Senior project research paper


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Senior project research paper

  1. 1. Keith Woods Mrs. Corbett Senior Project Evolution of Basketball “Time waits for no man.” This saying could not be closer to the truth. Timecontinues on and on, no matter what anyone wants to happen. Because of the passage oftime, things grow and evolve. Time seems to change everything, which contributes to thewonderment of those who happen to stumble upon a situation unchanged by the passingof time, such as the Amish. Basketball shows this rule to be true. Since its inception,basketball has continued to evolve and change, moving from a little know sport born inthe nothingness of Midwest America, to a worldwide sport played by all manners ofpeople and groups. Basketball today has become a sport that cannot be confined by the borders ofAmerica from whence it began. It has grown exponentially and is now loved by kidsfrom Spain to China. However, to truly appreciate the manner in which the game ofbasketball ball has spread, one must trace it all the way back to its humble beginnings.Basketball was created by an individual named James Naismith at a YMCA located inSpringfield, Massachusetts. Naismith had not been looking his whole life for some geniusgame to invent, but rather was simply trying to invent a game to occupy students duringthe colder months when it was too cold for outside sports. No primary “inventor” can beobserved for sports such as soccer or football, for these two sports evolved from othergames. However, Naismith can truly be credited for the invention of basketball since itwas created almost entirely by him (“Naismith”). While some things stayed the samebetween the game Naismith originally created and the game that we observe around theworld today, one would be hard pressed to recognize the original game of basketball thatdid not include dribbling, or dunks, both additions that would come later (“Basketball”).The sport grew greatly and was soon being played across the country. Many colleges anduniversities started to sponsor basketball teams and ever since then, the game ofbasketball has become ingrained in the American conscience (“Naismith”). Nowbasketball has become a lucrative business venture and as any venture involving largesums of money, has become analyzed in-depth and the ways of reviewing basketballperformance have evolved.
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