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Job Title:
Maintenance Planner
Position Reports To:
Electrical Manager
Code (HR Use Only):
Job Des...
Physical Demands:
 The company will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities.
 Utili...
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Job Description Maintenance Planner


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Job Description Maintenance Planner

  1. 1. Job Title: Maintenance Planner Position Reports To: Electrical Manager Department: Development Code (HR Use Only): Job Description: Performs a variety of maintenance planning and scheduling tasks. Maintains scheduling tools and progress measurement systems. Prepares reports for management. Tracks and monitors costs and identifies variance to the budgeted cost plan. Issues work orders and assists in invoice reviews and payment approvals. Summarizes monthly progress information and manpower requirements by rolling up contractor data. May participate in meetings with Operations and Maintenance crews to review daily/weekly work schedules and backlogs. May identify safety, communication and permitting requirements for all planned tasks. Prepares area coordination schedules as required. Essential Functions:  Responsible for initial screening of incoming work orders to identification scope for analyzing required level of planning.  Conduct field review of corrective work orders to identify and document job requirements for adequate level of planning.  Evaluate and identify specific Safety Hazards associated with planned work and ensure adherence to safety requirements and procedures.  Estimate required labor hours for corrective work orders, total work order duration, and skills required to perform the task.  Plan jobs with appropriate level of detail for the given skilled labor.  Gather necessary engineering or technical documents, specifications, and drawings.  Determines and/or arrange for parts required to perform the work.  Plans parts for all corrective work to increase “Wrench Time” and maximize efficiency.  Create and deliver work orders to skilled labor in conjunction with weekly corrective work schedule.  Upon completion of jobs, communicate with skilled labor regarding ideas and procedures that would make future jobs more efficient.  Coordinate priority set by management team and reliability group – place specific emphasis on obtaining input from operations and facility groups as required.  Maintain and accurately measure Maximo corrective work orders and constrain planned and ready for work backlog to no more than 30 days from Target Completion Date (TCD).  Ensure all work orders and maintenance detail is accurately entered and closed in Maximo upon completion of work.  Communicate performance expectations, work details, provide technical support for all contractor assigned work and verify work performed upon completion.  Participate with reliability teams on improvement projects particularly associated with Proactive Maintenance Plans (PM/PDM).  Obtain all scheduled PM work orders upon completion, log deficiencies and findings, generate follow up work orders as required, and complete in Maximo.  Obtain and file all associate PM support documentation and IR photos/scans in appropriate folder.  Review, screen and analyze all support documentation and IR photos for deficiencies requiring follow up. Education and Work Experience:  Minimum of 15 years of work experience in the skilled trades or equivalent technical background.  10 years minimum experience in a high volume maintenance environment.  High school diploma or equivalent.  Experience with current Maximo required.  Strong Electrical/Mechanical aptitude.  Previous supervisory experience is desirable. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  Ability to lead a workgroup.  Strong organizational skills.  Have a goal-oriented mentality.  Computer skills required.  Able to efficiently perform internet searches and research.  Abel to read and interpret vendor manuals and drawings.  Able to communicate clearly and effectively with personnel, contractors, vendors, OEM suppliers, and management  Ability to write detailed repair reports.  Committed to safety and teamwork.  Highly motivated.  Ability to learn and apply maintenance best practices.  Ability to organize and plan tasks.  Self-directing – able to work towards specific goals and objectives with limited supervision.  Good working knowledge of OSHA safety practices and procedures.  Good organizational skills.  Ability to read and understand blueprints and/or schematic diagrams.  Strong oral and written communication skills.  Demonstrates the ability for independent decision-making.  Must be flexible and responsive to the business needs.  Must have the ability overcome obstacles and have the organizational skills necessary to complete assignments in a timely manner.  Demonstrated ability to be proactive in problem solving and to lead the resolution of equipment problems.
  2. 2. Physical Demands:  The company will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities.  Utilize multi-limb coordination and flexibility combined with control precision to perform fine motor skills including: finger manipulation, grasping, feeling, arm-hand steadiness, in order to push, pull or lift objects.  Exerting 20 to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 10 to 25 pounds of force frequently, and/or greater than negligible up to 10 pounds of force constantly to move objects.  Work involves climbing at heights at or above six feet.  Utilizes multi-limb coordination to balance on even or uneven surfaces, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, stand, and walk, reach over shoulders or below the knees.  Auditory attention and hearing sensitivity is required, as candidates must possess the ability to distinguish various sounds that serve as key maintenance indicators.  Must employ the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required by the company’s Environmental, Health, and Safety policies. Work Environment:  Some exposure to extreme weather changes and humidity/moisture relative to atmospheric condition variations. Includes exposure to extreme summer and winter temperatures, as well as rain, sleet, and snow.  Possible exposure to dust, chemicals, gases, fumes, smoke, excessive noise, and/or vibrations.  Work generally performed in an office environment. Regular trips to the field is required that includes various hazards and noise exposure.  Travel may be required for assignments, meetings, and training.  The job also requires availability for rotating on-call schedule, occasional unscheduled call-outs and extended workdays and/or workweeks.  Overtime, Weekend and/or Holiday hours may be required. *Duties and responsibilities may be added or changed at any time at the discretion of your supervisor, formally or informally, either verbally or in writing.