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Game Film Solutions Team

  1. 1. Your TURN-KEY solution for ALL Game Film needs Team Package
  2. 2. I. About Game Film Solutions (GFS) • Started in 2010 • 8 leagues • 13 School teams • 6 different sports • Staff • 0ver 50 trained Filmers • Customer Service reps • Scheduling / Filming coordinators • Project Managers • Capital Expenditures • HD Cameras, tripods & computers • 12 FT filming stands • 20 TB of server space • online game film interface
  3. 3. II. What can GFS do for your team / school officials? • Team Package is designed for 1-3 teams within the same organization • Provide 24/7 access of ALL games to Team / School administrators • Injury Review • Referee issues • Parental / Coach issues
  4. 4. “We used our GFS Video many times to help with on the field issues. The eye in the sky does not lie.” Shane Hibbeler, Founder FO1 Sports
  5. 5. III. What can GFS do for your coaches? • Immediate 24/7 access to ALL your games • Ability to view ALL games on phone, tablet or computer • Provide scout video of opponents each week • Use of TELESTRATOR TECHNOLOGY for coaching purposes • Ability to make TEAM highlight video in minutes • ALL games filmed in HD • Upload practice video to share w/ team
  6. 6. “Reliable, consistent, high quality game film. No need to ask a parent or coach to do it. No trading discs with other coaches and fussing with that challenge. Watch anytime online or on handheld. Video in my queue 24 hrs after game ends. HUDL and Coach Blackmon were the best money I spent on youth sports last year. It is the ultimate in simplicity and functionality. Keith does what he says he is going to do.” Mark Murdock, Head Coach SBMSA Championship ,The Cardinal
  7. 7. IV. What can GFS do for your parents? • Immediate 24/7 access to ALL games – no additional costs • Ability to view ALL games on phone, tablet or computer • Ability to make INDIVIDUAL highlight videos in minutes • Share video with grandparents, relatives & friends all over the world the day of the game.
  8. 8. “Game Film Solutions is a great tool for the players, coaches, and fans, especially moms!! I love being able to watch the games again and see my son's replays close-up.” Michelle Sanders, Mom
  9. 9. V. How it works – Team Package • GFS will enter into contract with team • Payment is made • Each team will receive their own hudl page • Schedule & roster complete with names & emails will need to be submitted to GFS. • Once roster is added everyone on team will receive a “hudl invite”. • Once hudl invite is accepted access to team site will be granted. • Each week on Sunday morning, all member of the team will have access to the previous Saturdays game as well as scouting games for the next opponent if scout video is purchased.
  10. 10. GFS hudl ONLINE PLATFORM – edit mode 1. 1ST Game 2. 2nd Game 3. 3rd Game 4. Practice Film 5. Upcoming game scout video 6. TELESTRATOR TECHNOLOGY 7. WEEKLY PLAYLIST • Add custom fields • Edit fields • Create highlights • Filter based on type of play • Share with staff or players 6
  11. 11. GFS hudl ONLINE PLATFORM – playback mode • Play • Fast forward • Rewind • Slow motion front & back • Repeat • Next play / previous play
  12. 12. VI. Costs • Team Package - $1,495 per team • Scout Video of opponents can be purchased for $50 per game • GFS will upload scout games to teams hudl account • Payment option • Each team pays GFS individually or school can make single payment for all teams
  13. 13. VII. Season DVD’s / Digital files available for purchase • Includes ALL regular & post season games • DVD - $40 • BLUE RAY - $60 • Original HD files - $100 • Scout Video - $50 per game
  14. 14. For more information: CALL – 281-456-3433 Email – Website –