Bamboo Innovator TMT Workshop (Brochure)


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Bamboo Innovator TMT Workshop (Brochure)

  1. 1. 1《竹经:经商经世离不得立根创新》nnovatorBambooR.E.S.-ilience in Value Creation“Uprising! with Bamboo Innovators”TMT Industry Trends WorkshopBamboo Innovators bend, not break, even in themost terrifying storm that snap the mighty resistingoak tree. It survives, therefore it conquers.“How can companies stay Evergreenand Resilient amidst the game-changing uprising in industry trends?”By becoming “Bamboo Innovators”.Creation is always an Uprising.Explore what you will get and why you need it.Are you thirsty for knowledge to grow and scale your business?Don’t miss all the key industry trends, insights & business model innovations.
  2. 2. 2《竹经:经商经世离不得立根创新》nnovatorBambooR.E.S.-ilience in Value CreationMany businesses are stuck in the position of “successful-yet-unscalable” dilemma andsubsequently took the plunge into regionalizing or globalizing their business but ended up withwidening losses. Bamboo Innovators with unique practical insights on the resilient value creators,including untypical cases that are never reported in the mainstream news such as iFlytek, canmake all the difference in enabling you and your team to think and act differently instead of youbeing dished the usual training consulting standardized approach.Gain access to the latest industry insights and competitors’ movements from around the worldthat are relevant to you and your team – and turn them into profitable innovations yourself.Get real-time updates from Bamboo Innovator Institute on the latest trends.A one-day workshop is conducted on-site every quarter for up to 20 to 50 executives.Bamboo Innovators Stay Ahead of the IndustryCurve – How Can Your Company Soar Like iFlytek?Why is Chinese tech company iFlytekable to multiply its market value by 8-foldwhile the Shanghai Index is down over one-third during the same crisis period,prompting a belated investment by ChinaMobile to acquire 15% stake for US$215million in August 2012?What are the tech & business lessonsthat can be adapted for your company?Be inspired and learn all these and morein the Bamboo Innovator TMT Workshop!Your ROI:$2.1BMkt Cap
  3. 3. 3《竹经:经商经世离不得立根创新》nnovatorBambooR.E.S.-ilience in Value CreationStay ahead of the curve and keep yourhead when all others are losing theirs ina turbulent and fast-changing market byacquiring the ability to know thesustainability of industry trends. Tap onthese insights as a source of endlessinnovation for you and your team.Learn about potential M&As, strategicpartners and the latest innovativestartups relevant to you and your team.Schedule for Bamboo Innovator TMT WorkshopDiscover why companies around theworld in your industry outperform tocreate value regardless ofmacroeconomic potholes and bumpsand the innovations they introduce tomake the bumps work for them – andhow you can acquire to ability to adaptthem to you and your team.Master lessons from business leadersin your industry around the world whopropelled some of today’s innovativenext-generation companies to success.Avoid business mistakes of thedecisions of business leaders in yourindustry around the world.Session 1: Uprising 天时Session 2: BusinessModel Innovations 地利Session 3: CEO 2.0 人和
  4. 4. 4《竹经:经商经世离不得立根创新》nnovatorBambooR.E.S.-ilience in Value Creation“It has been an interesting and encouraging program. The program has encouraged me tocontinue to pursue what I want to do for the company.”Jismyl Teo Chor Khin, CEO of DMX Technologies Limited“The content and substance of the Program is original, useful and important. This programchallenged me intellectually and helped me to think critically and learn more effectively.Overall, I find the Program beneficial to me and my company (rated 5 out of 5).”Sherlie Young, Senior Manager (Group Finance) of Gallant Ventures Limited“The program gives a new and refreshing perspective of how companies can be successfuland it is backed by a lot of research with a practical, real-world approach.” “The ProgramDirector is approachable, authentic and helpful when sharing his insights. Overall, I wouldhighly recommend this Program to my colleagues and peers (rated 5 out of 5).”Danny Tan, Manager (Group Finance) of Gallant Ventures Limited“It is an eye opener for me. With this seminar, I can learn about how companies scale upsuccessfully.”Ratnawati, Corporate Accounts Manager of Gallant Ventures Limited“I have increased my knowledge as a result of taking this Program.” “Overall, I find theProgram beneficial to me and my company and I would highly recommend this Program tomy colleagues and peers (rated 5 out of 5).”Sun Yi, Managing Director of Sunnic Pte LtdSome Testimonials from Participants
  5. 5. 5《竹经:经商经世离不得立根创新》nnovatorBambooR.E.S.-ilience in Value CreationContactKB Kee“Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I’ll move the world,” says Aristotle. The long leverwe choose to innovate in the world is hopefully the Bamboo; the place where we stand is Emptiness - whenwe empty our heart of prejudices, pride and fear, we become open to the possibilities to innovate – andEmptiness is rooted in Kindness and Trust.Bamboo Innovator Institute is set up to establish the thought leadership of resilient value creators aroundthe world. Koon Boon has been rooted in the principles of value investing for over a decade as a fundmanager and analyst in the Asian capital markets. He was a fund manager and head of research/analyst at aSingapore-based investment management organization dedicated to the craft of value investing in Asia. Hehad been with the firm since 2002 and was also part of the core investment committee in significantlyoutperforming the index in the 10-year-plus flagship Asian fund. He was previously the portfolio managerfor Asia-Pacific equities at Korea’s largest mutual fund company. He received his Masters in Finance (magnacum laude) and double degree in Accountancy and Business Management (both summa cum laude) fromthe Singapore Management University (SMU). He had taught accounting at his alma mater in SMU andlectures at SIM University for working professionals. He had published cutting-edge empirical research inthe Special Issue of Istanbul Stock Exchange 25th Year Anniversary of the Boğaziçi Journal, Review of Socialand Economic Studies, as well as wrote articles about value investing and corporate governance in themedia. He had also presented in top banking and finance conferences in Sydney, Cape Town, HK, Beijing andin the recent Emerging Value Summit 2013. He is also an internationally-featured value investor inGreatinvestors.TV and He had trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, managementexecutives in business strategy, macroeconomic and industry trends in Singapore, HK and