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Make in India: Legal Incentives


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Asia-Pacific team leader and global business attorney Vinita Bahri-Mehra was invited to give opening remarks at “Emerging India: How India Will Play a Major Role in 2016 and Beyond,” a joint presentation of the Indian Consulate and the New York City chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth. The presentation, which aimed to discuss the subcontinent’s viability as a destination for increased U.S. investment in 2016, featured a review of the country’s demographic profile, an evaluation of its recent economic activity, its competitive positioning relative to opportunities in China and Brazil, and a panel of technology experts.

Vinita’s presentation covered the specific inflow of foreign direct investment in India, an overview of investable industry sectors and Indian pillars of growth, and an overview of the government’s focus on driving investment in India through the “Make in India” initiative, which is focused particularly on manufacturing.

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Make in India: Legal Incentives

  1. 1. z Legal Incentivespresented by Vinita Bahri-Mehra, Esq. Emerging India
  2. 2. z Serial No. Sectors 2012-2013 (April-March) 2013-2014 (April-March) 2014-2015 (April-March) 2000-2015 (April-May) 1 Service Sector** 4.83 2.22 3.25 43.02 2 Construction Development: Townships, Housing, Built-up Infrastructure 1.33 1.22 0.76 24.06 3 Telecommunications 0.30 1.30 2.89 17.42 4 Computer Software + Hardware 0.48 1.12 2.20 17.29 5 Drugs + Pharmaceuticals 1.12 1.27 1.52 13.28 6 Automobile Industry 1.53 1.51 2.57 13.39 7 Chemicals (Other than fertilizers) 0.29 0.87 0.66 10.48 8 Power 0.53 1.06 0.66 9.71 9 Metallurgical Industries 1.46 0.56 0.47 8.62 10 Trading 0.71 1.34 2.76 8.72 FDI Inflow ** Service Sector includes Financial, Banking, Insurance, Non-Financial/Business, Outsourcing, R&D, Courier, Tech. Testing and Analysis. Source: Fact Sheet on FDI (May 2015)
  3. 3. z Top Prospective Host Economies (2013-15) UNCTAD’s survey conducted on the largest Transnational Corporations regarding the most favorable host economies in the world puts India in the third position on the global scale just behind China and the United States
  4. 4. z
  5. 5. z Sector Focus
  6. 6. z Pillars New Processes Ease of Doing Business New Infra- Structure Industrial Corridors, Industrial Clusters, Smart Cities New Sectors Opening up of FDI New Mindset Government as Regulator
  7. 7. z The aim is to de-license and de-regulate the industry during the entire life cycle of a business. It would reduce the complexities associated with a business and will relatively increase the speed with which applications are processed. Other new initiatives include e-Biz Portal, Nation e-Governance Plan etc. Pillars New Processes Ease of Doing Business
  8. 8. z New Infra- Structure Industrial Corridors, Industrial Clusters, Smart Cities Pillars Government intends to develop industrial corridors and smart cities to provide infrastructure based on state-of- the-art technology with modern high- speed communication and integrated logistic arrangements. Existing infrastructure to be strengthened through upgradation of infrastructure in industrial clusters.
  9. 9. z Pillars ‘Make in India’ has identified 25 sectors in manufacturing, infrastructure and service activities. FDI has been opened up in Defense Production, Construction and Railway infrastructure in a big way. New Sectors Opening up of FDI
  10. 10. z Pillars Industry is accustomed to see government as a regulator. ‘Make in India’ intends to change this by bringing a paradigm shift in how government interacts with industry. The Government will partner industry in economic development of the country. The approach will be that of a facilitator and not regulator. New Mindset Government as Regulator
  11. 11. z Co-Development/Co-Production Options for Offsets Manufacturing Subcontracting/Contract Manufacturing Joint Ventures Licensed Production
  12. 12. z Legal Reforms Proactive IP Regime Centralized Tax System Central Initiatives Action Plans for Start-ups
  13. 13. z Government Objectives + Philosophies
  14. 14. z Make India Hub for Manufacturing
  15. 15. z
  16. 16. z Less Government, More Governance
  17. 17. z Zero Defect, Zero Effect
  18. 18. z We should manufacture goods in a way that they carry zero defect, that our expiated goods are never returned to us. We should manufacture goods in a way that they should have a negative impact on the environment. “ “
  19. 19. z “Make with India” + “Make for India”
  20. 20. z Thank You! Vinita Bahri-Mehra, Director Director + Chair, Asia Pacific Practice Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter 614-255-5508 614-464-2634 (fax)