Center – Board-level repairs; Advanced Exchange Programs; Asset & Warranty Management; Parts/Spares Sourcing & Kitting  Life Cycle Management – Environmentally Responsible Disposal Programs; Remarketing Surplus Equipment; Refurbishment & Upgrades Mainstreet Vitals Diversity Supplier:  Woman-Owned Business (NWBOC Certificate #RCSW8160)  Certified Texas HUB Certificate #1721551312200  Privately-held, Texas- based corporation  Head-quartered in Grand Prairie (Dallas)  60,000 ft2 facility includes 35,000 ft2 warehouse; 20,000 ft2 repair center  Clients include Fujitsu, PETCO, STAGE, Container Store, IBM
  5. 5. Mainstreet Confidential 5 Solutions & Target Markets Geographies Industries Products Services US Retail POS & Peripherals Board Level Repair Canada Manufacturing/CPG Self-Checkout Depot Advanced Exchange Scanners On-Site Maintenance Mexico Scanner/Scales Staging & Integration & Banking Payment Terminals Asset Management & Warehousing Latin America Government Back-Office Systems Warranty Recovery & Management (consolidation Health Care Wireless Devices Order Fulfillment & freight PC's Deployment & On-Site Installation forwarding) Kiosks Sourcing including Parts Kitting Digital Signage Refurbishment & Upgrades Reverse Logistics EOL Disposal & Reclamation Mainstreet At A Glance
  6. 6. Mainstreet Confidential 6 Core Competencies & Competitive Differentiators Superior Quality, Board-Level Repairs  Significantly extends product life beyond OEM withdrawal from service  Reduces total cost of service  Reduces scrap costs and environmental exposure Responsiveness  Highly nimble team  Efficiently run company  Able to ramp up for most engagements within 30 to 60 days  Readily able to take on new products Multi-Vendor, Multi-Platform Expertise  POS, self checkout and store systems  Current generation through to legacy models Cost Efficiencies & Investment Protection  Extending equipment life  Remarketing programs for client-owned surplus equipment  Optimized service programs with coverage, delivery, spares ownership  Creative financing programs including sale and leaseback of existing equipment; spares financing Accountability  We deliver superior accountability to our partners through internal controls, bar-code scanning and service management systems  Key benefit when spares are consigned  Clients have continued visibility to their inventory  Secure e-Disposal of surplus equipment Mainstreet At A Glance
  7. 7. Mainstreet Confidential 7 Leading Partnerships Other Clients include OEMs, 3rd-party service organizations, self-maintaining retailers Client Scope Services PETCO Animal Supplies 1,050 stores US Nationwide Board-Level Repair Depot Advanced Exchange Field Service, On Demand Warranty Recovery & Management Asset Management & Secure Warehousing Staging & Integration Project Support Equipment Sales EOL Remarketing & Secure e-Disposal STAGE Stores, Inc. 900 stores US Nationwide Board-Level Repair Depot Advanced Exchange Field Service, On Demand Warranty Recovery & Management Asset Management & Secure Warehousing Staging & Integration Project Support including deployment & installation Equipment Sales Equipment Reclamation Fujitsu 10,000 Self-Checkout Lanes plus 3rd Party Equipment US & Canada Primary Repair Vendor Specializing in Self-Checkout and Third- Party Systems Includes cash-handling equipment EOL Refurbishment & Repatriation Mainstreet At A Glance
  8. 8. Mainstreet Confidential 8 Products Supported (current and legacy models)  POS Terminals: IBM, Fujitsu, NCR, Wincor, PC Cash Drawer, Casio  Self-Checkout: Fujitsu (Optimal/U-SCAN), IBM (PSI), NCR  Scanners: Datalogic (PSC), Honeywell (Metrologic), NCR, Symbol  Scanner/Scales: Fujitsu, Datalogic, Honeywell, NCR, Shekel, Toledo  Kiosks: Custom, IBM, NCR, Fujitsu  Printers: Axiohm, Citizen, Eltron, Epson, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Ithaca, Lexmark, NCR, Okidata, Pertech, Star, TPG, Zebra  Payment Terminals: Hypercom, ID Tek, Ingenico, Magtek, VeriFone  Signature Capture: Magtek, Topaz, Verifone, @pos  Touch Screens, LCD & Monitors: ELO, IBM, MicroTouch, NCR, Preh, Wincor, Generic, Dell, Viewsonic, Customer (Pole) Displays  Bill Acceptors & Dispensers: Cash Code, Diebold, G&D, MEI (Mars), Talaris (DeLaRue)  Coin Acceptors & Dispensers: Talaris, Telequip, MEI, CoinCo  Computers: Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Wincor, ATX-BasedAuthorized Service Center: ELO, Epson, Datalogic, Dell, Talaris, TPG, Cash Code, Fujitsu & Telequip
  9. 9. Mainstreet Confidential 9 Support Service Portfolio Integration Center  Staging & Integration  Warehousing, Pick & Ship  Warranty Management  Asset Management  Deployment including On-Site Installation  Hardware Refurbishment & Upgrades  Remarketing Surplus equipment  EOL Secure Disposal  Reverse Logistics Hardware Maintenance  Board-Level Depot Repairs  Advanced Exchange Programs  On-Site Maintenance  Asset Management  Warranty Management  Parts/Spares Sourcing & Kitting  Remarketing Surplus Equipment  EOL Secure Disposal Mainstreet Services
  10. 10. Mainstreet Confidential 10 Store-On-DemandTM : Integration Center & Deployment Services  Delivers maximum simplification in technology deployments – national chain-wide refreshes to single device or single store deployments – Multi-vendor, best-of-breed in-store systems – Full store system builds from POS, peripherals to back-office and kiosk systems – Replicable, documented processes & consistent high quality, ensures easy on-time, in-budget installations at store-level – some clients even leverage their own in-store staff to perform installations – Coupled with Mainstreet superior Asset Management, our clients benefit from volume discounts with their preferred suppliers with the flexibility of our Just-in-Time deployments Mainstreet Services Update images Client Benefits:  Optimizes Clients’ Assets  Project Scalability  Rapid Ramp-Up  Complete Accountability & Visibility for clients  Consistently on- time, in budget  Staging & Integration  Asset & Warranty Mgmt  Warehousing & Order Fulfillment  Project Mgmt  Deployment & Logistics  On-Site Install/De-Install  Reverse Logistics
  11. 11. Mainstreet Confidential 11 Depot Repair: Board Level Repairs & Advanced Exchange Programs  Board level repairs extend equipment life and lower the cost of service.  Superior quality & quick turnaround  Ensures equipment is fixed right the 1st time, less downtime and higher level of customer satisfaction.  Multi-vendor, multi-generational support of POS, self-checkout, wireless, scanners, payment terminals & back-office equipment Warranty Management  Maximizes warranty recovery and lowers cost of support  Triage minimizes warranty repairs sent to OEM, reduces cycle time and reduces spares investment Parts Sourcing & Kitting  Global sourcing network  Mainstreet’s heritage in the aftermarket can drive efficiencies in the support of legacy systems until the retailer is ready to move to newer systems  Provides a further source for legacy or proprietary products that are no longer available through the manufacturer Client-Directed Service Programs:  Personalized to each client’s unique environment & needs  Flexible options deliver optimized, hybrid support Lower cost of service Extends equipment life Reduces scrap Support beyond OEM withdrawal Mainstreet Services Service ExpressTM : Maintenance & Repair Programs
  12. 12. Mainstreet Confidential 12 Life Cycle Management Programs Environmentally Responsible, Secure e-Waste Disposal  Custom designed, integrated system incorporating proven recycling components  Strategically configured to optimize recovery of recyclable components & precious metals  Benefits: diversion from landfill; secure destruction; maximum recovery of recyclable materials; removal of safe & hazardous components; no offshore processing  Full destruction of hard drives and any other privileged information Environmentally Responsible e-Waste Disposal & Recovery Refurbishment & Upgrades  POS, self-checkout, peripherals, hand held  Expertise in current & legacy systems assures clients a creative and cost-effective approach delivering superior investment protection Reverse Logistics Equipment Repatriation & Reclamation Remarketing  Mainstreet globally remarkets surplus equipment on client’s behalf  Shared proceeds of sale  Maximizes return on investment  Diversion from landfill Mainstreet Services
  13. 13. Mainstreet Confidential 13 digitalMAINSTREET  We develop and deliver innovative digital in-store marketing solutions that better connect retailers and brands to shoppers  We are a proven ‘go-to’ source that fuses strategy, design and retail-hardened technologies backed by our comprehensive portfolio of support services  Rugged, Retail-Hardened technology components  Custom designed enclosures, integrated with client brand image and marketing programs  Purpose-built, best-in-class solutions with depth & breadth of technologies ranging from traditional touch screens to tablets  Services Include: Branding/Design, Local Customization, Project Management, Implementation & Rollout, Field Service for on-site installation & ongoing support Mainstreet Products Fully customized to each unique client environment Retail hardened technologies Maximized uptime & throughput Backed by full on-site service and design services Digital Signage Custom Kiosks/Smart Fixtures End-Cap Solutions or Integrated with merchandising fixture ~ protects valuable in-store real estate Digital Destinations for Special Events
  14. 14. Mainstreet Confidential 14 Systems Accountability Mainstreet Information Management System (MIMS)  Enterprise Product Information System  Completely automates management of the service process  At any point in time, we can identify where a part or component is and track the unit's service history  Provides superior management of customer-owned inventory and enables us to consistently monitor our repair quality including DOA's and MTBF's  Open system architecture using industry standard SQL  Ease of integration with our clients’ service management systems Client Portal  Anywhere, anytime access to: – Place, manage and search service calls – Manage and track inventory levels  Back bone is Mainstreet’s established, stable & flexible SQL service management system  Flexible, ease of customization  Drop down lists keep data integrity and minimize input errors  Security levels – client specific  Audit checks – i.e. validate ticket #, serial #, store info, etc  Extensive reporting & search capabilities Flexibility & ease of use enables us to develop custom reports to each client’s unique requirements Easily interfaced with client systems without excessive costs or wait times Real-time, anytime access to vital inventory and service activity information Serial number accountability Enables inventory allocation between BAU and individual project activities
  15. 15. Mainstreet Confidential 15 Mainstreet Contact Information Debbie Simurda, VP Partner Alliances Mainstreet Inc. 2510 West Main Street, Suite 100 Grand Prairie, Texas 75050 Office 866-767-6472 Cell 214-536-5028 Email Company web site