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How to properly use pinterest


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Pinterest seems to be the new way to save bookmarks. Most people see it as a virtual pin board which is a huge misconceptions. It is actually a way to social bookmark. If you have had questions on how to use Pinterest, take a look. If you would like an invite to Pinterest, please email me at I would love to invite you.

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How to properly use pinterest

  1. 1. How to Properly Use PinterestContrary to popular beliefs, Pinterest is not just a virtual pin board. Think about it, what youpost is seen by all your friends, followers and the user looking in the categories you assign yourboards. It is social bookmarking, with pictures.This is what I have learned about how to use your pins and boards effectively.  Make sure your boards go to relevant category: There are 32 different categories on Pinterest. They have art to education to humor to kids to pets to other. Makes sure your boards belong to a category. If you are not sure, edit your boards.  Make sure your pictures go to the correct link: The one thing I hate the most is seeing a really cool picture, clicking the link, and not seeing the tutorial, or the blog post that belongs to the picture. I spend hours and hours looking for it. Drives me nuts. I do know that some blog will automatically send you to the first page and it could frustrate someone. If you see a tutorial or blog post, click the date or the title to have the direct link before pinning. Your followers will love you for it.  Make sure you leave full comment/description: This is the biggest mistake I see on Pinterest. I still make this mistake, especially when I repin. As much as you hear that Pinterest is for you, it is not entirely true. For example, if you see a hat, the worst thing you can do is say, “cute hat” or even worst, “hat.” Write a short complete detail. If it is a crochet pattern say, “Sock Monkey #crochet Pattern by the Fancy Hooker, on sale on Etsy for $3.99.” When your followers see it, they will know exactly what it is and they would know if it is something that they would like to repin. (FYI, you can use a hash mark (#) for tags, Pinterest searching engine is horrible. I hope it gets fixed soon)  Repin for the original pinner: The original pinner did a lot of work finding that awesome pin your just saw. Make sure you do the right thing by repining from the original. The only time I do not pin from the original source is when I have to find the original post.  Pinning your own items: Pinterest has a rule, it is not for self-promotion, so please do not pin your items. I have known they do monitor major companies, but I have not seen them look at individuals. If you made an awesome something or other, I would recommend 1 Copyright © 2012 Keep On Givin
  2. 2. that you upload it to Photobucket, Flickr, Tumblr or LiveJournal before pinning. This is why. You can add a full description of what you use, how you used it, and your experience. Users want to see this.  Like vs. Repin: The only difference between a like and repin is where it is stored. If you like a pin, it gets thrown onto “a board” of items that you like. No one can see it, unless they go to your likes on your profile. The new likes are on top. I use likes to store items before I am ready to pin. If you repin an item you place it on a categorized board. All users who look at these categories will see your pin and will be able to re pin it.These are my rules from being a pin addict. I hope they help you out. Now, Happy Pinning. 2 Copyright © 2012 Keep On Givin