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  1. 1. Keesha Green 2nd December 4,2012
  2. 2. Louisiana State University (LSU)Louisiana State University3848 W. Lakeshore Drive,Baton Rouge,LA(225) 578-32023848 W. Lakeshore Drive, Baton Rouge, LA(225) 578-3202
  3. 3. HISTORYLouisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College had its origin in certain land grants made by the United States government in 1806, 1811, and 1827 for use as a seminary of learning. In 1853, the Louisiana General Assembly established the Seminary of Learning of the State of Louisiana near Pineville, Louisiana. The institution opened January 2, 1860, with Col. William Tecumseh Sherman as superintendent. The school closed June 30, 1861, because of the Civil War. It reopened on April 1, but was again closed on April 23, 1863, due to the invasion of the Red River Valley by the federal army.The seminary reopened October 2, 1865, only to be burned October 15, 1869. On November 1, 1869, the institution resumed its exercises in Baton Rouge, where it has since remained. In 1870, the name of the institution was changed to Louisiana State University.Louisiana State Agricultural & Mechanical College was established by an act of the legislature, approved April 7, 1874, to carry out the United States Morrill Act of 1862, granting lands for this purpose. It temporarily opened in New Orleans, June 1, 1874, where it remained until it merged with Louisiana State University in 1877.
  4. 4. Tuition and Required FeesIn 2011-2012 at Louisiana State University tuition per hour is $572 for residential students. Nonresident tuition per hour is $1,312.For more info go to : 13/undergrad.pdf
  5. 5. Degrees That They Offer• Masters• Doctors• Bachelor
  6. 6. Major ProgramWhen I enter college I will study Computer Engineering. I guess I will have to take math and science courses first so.
  7. 7. Curriculum of Major Programs• Achieving a 2.0 average, as required by the University, on all work taken at LSU and on all• work attempted as US institutions Achieving a 2.0 average on all courses attempted in the major department at LSU and on all work attempted in the major field at US institutions, with the exception of certain courses offered by the major department for non-majors only. See the current General Catalog for• more descriptive information on major grade point averages. Successfully completing a minimum of 30 hours of residence in the College of Engineering. These 30 hours are included in the University requirement that a minimum of 25% of the hours applied toward a degree be earned while in residence at the university. These residence hours must include 15 hours of required department courses or approved technical electives at the 3000 or 4000 level. Students must complete 9 hours of these courses at the 4000 level in the major. Individual courses used to satisfy the residency• requirement must be approved by the department chair. Initiating the checkout procedure with the department advisor in the semester prior to the one in which the degree is to be awarded. The checkout is completed only when approved by Student Services and the Office of the University Registrar.
  8. 8. Other InformationFamous People that has attended Louisiana State University is: Shaquille ONeal,,Seimone Augustus, Al Green, Port Allens Own Randall Gay. and many more!!
  9. 9. My ReasonsThe reason why I would like to Louisiana because of the engineering program. other than that I would just go to any school or college that I get a scholarship.
  10. 10. References/Siteshttp://www.eng.lsu.edu l