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Internship at Coachbase


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Kai's summary of his internship experience at Coachbase

Published in: Business, Technology
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Internship at Coachbase

  1. 1. Kai at Coachbase
  2. 2. Experience in Portland - 1st month
  3. 3. Experience in Portland - 1st month
  4. 4. Experience in Portland - 1st month
  5. 5. Experience in Hong Kong - 2 months
  6. 6. What I did
  7. 7. What I learnt Technical >Coding style >HTML, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript >AJAX >Startup mentality, Nike mentality >Productivity per employee >Venture Capitalists, Angel investors >Learnt a bit about everyone
  8. 8. Handing over responsibilities VS,