Smarter Data Center with IBM Virtualization Technologies tsc03152 iten


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Moving to a virtualized infrastructure on BladeCenter has reduced the number of physical servers from 50 to four IBM
blades, and reduced energy costs by around 90 percent.

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Smarter Data Center with IBM Virtualization Technologies tsc03152 iten

  1. 1. Smarter ComputingIBM Systems & Technology Group RetailFounded in 1975, DIMAR Group operates in retail, marketingconsumer products through a multi-channel distribution networkthat includes cash and carry, franchising, discount and supermarketoperations. With 174 stores and 2,000 employees located mainly inwestern Liguria and southern Piemonte, DIMAR Group is ready forthe rapid and frequent changes that characterize the northern Italianmarket.DIMAR Group is expanding rapidly, and there are constant requestsfrom the business to the IT function to provide a data center capable ofdynamically supporting the group’s new and ever-increasing businessneeds. Such needs might refer to increased demands on systemperformance, resilience and reliability, as well as flexibility in themanagement of different environments.Adding more servers and storage devices to the existing infrastructurewas an unsustainable approach, therefore DIMAR Group wantedto find a way to meet new market demands, to improve its businesscontinuity and disaster recovery options, and to enable a sustainablelong-term growth strategy.After a careful analysis of the offers provided by its long-termtechnological partner and other competitors, DIMAR Group choseto deploy an IBM solution. This choice was mainly due to theparticipation of DIMAR Group in workshops and other specificevents, where IBM was able to demonstrate the uniqueness of itssolution: being able to create an architecture built in two differentsites, centralizing different operating environments (IBM AIX, IBM i,Windows, Linux) on a single virtualized platform.Each of these environments can sustain its specific applicationworkload, according to the different needs of DIMAR Group’s businessunits. Computing resources, memory capacity and storage availabilitycan be assigned dynamically to the different applications, using theadvanced virtualization and management tools provided by the IBMplatform.DIMAR Group boostsresilience and flexibilityWith IBM virtualization technologiesOverviewThe needDIMAR Group operates in retail,marketing consumer products througha multi-channel distribution network.As the business grew, the central IT unitreacted by adding more servers andstorage devices, and the IT landscapebecame increasingly complex. Over time,management, energy and data centercosts began to rise.The solutionDIMAR Group migrated its solutionsfrom another vendor’s Unix to IBM®AIX®,running on virtualized servers based onIBM BladeCenter®PS701 blade serverswith IBM POWER7®processors. ForMicrosoft Windows-based systems,DIMAR Group deployed IBM BladeCenterHX5 and HS22 blades with Intelprocessors, and IBM System Storage®DS5100 devices.The benefitMoving to a virtualized infrastructure onBladeCenter has reduced the numberof physical servers from 50 to four IBMblades, and reduced energy costs byaround 90 percent.dimardimarGruppo
  2. 2. Smarter ComputingIBM Systems & Technology Group RetailThis is a single architecture which combines:• performance (IBM Power Architecture®and IBM X-Architecture®)• flexibility (multiple environments within a single chassis)• expandability (through addition of single components)• security (constantly protected and safe data with advanceddeduplication solutions)• reliability (no single point of failure and ever reliable re-start)The IBM team also showcased the advantages of IBM BladeCenter,which would allow DIMAR Group to take advantage of the benefits ofPower®and Intel-architecture solutions within a single BladeCenterchassis.The IBM team designed a simple but customized solution based ontwo IBM BladeCenter H chassis, each with PS701, HX5 and HS22blades. The chassis have been installed at two different sites, enablingthe creation of a high-availability cluster which guarantees an excellentlevel of operational continuity.To manage its growing storage needs, DIMAR Group replaced itsexisting storage devices with two IBM System Storage DS5100 arrays,which provide optimized storage for DIMAR Group’s demandingapplications. The company uses the built-in synchronous andasynchronous replication services to copy data between locations toensure that there is always one copy of critical information available.IBM also installed and configured the switches that connect the twodata centers. The result is a solution that, benefitting from a high levelof automation, ensures the reliable and seamless execution of businessoperations.Data is backed up to IBM System Storage TS3200 tape libraries usingIBM Tivoli®Storage Manager. An IBM System Storage TS7650ProtecTIER®Deduplication Appliance acts as a virtual tape libraryto reduce the total amount of data stored and to accelerate backupand recovery. Deploying IBM PowerVM enables DIMAR Group toachieve higher resource utilization. PowerVM also provides enormousflexibility, allowing DIMAR Group to move processing resourcesbetween virtual servers to match changing demand patterns.The twin IBM BladeCenter and DS5100 systems located at eachdata center support DIMAR Group’s disaster recovery and resiliencerequirements. The IBM solution optimizes the group’s use of ITresources, improving service and boosting the return on investment(ROI). The availability and resiliency of the IT environment have beenmaximized and maintenance, management, energy consumption andhardware footprint costs have been reduced.Designed for Data• DIMAR Group processes and analyzeshuge quantities of data in datawarehouse applications and databasesstored on two IBM System StorageDS5100 arrays, each with5 TB capacity. DIMAR Group managesthe workload to ensure that all usersreceive fast analysis that serves theirbusiness needs.Tuned to the Task• DIMAR Group benefits greatly fromthe integrated BladeCenter platformwith both POWER7 and Intel Xeonprocessors. IBM AIX workload isassigned to logical partitions onPS701 blades, with resources thatare automatically allocated thanks toIBM PowerVM®. Windows workloadis assigned to virtual servers onBladeCenter HX5 and HS22 blades.Managed with Cloud Technologies• DIMAR Group uses IBM PowerVM andVMware vSphere to create a privatecloud for both POWER7 and Intel-architecture processing. The DIMARIT team focuses on meeting internalservice level agreements, withoutneeding constantly to think aboutthe underlying IT infrastructure andstorage.Driving Innovation• DIMAR Group is changing its businessmodel from a purely reactive oneto a more proactive one. This ismade possible by a cloud-enabledinfrastructure that can be re-shapedand re-molded to meet new growth andhigher workload demands on-the-fly,with no waiting time and no need toinvest in new hardware for each newrequirement.
  3. 3. Smarter ComputingIBM Systems & Technology Group RetailMoving to a fully virtualized server infrastructure on BladeCenter hasreduced the number of physical servers from 50 to four IBM blades,and reduced energy costs by around 90 percent. The simplified serverinfrastructure, with fewer physical network and SAN connections, hashelped DIMAR cut IT management costs by 50 percent. The IBMsolution includes comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities, allowingDIMAR to lower its operational risk.For more informationTo learn more about smarter computing from IBM and how we canhelp you integrate, automate, protect and transform your IT, contactyour IBM sales representative or IBM business partner, or ComponentsHardware• IBM®BladeCenter®PS701• IBM BladeCenter HX5• IBM BladeCenter HS22• IBM System Storage®DS5100• IBM System Storage TS7650ProtecTIER®Deduplication Appliance• IBM System Storage TS3200 TapeLibrarySoftware• IBM AIX®• IBM Tivoli®Storage Manager• IBM PowerVM®• IBM PowerHA®Services• IBM Global Technology Services®
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