The White Legacy--Generation 4, Chapter 4


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Arc and Merry strike again.

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The White Legacy--Generation 4, Chapter 4

  1. 1. So Melodramatic The White Legacy: Generation Four, Chapter Four
  2. 2. Welcome back to the White Legacy! Last time, my sims conspired against me, the family took a short vacation to Three Lakes, Hyde learned firsthand why it‟s a bad idea to wander downtown alone at night, and BALTIC REAPPEARED. That‟s pretty much the sum of it. Also, there was an interlude all about Baltic‟s life up to this point, which revealed much about Seraphine, Arc, Merry, and all those characters. Right then! I‟m done summarizing, so on to the current chapter!
  3. 3. Lyra: “Is the camera on? It totally is! Like, hi everyone!” Dane: “Hey, everybody at home! This is the White Legacy! Thanks so much for tuning in!”
  4. 4. Andi: “You two are such dorks. I‟m going to college.” Lyra: “I am not a dork!” Dane: “It‟s nothing to be ashamed of, Lyra. Geeks are cool.” Lyra: “Uh, yeah. Author, can I, like, go to college early? This family is so weird.” Andi: “Says the one in the permanent cheerleading outfit.” Lyra: “Says the one in the permanent jogging outfit!”
  5. 5. Andi: “I am so done with her!” You know she‟ll be joining you at college in a few semesters. Andi: “Sure, but I‟ll have those few semesters of restful, peaceful peace.” Heh, good one. Peaceful peace. Andi: “Oh, shut up.”
  6. 6. Lyra: “Heh heh heh. See ya, muscles. Don‟t let the door hit you on the tail on your way out.” Andi: “Later, loser.” Lyra: “I am so NOT a loser!!” Sun: “Girls… please… just, like, one night of peace…”
  7. 7. And she‟s gone! Good luck with June, Andi! Andi: “Who‟s June?” Oh, you‟ll find out soon enough.
  8. 8. Isis: “Why is my grandson at the telescope instead of wishing his sister goodbye? Author, do you have something to do with this?” Maaaaaaybe.
  9. 9. Dane: “‟Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!‟ „If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me!‟” This production of “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare is brought to you by White Family Inc. (est. 2013)
  10. 10. Dane: “How come I can‟t work out with you in the mornings, Lyra?” Hyde: “Why on earth would you want to work out? You get all sweaty and tired, and it‟s no fun.” Lyra: “We‟ll see who‟s having fun when we‟re, like, sixty, Hyde. Besides, you can‟t get on the cheerleading squad without the right body type. I have to, like, keep up my image!” Dane: “Why?”
  11. 11. Lyra: “Yes! This is what I‟m talking about!! Head cheerleader, here I come!!”
  12. 12. Hyde: “Oops.”
  13. 13. Hyde: “Meh. I wonder what‟s on TV.” By the way, note the mirror. It‟s like a plumbob… but it isn’t.
  14. 14. Dane: “Ooh, cool, a microphone!” *ahem* “Hello, world! I am so honored to be receiving this Golden Simmy! I would like to thank all the little people I stepped on to get here…”
  15. 15. Dane: “Hehehe, I am so funny!!”
  16. 16. So, uh… has anybody gotten a good look at the Riverblossom Hills science hobby master? Um… Hyde: “…I think I‟m just going to keep looking at the stars… and not at… that.” Good call, Hyde. Good call.
  17. 17. Does it surprise me to find Lyra sleeping in the much-hated pink bedroom? … No, no it doesn‟t.
  18. 18. Jade: {I have two unmarried daughters…} And now we‟re taking jokes from Pride and Prejudice. Back off, Jade, he‟s not Andi or Lyra‟s type. Besides, if one of them turns out to be heiress, they‟ve got to marry an NPC, not some random townie. Some Random Townie: “I take offense to that remark! I have a proud heritage!” I‟m sure. Get off our land.
  19. 19. I bring you this picture of a creepy nice point smile to tell a story. I noticed in her interacting with Clarence here that there were a lot of bolted options available, so I had her check him out to find out what their voltage is. Lo and behold, they‟ve got three bolts. I‟m sitting here groaning, largely because she and Sun are technically only a onebolt couple, and I hear her rerolling her wants. Oh boy, here we go.
  20. 20. Awwww! Look how devoted she is! Also, she‟s rolling a Want to be friends with Pony.
  21. 21. Hyde: “WAAAAAH!! WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING!?” Par: “Hahaha, this is so much fun! Booga booga booga!!” Sorry, bud. My fault for putting the telescope so near the graveyard. I mightput it up on a podium, that might help. Hyde: “Or I could maybe spend my nights inside instead, playing The Mims…” Sorry, no such luck. Hyde: “Dang.”
  22. 22. Dane: “Lyra, you can‟t look in my diary! I‟m writing about the accident I had when Grandma Isis scared me! It‟s a SECRET!!” Lyra: “TMI, squirt! I‟m, like, in the middle of studying to be student body president. Don‟t bug me.”
  23. 23. Dane: “WAAAH!!” Jade: “Is there someone standing behind me?” Brie: “How I miss my joy buzzer…”
  24. 24. Sun: “You okay, little dude?” Dane: *sniff* “No. Furthermore, I am going to have nightmares of seeing an old woman with pink hair for the rest of my life. I will never be able to look back at my childhood without remembering that fearsome sight.”
  25. 25. Dane: “Hey, lookit what I can do!!” Sims. *much rolling of eyes*
  26. 26. Lyra: “Okay, you, like, ready for this, squirt?” Uh… Dane… I would run.
  27. 27. I don‟t like the look on your sister‟s face…
  28. 28. Well well, Dane, who is this? Dane: “My co-star.” Dane’s Co-Star: “Bridget Bertino. Um, nice to meetcha, Author Lady.” You too, Bridget.
  29. 29. And who is this? Lyra: “Shh! I‟m trying to have a moment here with the football team captain!” In… the bathroom. Football Captain: “But I thought you said you liked me because—” Lyra: “Shut up and pucker up.”
  30. 30. When you‟re quite finished securing your status on the high school food chain, would you mind stepping into the kitchen? Your mother is kind of having a birthday party. Lyra: “In a minute!” What‟s his name, anyway? Lyra: “Unimportant.” Interesting name.
  31. 31. Unimportant: “Uh, yeah, sorry, but I‟m not interested in going steady with someone who can‟t even remember my name. I don‟t care if you are head cheerleader, student body president, part of Future Business Leaders of SimCity, have twelve different scholarships lined up for college, at the top of your career track, and volunteer at an animal shelter three times a week. No.” Lyra: “But—” Unimportant: “No!”
  32. 32. Did you really tell him you were all those things? You don‟t even have a job, you know. Lyra: “See this sad face, Author? This sad face means leave me alone.”
  33. 33. Where‟s Arie? You were supposed to invite her, remember? Sun: “Don‟t mess with me, Author.” Touchy. Just because your wife is getting old and you aren‟t… Jade: “…” Sun: “I said don‟t mess with me!!”
  34. 34. Well… it‟s not awful. Jade: “…yes it is.” Right then. To the dresser!
  35. 35. Really? The Olive Specter dress? Jade: “…” Okay, I get it. You‟re old and you‟re depressed. On the plus side, you don‟t look a day over forty, if you don‟t look at your hair or chest. Jade: “…”
  36. 36. I mean, seriously. I hope I look this good when I‟m Jade‟s age!
  37. 37. Hyde: “I am gonna get that guy for making my sister cry…” Lyra: “(Hehehehe….)”
  38. 38. Sun: “Hey, babe? Could you, like, unlock the door?” Jade: “…”
  39. 39. Sun: “You know, this is, like, a really comfy walk-in closet we have here. It‟s totally far out.” Thank you! Sun: “Get out, Author.” Hmph.
  40. 40. Sun: “We knew from the get-go that this was gonna happen, Star, but I kinda wish you‟d, like, let me make you a vampire, too.” Jade: “…I know. This was my choice. I will stick with it. …I‟ll miss you at the Luau, though.”
  41. 41. Sun: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. So not groovy. That‟s totally far in the future, babe. No need to talk about that.” Jade: “But—” Sun: “Have you, like, been thinking about what Baltic said? That Latimeria chick and that Arctos dude sound totally unstable. Like, seriously off the deep end.” Jade: “…”
  42. 42. Hi there, Arie. Arie: “I understand there is cake here.”
  43. 43. Well… maybe. Happy birthday, Dane! Dane: “Where‟s Andi?” She‟s late. She should be here by now. Oh, well.
  44. 44. Wow. Nice choice of outfits. In fact, I think I‟ll let you keep it. Dane: “I have superior taste in clothes.” That you do.
  45. 45. Although now that he‟s not posing, I can see that the Goopy is strong in this one. Hyde: {Pretty colors…} Dane rolled Knowledge, by the way. Jade: “Everyone, please finish your cake and then join me in the parlor.”
  46. 46. Jade: “It is time for me to choose an heir.” My favorite part of the generation! Besides naming the kids, of course. Jade: “Please stay on task, Author.” Sorry, Jade.
  47. 47. Arie: “While we‟re scolding the author, see all those thought bubbles and relationship markers? I think you‟re getting lazy, Author.” You‟re only here because it happens to have been a birthday, Arie. I can teleport you off the lot whenever I feel like it. Lyra: “Come on, Author, you don‟t have to narrate everything. Let us be for a little bit.” No respect! No respect at all! Why, if it weren‟t for me—
  48. 48. Jade: “Everyone, focus please.”
  49. 49. Jade: “Lyra.” Lyra: “Yes, Mom?” Jade: “I want you to be heiress.”
  50. 50. Lyra: “Uh, sorry Mom, no can do.” Dane: “Huh?” Lyra: “I don‟t want it. I mean, I‟m, like, busy enough without having to run the family, too! Give it to somebody else.”
  51. 51. Sun: “I totally don‟t get that, man. Like, whole wars have been fought over the heirship. Nobody‟s ever, like, actually turned it down before.” Andi: “You ungrateful little—”
  52. 52. Jade: “It‟s alright. Please don‟t argue. There are four of you; if Lyra doesn‟t want it, she doesn‟t have to take it.” Lyra: “Really? That is, like, epicly awesome, mom. Thanks!” Jade: “Dane, since Lyra doesn‟t want it, do you want to be heir?”
  53. 53. Dane: “Uh, no. I‟ve got a career to think about!” Arie: “A career? You‟re only barely a teenager!” Dane: “Duh, Aunt Arie! I‟m going to be a famous actor/singer/songwriter someday! I don‟t have time to chase a bunch of kids around, and that‟s exactly what being heir is all about!”
  54. 54. Jade: “Andi?” Andi: “Uh, sorry, Mom.” Sun: “Seriously? Do none of you want to be the heir to, like, a large fortune, a prestigious heritage, and a handful of serious responsibilities?” *sniff* “I‟m, like, so proud of all of you.” Andi: “I‟ve got a boyfriend at school, but he‟s not an NPC. If I were heiress, I couldn‟t be with him. So, um, I‟m bowing out.”
  55. 55. Jade: “Oh, Hyde, dear…”
  56. 56. Hyde: “Awww, Mom…” Dane: “Hyde!? But he spends all day playing video games and staring out the telescope! How is he going to lead the family?”
  57. 57. Sun: “All you‟d have to do is, like, have a baby to take over after you, and that‟s all.” Hyde: “Well… I guess I could do it, if no one else wants to.” Andi: “So I don‟t have to break up with my boyfriend after all? Sweet.” Hyde: “Mind taking me with you to college when you go? I‟m all set.” Andi: “Sure thing.”
  58. 58. Rosie: “Keika, come on, let me see what you‟ve got of this chapter so far…” SimMe: “Let me finish, and then you can see it.” Rosie: “I‟m seeing some of these slides over your shoulder anyway…” SimMe: “Go do something else.” Rosie: “Come on, Keika…”
  59. 59. Arie: “Alright, congratulations Hyde! Is there anything else we need to talk about, or can I go back for seconds on that birthday cake? You know, raspberry is my favorite.”
  60. 60. Arc: “I always thought this room had a few too many frills in it. I don‟t see why we continue to hold our family meetings in here.”
  61. 61. Jade: “Children, get out of here!”
  62. 62. Sun: “Hello there. I‟ve been hoping you or that Merry woman would show up. I need a snack.”
  63. 63. Arie: “Step back, Sun! I am going to kick him in the—” Sun: “I will not „step back‟! I am going to drain him of everything in his body!!” Andi: “You vile, sleazy, no-good—” Arc: “Just keep going, all of you. You are coming up with some wonderful cheap insults.” Hyde: “DAD!! There‟s someone outside!”
  64. 64. Arc: “That would be my cue. A shame I didn‟t get to use this knife in my sleeve even once, but then, I didn‟t really expect to. I‟ll be seeing you.”
  65. 65. Sun: “GET BACK HERE!!”
  66. 66. Sun: “Where did he go…?” Jade: “SUN!!!”
  67. 67. Sun: “Star, I‟m here! What is it? What‟s wrong?” Jade: “No… no!!”
  68. 68. Jade: “DAD!!”
  69. 69. DEEEEEEEEZ!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOoooooooo!!!
  70. 70. Rosie: “You are so melodramatic.”
  71. 71. Uh, sorry about your big day, Hyde. Winning the heirship and then leaving for college, I mean. Hyde: “Meh. I don‟t really care.” Um… okay. Hyde: “We better get Grandpa Dez‟s tombstone back, though.” Oh, trust me… we will. *cracks knuckles*
  72. 72. Dane: “Hey there, Bridget! How is my favorite co-star doing this fine evening? …What do you mean, what am I doing still awake? Right now is prime time, baby! …Well, excuse me for living! I‟m half vampire, what do you expect!?”
  73. 73. You know, Jade, we‟re going to get his grave back. I‟m not going to let Merry and Arc hold on to it. Who knows what their plans are with it. I personally don‟t care to find out. Jade: “…” …you going to talk to me at all?
  74. 74. …apparently not.
  75. 75. Dane: “You need to practice dance for cheerleading, I‟ve got auditions for a musical coming up, and we could both use the Tsang Footwork Award. What do you say? Shall we practice together?” Lyra: “You have, like, epic ideas, Great Dane.”
  76. 76. Lyra: “(Also, if it, like, cheers up Mom and Dad, I‟d be willing to try anything. There‟s been, like, a huge thundercloud over their heads since Grandpa‟s tombstone was stolen.)” Dane: “(When you‟re right, you‟re right. Hey, guess what movie that‟s from!)”
  77. 77. Lyra: “It‟s so nice to be able to sit in here and, like, study without having Andi watching the game on the TV, or Hyde booting up that, like, snowboarding game, or anything.” Sun: “You know, buttercup, you‟re gonna have to, like, get used to it again soon. You‟re, like, leaving tomorrow.” Lyra:*sigh* “I know, Daddy. I‟ll, like, enjoy the silence while I can, I guess. It‟s so lame I can‟t have my own house. I mean, why can‟t I? It‟s not fair!” Sun: “Because those goatstacks that stole your grandfather‟s tombstone are still out there, that‟s why!”
  78. 78. Lyra: “Well, Great Dane, this is it. I‟m off to college. Be seeing you.” Dane: “If you and Andi don‟t tear each other apart first.” Lyra: “Details.”
  79. 79. See you later, Lyra! Lyra: “What „see you later‟? It‟s not like you‟re, like, not going to be at college with me!” It‟s the principle of the matter. You are leaving, and so I am saying goodbye. Lyra: “There‟s no poi—” BYE, LYRA!!
  80. 80. Dane: “Oh, yeah. All my siblings are out of the house, and I am one manly studmuffin.”
  81. 81. Hey, nice quilt, Jade. How long did that take you? Jade: “…a while.” …
  82. 82. Okay, Great Dane. You‟re leaving for college tomorrow. Dane: “Nothing really exciting has happened since Lyra left, huh?” No, not really. Just skilling. You did max your skills, you know. Dane: “Oh, no need to point it out. I‟m just awesome like that. Everyone knew from the beginning that I would.” Right. You‟ve got one night to get that Extraterrestrial Reparations Grant, so you better bait those aliens good.
  83. 83. Sun: *sniff* “He‟s my last one, and he‟s going off to college. That‟s, like, totally depressing. I‟ve swung way low here, man.” You do know that the sun is coming up, right Sun?
  84. 84. Sun: “Eep!”
  85. 85. Dane: “Well, that‟s it, I guess. I‟m all registered, and the taxi‟s on its way. …I don‟t suppose there‟s time for me to try to get that aliens scholarship, is there?” Nope! Hit the road, mister!
  86. 86. Sun: “Well, I suppose that‟s, like, it.” Jade: “…” Sun: “It‟s just, like, a matter of waiting for Hyde to get back then, huh?” Jade: “…I have a better idea.” Sun: “What‟s that, babe?”
  87. 87. Jade: “Let‟s go hunt down Arctos and Latimeria.” Sun: “Babe, you just totally, like, took the words right out of my mouth.”
  88. 88. Alright, that wraps up this chapter and generation four! Turns out it only took four chapters, which is rather fitting, if you think about it. What‟s happened to Dez‟s grave? What do Merry and Arc plan to do with it? How will the kids handle going through college together? Why have I suddenly started asking rhetorical questions? Answers to these questions and more might be in the next chapter! See you at Sim State!