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Work log


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Work log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName_Keith Woods__________________________________________ Date __10/8/2011____Product __Book of Advanced Basketball Statistics ________________Date/Time: Activity:2/25 Research Advanced Statistics2h2/27 Rewrite/Edit Research Paper3h3/3 Find Advanced Statistical Formulas to3h Use3/7 Research Different Ways to Interpret1h Advanced Statistics3/14 Get Season data from Randy Clemons1h3/16 Figure out which formulas are able to3h be used3/18 Plug in data into formulas6h3/19 Obtain photos of each player on1h Creekview Boys Basketball team3/21 Start Photobook Online2h3/22 Continue Photobook Online1h3/25 Finish Photobook4h
  2. 2. 3/27 Create Final Presentation4h4/5 Write Speech3h