Letter to Judges


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Letter to Judges

  1. 1. 1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 301154/18/2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges: My name is Keith Woods and I have been a student here at Creekview HighSchool for four consecutive years. During my time here I have played baseball,basketball, and football, playing both basketball and football on the varsity level. I amalso currently taking part in the spring musical at Creekview. My senior project is toexamine the Creekview boy’s basketball team’s 2011-2012 season through advancedstatistical analysis. My product will be a book with all of the statistics that I calculated for eachindividual on the Creekview varsity basketball team. It will also include team statisticsthat I calculated. It will resemble the type of booklet one would receive if they attendedan NBA basketball game. My research paper helped me to learn about the new wave ofanalysis sweeping the NBA and I learned that there is as a devout group of basketballfans who are developing complex theories of analytics and coming up with newmathematical ways to analyze the game of basketball. I felt that I gained a greaterunderstanding of the game of basketball through the calculation of these advancedstatistics, but lament the fact that I was not able to calculate more because of the lack ofdata I had about the team from game to game. Many of the formulas used to calculateadvanced statistics include the opponent’s data, which I was not able to obtain. The reason that I picked this topic was because of my interest in the world ofsports and also in the world of statistics. In tenth grade I took the AP Statistics classoffered by Creekview High School. It piqued my interest in statistics and eventually Icame to appreciate statistics so much that I decided I wanted my job to be in the field ofapplied mathematics. And applying mathematical formulas to a sport I love, such asbasketball, appealed to me greatly. I think that it is amazing that we are able to quantifyphysical activities through the use of mathematics. My Senior project felt less like work to me and more as if I was exploring a newworld that I had never seen before. Every time I would calculate a new statistic, I felt myunderstanding of the game of basketball continuing to grow. Thank you for reading myletter and observing my senior project.Sincerely,Keith Woods