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Korea gateway program_explanation

  1. 1. Korea Gateway ProgramPowered by Youth Venture SummitContact Information Keisuke (Kay) Kajitani / Venture capitalist based in Tokyo Organizer of Youth Venture Summit URL: http://youthventuresummit.com/ Email: teriyakong@gmail.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/keisuke.kajitani
  2. 2. PrefaceDear all the people who had kindly gave me a great opportunityHello, this is Keisuke (Kay) Kajitani, Japanese VC whove organized this closednetworking program.First of all, thank you very much for sparing your precious time. From last year, Ive beentrying to connect Asian startup ecosystem by conducting event called Youth VentureSummit (http://youthventuresummit.com/).Thanks to the great connection and friendship among Korean entrepreneurs and VC, lastyear was a great success for both of us. Some attended company started marketexpansion to Japanese market and we hope our event was one of the kickstarter forsuch movement.- Keisuke Kajitani
  3. 3. What we did last year (Youth Venture Summit 2011)-YVS is designed to connect the world venture ecosystem toenhance the global expansion of startups.-Inviting 15 famous startups & incubator from Korea,YVS organizednetworking conference at mixi(Japanese social network service)with Korean startups and 100 Japanese entrepreneurs and venturecapitalists ,November 28 2011.-Attended TechCrunch Disrupt Tokyo and visited major players inthis industry (FujiTV, NHN, Samurai Incubate). http://youthventuresummit.com http://bit.ly/NEC8vq (youtube)Key Speakers Masahiko Honma Richard Min Takahito Iguchi HeeEun Park Incubate Fund Seoul Space Tonchidot Corp. I-UM Socius General Partner Co-Founder,CEO Founder CEO
  4. 4. Whats about to happen This year: Korea Gateway Program(KGP)Concept2 days of closed networking with fast growing Korean startups andincubators with global mindset. Through our program, we aim todeepen our understanding of following 3 key topics for creating globalstartup ecosystem.Trend : Startup trend in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.Market : How can Asian startups win in global market.Funding : How should entrepreneur raise investment and how shouldventure capitalists act in global entrepreneurship era.TimeFrom August 27th(Monday) and 28th(Tuesday).PlaceKorea, Seoul.
  5. 5. Who is comingKiyo Kobayashi/CEO of NobotSmartphone Adnetwork company, exited to KDDI by 1,500M Yen(http://www.ad-maker.net/company/)Naoki Yamada/CEO of AnydoorSocial translation service. Partnership with Tripadviser.http://any-door.com/Yenwen Feng/Founder of Cubie messengerTaiwanese drawing messenger service. Reached 2M download in 2month. They will be participate in 500startups.http://cubie.com/
  6. 6. ScheduleAugust 27th (Monday)9:00 Vingle12:00 I-UM17:00 Moglue19:00 VCNCAugust 28th (Tuesday)9:00 beSUCCESS12:00 K-Cube Ventures14:00 Seoul Space17:00 Go venture Forum19:00 Primer
  7. 7. Who will we see: Startups Vingle is a interest based social media run by founder of VIKI, global TV site with more than translating program to 150+ languages and bring to its 1 million users. Vingle recently raised $450,000 from K-cube ventures. (http://www.vingle.net/) ium is a dating site where you get matched with one person per day. Once you see your matches profile, you can make a decision whether you are interested. If both parties say yes, contact information is exchanged. (http://i-um.com/) Moglue is developing a desktop platform that allows publishers, amateur authors and artists a way to create interactive stories and release them as apps for iOS and Android operating systems with one-click publishing. (http://www.moglue.com/) Between is closed SNS for couples with more than 1million users. Their app is becoming very popular worldwide with speedy global expansion strategy. (http://appbetween.us/en/) Spoqa is a smart phone app, and it’s what we call social loyalty card. It has partnership with more than 150 stores in Korea. Won special award in last years Techcrunch Disrupt Tokyo. (http://startdodo.com/)
  8. 8. Who will we see: Incubators and media Seoul Space is a leading start-up incubator that gives ambitious young start-ups a co-working space, help with seed investment and mentorship. Founded by David Lee, an early Director of Google and now co-founder of XG Ventures and also a limited partner of Y- Combinator and Richard Min, founded the first pay per click search engine in Korea. (http://seoulspace.co.kr/) Primer is a VC started by Douglas Guen who experienced several successful exit of payment related services. Its sophisticated incubator program “Enternship” had incubated several game changing companies. (http://www.primer.kr/) K Cube Ventures is a VC started by Kakao Talk founder Beomsu Kim. The fund was formed with initial capital of 5 billion won and K Cube’s founders plan on increasing it to a total of 10 billion. The fund plans on making investments of 100 million to 1 billion won in early-stage mobile, internet, and gaming companies. (http://kcubeventures.co.kr/) beSUCCESS is a South Korean media platform about startups, technology and entrepreneurship with English and Korean language versions. beSUCCESS introduces Korean start-ups and companies to global audiences through our English version and through our media partners. (http://www.besuccess.com/eng/)
  9. 9. Go Global! Any question? Please contact teriyakong@gmail.com or my FB http://www.facebook.com/keisuke.kajitani