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Why Linux slideshow

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Windows -> Linux

  1. 1. Windows to Linux ● How an ex-Microsoftie made the switch ● After 11 years programming ● I forgot more about Windows than most ever learn ● Now uses Linux 100% ● Do you realize the benefits? Keith Curtis
  2. 2. Why not Mac? ● Lenovo is a better deal and better machine ● Apple laptop keyboards suck and mice have one button ● Keystrokes are unlike Lin/Win ● The Mac OS is proprietary ● Depend on a free kernel now ● Yet they don't understand it ● DRM, appstore policies, etc.
  3. 3. Experimenting ● If you made it to, you can install Linux ● Start anywhere... ● Use Firefox, OpenOffice, GIMP, Audacity, Python, etc. on current OS ● I started with dual-boot ● I've reinstalled many times till I found what I liked
  4. 4. Ubuntu ● Download an Ubuntu Live CD and install it ●
  5. 5. Partitions ● If you have tons of space, no problem ● Otherwise, do some planning ● Create a Linux partition big enough to hold your data ● You will move it over eventually ● Put system and home directory on separate partitions ● Let's you easily wipe the OS ● Can dual boot or use VirtualBox-type VMs ● Faster / more reliable to dual-boot
  6. 6. Biggest Linux benefit:
  7. 7. Free Software ● 1,000s of applications ● Apple / Microsoft will never have this ● Built by a million-man army ● Army grows one person at a time ● Each project is gaining steam ● Linux is a Ferrari: Incredible power but still missing cupholders
  8. 8. Blender
  9. 9. Blender issues ● The UI is considered time-consuming to learn ● But the power is amazing ● In a program as complicated as Blender, learning the UI will not hold you up ● Look at the complexity of the UI for a Boeing cockpit ● Several great tutorials ● Blender uses the free language Python, the free physics engine Bullet, etc. ● Use free software so you can join the community
  10. 10. Python
  11. 11. Python ● Python has the richest set of class libraries for all aspects of computing ● There are multiple workaround for the perf issues
  12. 12. What can you do? ● Donate $ or time for faster progress ● Every group needs programmers ● Don't need to join Microsoft to learn about your computer
  13. 13. The Future ● The key to cars that drive us around is more free software ● There are enough programmers today, but they are not working together ● About to enter a 21st century renaissance ● Read my (free!) book to learn more: