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Community Career Center: 30 Awesome Apps for New Year


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Did you get a new phone for Christmas? After you set it up, the next step is to download the apps. The challenge is finding the cream-of-the-crop apps that truly take advantage of all that an iPhone or Android phone has to offer. I have put together a list of some of the best apps. You will find a bit of everything: top 10, news, finance, cloud storage, reading, photo editing, travel, etc. I use most of these apps so I can give you an insight from a user's perspective.

Apps covered:

And more!

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Community Career Center: 30 Awesome Apps for New Year

  1. 1. App Store Google Play Google
  2. 2. LastPass Evernote Scannable Google Maps Waze
  3. 3. Dropbox Google Drive Facebook WhatsApp Instagram Snapchat Pocket Mint LinkedIn
  4. 4. Google News IMDb Dark Sky Weather Underground WolframAlpha
  5. 5. Yelp GasBuddy RetailMeNot
  6. 6. iAWriter SimpleNote
  7. 7. Wunderlist Todoist Reminders Sunrise Calendar
  8. 8. Pinterest Snapseed Google Photos Duolingo
  9. 9. MyFitnessPal 7 Second Diet WebMD
  10. 10. Southwest Kayak TripIt Skyscanner
  11. 11. Flipboard Instapaper
  12. 12. Indeed CareerBuilder Monster SimplyHired Glassdoor Mediabistro Dice Hidden Jobs Snagajob Linkup Mokriya Switch
  13. 13. LifeHacker
  14. 14.