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Grow Your Blog As A Business


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Keith Jenkins (@velvetescape) and Janice Waugh (@solotraveler) conduct a workshop at the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference in Innsbruck in August 2011 on growing a travel blog as a business.

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Grow Your Blog As A Business

  1. 1. Grow Your Blogas a Business!By Janice Waugh& Keith JenkinsTravel Bloggers UniteInnsbruckAugust 2011
  2. 2. Who we areJanice Waugh How about Awesome! :-) Global Bloggers Network?+Keith Jenkins= 1
  3. 3. A career model for travel blogging sustainable Travel blogging can be a career • Publisher not a blogger • Unlimited possibilities of the internet • Print online trend • Social media extends your publishing platform • Trusted online personality influence 2
  4. 4. Growing your blog: 4 stagesThe four stages of monetising your blog: Monetisation strategy Getting $ Initial serious stages ? Getting started  3
  5. 5. Growing your blog: getting startedEstablish your blog with a strong niche andreadership• Choose a niche• Brand your blog and all social media channels• Build your readership• Start networking• Consistency is keyCreate a plan 4
  6. 6. Growing your blog: initial stage of monetisationEthics, experimenting & getting established• Set your ethical standards• Experiment with different text link options• Explore affiliate programs• Consider proposals from online marketing companies• Build your social media presence, network and learn.Track your progress 5
  7. 7. Growing your blog: getting seriousRe-thinking, fine-tuning, professionalising• Services and/or product offering• Pricing• Negotiation• Treat your blog as a business!Put on yourentrepreneurial cap 6
  8. 8. Growing your blog: monetisation strategiesBack to the drawing board• New models. New strategies. New objectives.• Thorough research• Ethics• SustainabilityFigure out what gameyou’re playing,… and play it. 6
  9. 9. Growing your blog: business models to considerIdentify a business model(s) that works for YOU! I could be your• Affiliate programs brand ambassador• Advertising• Endorsements/sponsorship• Co-branding/white-labelling• Books, apps, downloads• Consultancy and speakingBe creative! Place your logo here! 6
  10. 10. Growing your blog: a strategic planCreate a comprehensive strategic plan• Readers/Fans/Tribe FIRST• Refine your brand for the model• Optimize for your monetisation strategy• Set your targets• Invest in your future.Apply lessons learned.Invest. 7
  11. 11. Growing your blog: implement your new strategyRoll out your new strategies effectively• Develop a comprehensive implementation plan• Get the message out to your marketing channels & networks• Track your progress. Make adjustments• Close the sale.Do it again! 7
  12. 12. Global Bloggers NetworkA community of travel bloggers• Knowledge and opportunity-sharing• Quick help from fellow bloggers• Networking Join us at or via 8
  13. 13. Thank you! Janice Waugh & Keith Jenkins @solotraveler & @velvetescape Visit the Solo Traveler Blog Visit the Velvet Escape travel blog Visit The Happy Explorer photo blog 9