Pheasant Run Nhw April


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Neighborhood Watch Newsletter for the month of April.

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Pheasant Run Nhw April

  1. 1. lorem ipsum issue #, date PHEASANT RUN NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Emergency 911 / To report a crime that has occurred or is about to 233-9499 What’s New in the Neighborhood APRIL, 2010 Watch Newsletter! CONTENTS: What’s new in the Neighborhood Watch Newsletter. 1 Neighborhood Watch Recognition Program. 2 Criminal Complaint Reports. Recent Crime or Complaint Reports in and around our neighborhood watch area. 2 Above: Huber Park (March 24) at full river flood crest. Police Blotter 3 What a terribly long, cold, snowy winter we had, anyway….. Happenings in the Neighborhood. Welcome to the new reporting format. I hope that you like the Do you have a garage sale coming up or just want to tell the changes that have been made. neighborhood something? Now you can do that here ! I am attempting to bring a new format to these newsletters that will allow you to have the opportunity to speak about any subject 3-4 that you want. After all, this newsletter is for all of you. Just For Fun! Perhaps you have a garage sale coming up that you want to advertise. Make a comment about something that is important to Take some time to laugh. you or offer someone on the block your thanks. Now you can do this here. 5 I also am trying to recognize those in the neighborhood who are making positive changes within the neighborhood. I don’t want people to think that these results are not going un-noticed. I hope that you like this new reporting style. If you need to contact me you can email me at, phone me at 445.5058 or you can come talk to me @ 2029 PRS.
  2. 2. lorem ipsum issue #, date Neighborhood Watch Recognition Program I would like to recognize those in to make a difference in the the watch area who are striving to neighborhood. make the neighborhood a better place for families and kids to live. This might be as simple as reporting anything suspicious to the police To do this, I have started to that has a positive result and then complete some certificates of notifying me, or taking part in recognition to let these neighbors something that makes a difference know that I appreciate the work that in and around where we live. It is they are doing. I will be handing just my way to say thank you. out these awards as I become aware or see something that you are doing Criminal Complaint Reports in our Watch Area: In the past I always separated those issues that took place in our watch area from those issues that took place outside of our watch area. I will now place all items in chronological order. So that you will be able to identify those items that take place in our watch area, I will Italic bold those items. Criminal Complaint reports will start up with the May Newsletter. 2
  3. 3. lorem ipsum issue #, date Police Blotter: Peddler and Solicitor Prohibited Signage Neighborhood Homeowner Arrested for Sexual Assault was a Peeping Tom Tired of door–to-door salespeople approaching your house? Click on the link provided below; print the sign I have been following the updates and post it where salespeople approaching your house related to Jamie Sames who resided on can see it. If you have a sun-faded sign it may need Anton Way and was arrested for sexual replacing so that it can be seen easily. Any house assault. Attached is a link to the displaying this sign is off-limits to door-to-door Shakopee Newspaper article related to salespeople. this subject if you care to follow up on this issue. Peddlers Sign Peddlers Ordinance Police Beat Contacts List If you need to contact any of the beat officers that are assigned to our specific beat area (beat #2), please click on the attached web-link to see the list of officers. This list also contains each officers specific email addresses. To contact them directly the dispatcher will need to put you through via the police phone number. Happenings In the Neighborhood Finally a Section Devoted to All of You I am allowing people to send me information that they want displayed here. All that I ask is that you send me One of my reasons for creating this new reporting format the information exactly as you want it worded (spelling was to give all of you an opportunity to be able to sound and all). Your name must be listed along with your off about items that are important to you. In the past I comments unless you wish to remain anonymous. I will have received requests for the items listed here as well as simply just type anonymous by your comments. others, (garage sales, endorsement of city candidates, items that you have for sale as well as city council agenda Perhaps you want to advertise something, (a daycare items). opening that you have, garage sale, goods that you want to peddle, fund raisers, services for sale such as baby I have always steered people away from being able to sitting, house cleaning….etc.). Or maybe you want to place this information in the newsletter because I did not voice your opinion about something. have a proper forum for this information to be given out. I am now devoting an entire section that is completely Go ahead and give it a try. You’ve nothing to lose. owned by all of you. Continued… 3
  4. 4. lorem ipsum issue #, date Happenings in the Neighborhood (Continued) know. I would love to see as many of you there as possible. You do not need to stay for the entire event. I Thank You to Anonymous will send out more information as a date (not yet decided) draws near. I will be the first one to say ‘thank you’ to the neighbor that came to my house early on Christmas morning and Pheasant Run Carnival: cleared out the end of my driveway when the snow was about 3’ high!! This was a very kind gesture to do for At this time, I want the my family and me. Although I don’t know who you neighborhood to know are, I just want you to know how very much I that my vacation this appreciated your kindness. year may fall over the same time that the Keith Marti, 2029 Pheasant Run carnival is held on, which is Tuesday August 3rd. If Severe Weather Awareness Week any families have an interest in wanting to Severe weather season is upon us once more. Last year help with this years’ carnival please let me know. We can was a very mild year for our area with regard to severe meet to go over what duties there are to make this night weather. Still families should be prepared and make happen for everyone. certain that all family members know where to go in the event of inclement weather. Scott County will have a Traffic Issues at Cardinal and Thrush mock tornado siren on Thursday April 22nd at 6:50 pm so families can practice for such an emergency. How many of you have traveled on Thrush and approached the corner of Cardinal only to meet another car and both have to slow down to avoid hitting each Refurbishing the Neighborhood Pheasant Run other? Does this sound familiar? It seems to me that neither street truly knows who has the right of way at this Monuments intersection. Over the winter months I drove by an injury I have been talking accident at this intersection. with the city leaders I researched some of what needs to be done to have a stop over the winter sign erected, but based on the city rules, this intersection months to try to must be made a concern and acted upon by those who live gather resources for within 400 feet of this intersection. So this excludes our decorating the area from being able to take action. monuments at both points of entry on To help everyone understand the “right of way” laws and Pheasant Run. to prevent future accidents, I am attaching a web-link here so everyone will know what to do when two cars are If you are interested in joining me please contact me to approaching this intersection. let me know. There is lots of weeding that needs to be done to thin these areas out and prepare the soil for new plantings. One of the monuments is located on the south end of Pheasant Run where the street meets up with Valley View Road. The other monument is located on Quail Street but was thinned out by the city last year. Because of this, we will work on the one located on Valley View Road. Remember to get any items that you want me to add in this segment as soon as you are able. Submit it to me worded in your own words. I Some people have already volunteered to help. If you will not make any changes except for offensive language. haven’t volunteered yet but want to help, please let me 4
  5. 5. lorem ipsum issue #, date Just For Fun! Port-a-Potty Prank Bumper Cars I hope that you like the new layout of the newsletter and are pleased to be able to have a section of your own with which to express your opinions or just tell the neighborhood anything that you would like to. This is your newsletter, so please use it for your own purposes. Regards, Keith Marti The  picture  below  happened  in  the  parking  lot  at  my  workplace  on  March  19th.    The  woman  who  was  driving  the  mini-­ van  blew  a  .20  on  the  breath-­alyzer  at  9  AM  and  was  taken  away  in  handcuffs.    All  I  have  to  say  about  this  is  Nice…….   5