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A Halloween Special


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The White family share ghost stories in honor of Halloween.

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A Halloween Special

  1. 1. A Halloween Special The White Legacy: Sometime between G4-C2 and G4-C3
  2. 2. Hyde: “Come on, Andi. We’re waiting on you.” Andi: “I’m not coming out!” Hyde: “Oh gerbitz, Andi, it’s not that bad.”
  3. 3. Andi: “There. I put on the dress. Happy?”
  4. 4. Hyde: “Heh heh heh. Andi’s wearing a dress, Mom.” Jade: “You look great, Andi.”
  5. 5. Lyra: “Why couldn’t I be Princess Zelda!?”
  6. 6. Andi: “You’re already a fairy princess, you little brat. What’s the difference!?” Jade: “Andi.” Andi: “I still don’t see why I couldn’t be a nanny, or at least a zombie nanny.” Jade: “We don’t wear scary costumes in this house. Lyra, come join the family over here.”
  7. 7. Lyra: “What about Daddy? He‟s wearing a scary costume.” Jade: “Dad is a special case.”
  8. 8. Sun: “Why don’t you sit right there for a bit, little man. Promise we won’t wake you up if you, like, decide to take a nap. And also, I promise I didn’t just, like, drop you, despite what the picture makes it look like. That would totally not be groovy.”
  9. 9. Sun: “As I was saying, I am wearing a scary costume because I am, like, a scary vampire!!”
  10. 10. Lyra: “Very funny, Daddy. Vampires aren’t scary.” Jade: “Why not?” Hyde: “Because that’s Daddy, and he‟s not scary.” Lyra: “Right! So vampires are like Daddy.”
  11. 11. Lyra: “So when are we, like, going trick or treating?” Jade: “We’re not.”
  12. 12. Hyde: “What!? We’re not going trick or treating!? What about the candy!?” Sun: “Mom’s choice, little dude. Don’t complain.” Jade: “We’re going to stay here and tell ghost stories. Doesn’t that sound fun?”
  13. 13. Andi: “That is so lame! Not that I really wanted to go trick or treating or anything…” Lyra: “So who’s going first?” Sun: “Me! Me! Oh, me!”
  14. 14. Sun: “Okay, okay. So, like, once upon a time…”
  15. 15. Sun: “There were, like, two flowers who lived a totally bodacious life in a flower garden, with all of their friends and family.”
  16. 16. Sun: “And they were, like, happy. All of the flowers were happy, and there were lots of good vibes all around the flower garden. They, like, shared their bubbles and did what felt good and loved all of the flowers and the itty bitty bugs and everyone. Until one day, when a tall, mean sim decided to, like, spray them with nasty pesticides…”
  17. 17. Andi: “Look Dad, no offense, but that isn’t at all scary.” Lyra: “Who bit you in the rear end this morning? Like, Miss Grouchy Face over here.” Andi: “If I’ve got to wear this stupid dress, then I at least get to tell a real ghost story. Capiche?”
  18. 18. Sun: “You didn’t think my story was scary? I, like, thought pesticides were terrifying…” Hyde: “Sorry, Daddy.”
  19. 19. Andi: “Alright. So, this story begins a long time ago in a place far away…” Lyra: *snicker* “Where our hero Luke Skywalker is about to infiltrate Jabba the Hut’s lair…” Andi: “Shut up, you.”
  20. 20. So, once upon a time, there lived two young children, a boy and girl, named— Hyde: “Hyde and Lyra.” …yeah, okay, two young children named Hyde and Lyra.
  21. 21. Hyde and Lyra lived with their parents… Sun and Jade, I guess. Their parents were woodcutters, and although the family was very poor, they were also very happy, because they loved each other and there was peace in the world. Sun: “This is going to be a good story, I think.” One day, Hyde and Lyra, being very foolish children— Lyra: “Hey!” Well what do you expect, you‟re in a ghost story, for crying out loud! As I was saying, Hyde and Lyra, being very foolish children, decided it would be fun to go walk by themselves in the forest at night.
  22. 22. Jade: “Don‟t ever do that, children.” Lyra: “We know, Mom.” Before long, Hyde and Lyra saw something strange off of the path. Their parents had warned them to never, ever stray off the path, but they really wanted to see what that something strange was. So, Hyde got out a loaf of bread he had borrowed from the kitchen, and started crumbling it behind him to make a path they could follow to get back home.
  23. 23. Lyra: “Well, that‟s dumb. Obviously birds are going to come eat the crumbs.” Hyde: “Lyra, birds are asleep during the night, duh.” Well, this time, by some miracle, Lyra‟s right. Birds came and ate the crumbs, and eventually Hyde and Lyra turned around and realized they were completely and utterly lost. Lyra: “Told you! Wait… what do you mean, „miracle‟!?”
  24. 24. Hyde and Lyra walked all night in the woods. It was freezing cold, and they had nothing to eat. They could hear wolves howling in the distance… coming closer, and closer, and closer…
  25. 25. But then, just when they were the coldest and hungriest, Hyde and Lyra saw a marvelous thing. A cottage made entirely out of candy! Hyde: “Cool!” Lyra: “A house made of candy? Lame! I thought you said this was a Halloween story!” Shuddup, Lyra, let me tell the story! Jade: “Andi, Lyra, be nice to each other.” I will if she does, Mom! Anyway, Hyde and Lyra were so hungry, they went right up to the house and started eating it.
  26. 26. But suddenly, out of the house came a woman. She smiled widely at Hyde and Lyra, and told them how much she loved children. She exclaimed over how cold and hungry they looked, and invited them inside, where she had warm beds and all the food their stomachs could hold. Sun: “Kids, don‟t eat houses. It, like, attracts creepy old women.” Who said the woman was old? She was actually quite young, and very pretty. Creepy? …well, maybe a little bit.
  27. 27. Hyde and Lyra went inside the house, and suddenly all the doors and windows slammed shut and locked! The woman, who was actually a witch— Hyde: “Saw that one coming.” --cackled, and locked Hyde in a cage. Hyde: “What!” Yeah, didn‟t see that one coming, did you?
  28. 28. Then the witch forced Lyra to be her slave, and started fattening Hyde up to eat him. She had eaten two hundred children just like Hyde and Lyra, and no one had ever escaped her before. They had no chance in the world, not one, and it was certain that very soon, the witch would eat them, and their parents would never know what had ever happened to them. The en—
  29. 29. Lyra: “But then it turned out that Lyra was a princess, and the witch wasn‟t able to make her be a slave, because princesses never listen to anything anybody says!” Huh?
  30. 30. Hyde: “Yeah, and Hyde turned out to be a superhero, and he bent the bars of the cage and kicked the door down to rescue the princess and kill the wicked witch!” Hey, that‟s not—
  31. 31. Lyra: “And Grandpa Dez appeared, and cast a spell on the witch to make her act like a chicken!” Grandpa Dez? Who said anything about— Sun: “Then Hyde and Lyra‟s parents, Sun and Jade, showed up, because they were, like, totally worried and had been getting really bad vibes about them.” Dad—
  32. 32. Jade: “But then the witch had a change of heart. She gave everyone ice cream—” Hyde: “Rocky road ice cream!” Jade: “—and bade them all farewell, and the family went home.”
  33. 33. Lyra: “And then Princess Lyra found treasure in the middle of the witch‟s yard, and the family was rich, and Princess Lyra married the prince!” You‟re too young to— Hyde: “And we all lived happily ever after! Cool story, Andi!” *sigh* Yeah. Cool story.
  34. 34. I will fire that butler someday.