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KGI’s Other Programs
Fully-Employed MBS Degree
Not ready to quit working and go back to school full-time?
We understand. K...
Keck Graduate Institute Board of Trustees                                                    Keck Graduate Institute Advis...
We Are…KGI
We won’t try to dazzle you by describing our long history, ivy covered buildings
or statues of dead founders. F...
Clinical and Regulatory
Janelle Grimes, MBS ‘06
                             taking risks,                                           BS,...
Deb Chakravarti

                       just call me deb
  FAST FACULTY FACTS                                             ...
                             mixing business
Our students come from
top academic institutions

                              mark your
Since KGI is a member of
the prestigious Claremont

Matthew S. Croughan
                                     days of wine and                                       ...
                              sowing the seeds
 Animal Models of Infection
 Antimicrobial Drug

                            it’s who you know
Advanced Medical Optics
                              staying grounded
Sandeep Inamdar, MBS ’03
                              the doctor is in                          ...
                             location, location,
No matter what you

Suzanne Kocian, MBS ’04
                            human chemistry                                    ...
Sheldon M. Schuster

into the gap                                                                  Ph.D., University of Ar...
What we look for
As you can tell from the profiles of current students and alumni, we don’t have
a cookie cutter approach ...
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2007 Keck Viewbook


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Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences is dedicated to education and research aimed at translating into practice the power and potential of the life sciences for the benefit of society.

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2007 Keck Viewbook

  1. 1. KGI’s Other Programs Fully-Employed MBS Degree Not ready to quit working and go back to school full-time? We understand. KGI expects to launch an MBS degree in a part- A Bold time program for working professionals with at least three years of related experience in 2008. Program Structure New Hybrid Designed to be completed in three years (two classes per semester) the program combines the creative use of of the latest classroom technology with a twice a semester on-campus component. Business Financial Aid KGI does not provide financial support to fully-employed and Science students. However, we will work with you to help you find ways to finance your education including working with employer reimbursement programs. For additional details, including deadline dates, tuition information and preliminary schedules, visit 535 Watson Drive Claremont, CA 91711 our website at: Are you ready? Ph.D. Program KGI offers a Ph.D. program in Applied Life Sciences. Candidates interested in the Ph.D. program apply during their second year of the MBS degree. This program is small, admitting only two to three students per year as funding is available. Applicants are encouraged to speak with the Director of the Ph.D. program about their candidacy. For additional information please visit: KGI is accredited at both the master and Ph.D. levels by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
  2. 2. Keck Graduate Institute Board of Trustees Keck Graduate Institute Advisory Council John D. Baldeschwieler Alice T. Kane Trustees Emeriti Bonnie Anderson Ross Grossman J. David Rozzell Professor Emeritus General Counsel Consultant Vice President Vice President Alice S. Huang California Institute for North America Human Resources Codexis Inc. Gary Augusta Senior Faculty Associate of Technology Zurich Financial Services Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Executive Director Tony Russo in Biology Dr. Ernest A. Bates Bernard E. Kury OCTANe Kenneth Gruys Chairman & CEO California Institute Chairman & CEO Former Vice President Site Manager Russo Partners LLC of Technology Randy Berholtz American Shared and General Counsel Calgene Vice President James Schaeffer Howard B. Keck, Jr. Hospital Services Guidant Corporation General Counsel Richard Hamilton Executive Director Licensing President Daniel M. Bradbury John D. Leland Secretary President and CEO & External Research–West Brighton Distributing Co. President & CEO Consultant & Former ACON Laboratories Ceres Inc. Merck Research Labs Harlyne J. Norris Amylin Pharmaceuticals Managing Director Rolando Brawer Tom Klopack Brian Sullivan Trustee Dresdner RCM Catherine M. Burzik Director of Business President and CEO Principal Scientist Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Global Investors President & CEO Development IntelliDOT Integrated Security Solutions Norris Foundation Kinetic Concepts, Inc. Richard L. McConnell Invitrogen Corporation Northrop Grumman Kenneth Livak William H. Rastetter Former President Corporation Anthony D. Caracciolo Linda Castle Consultant Chairman Pioneer Hi-Bred Senior Vice President Research Coordinator Gino Van Heeke Board of Directors Brenda Mann International, Inc. Manufacturing Operations Pioneer Hi-Bred International Executive Director Illumina, Inc. Chief Scientist Gilead Sciences, Inc. Clifford A. Miller Novartis Institutes for Stephen G. Daggett Sentrx Veterinary Henry E. Riggs Managing Director Biomedical Research Marsh A. Cooper Director, Product Support, President Emeritus Roger Marchetti Shamrock Holdings President Research and Development Joseph J. Villafranca Keck Graduate Institute Senior Vice President M.A. Cooper Consultants Inc. Stanford N. Phelps Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Practice Director Human Resources Louis T. Rosso Chairman Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences Robert E. Curry* Catherine Farrell Amylin Pharmaceuticals Chairman Emeritus S. N. Phelps & Co. and Tunnell Consulting Partner Director, Global Clinical Beckman Coulter Inc. Stephen J. McCormack Clear Springs Land Co. Alliance Technology Ventures Supply Chain Management Jim Widergren Global Life Science Dr. Stephen J. Ryan Arthur D. Riggs Amgen Vice President and Treasurer Former Partner and VP Ventures AG President Director Beckman Coulter Sprout Group Weaver Gaines Doheny Eye Institute Alan C. Mendelson Beckman Research Institute Founder and Managing Jim Wilkins Jay Flatley Founder and General Partner Dr. Robert E. Tranquada of the City of Hope Director Director Technology President & CEO Axiom Venture Partners Emeritus Professor of Sheldon M. Schuster America’s Biotech Distributor Assessment and Transfer Illumina, Inc. Medicine and Public Policy Anthony Page President Genentech Inc. Sean R. Gallagher University of Southern Dennis M. Fenton Managing Director Keck Graduate Institute Chief Technology Officer California Executive Vice President xIQ Jack L. Stark UVP Incorporated Amgen, Inc. Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr.** Joseph D. Panetta President Emeritus Paul Grint Senior Director Peter Barton Hutt President and CEO Claremont McKenna College Chief Medical Officer The Goldman Sachs Senior Counsel BIOCOM Billy Tauzin Kalypsys Inc. Group, Inc. Covington & Burling LLP Kal Ramnarayan President & CEO Judith A. Heyboer Founder, President PhRMA Human Resources Consultant & Chief Scientific Officer Murli Tolaney Former Senior VP Sapient Discovery LLC Chairman of Human Resources MWH Americas Genentech, Inc. Diana Walker Of Counsel *Chair, Board of Trustees KGI would like to Joseph Filippi Winery O’Melveny & Myers LLP **Chair, Emeritus acknowledge the following President’s Office, Claremont McKenna College for their assistance: Sprague Library, Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons, Harvey Mudd College Keck Graduate Institute does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, disability, national origin, ethnic origin, or prior military service in any of its policies, procedures and practices, including admission policies, educational policies, fellowship and loan programs, employment policies and other Institute-administered programs and activities.
  3. 3. We Are…KGI We won’t try to dazzle you by describing our long history, ivy covered buildings or statues of dead founders. For one thing, our history is extraordinary but short—we just celebrated our 10th anniversary. Our founder and first president is retired—but very alive and still teaches classes. Instead, we thought the best way to explain Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) is to introduce you to a few students, faculty and alumni. You can decide for yourself if these are the kinds of people you’d like to work with over the next couple of years. Consider This ■ KGI is the only graduate school in the U.S. created exclusively for the education of leaders in the life science industry. We’re setting the standard for team-based, hands-on, real-world education at the intersection of business and science. ■ The biotechnology industry has exploded since 1992, with U.S. health-care biotech revenues increasing from $8 billion in 1992 to $50.7 billion in 2005. ■ Because KGI has no departments and faculty are encouraged to collaborate, our curriculum is agile allowing us to adapt to the fast changing needs of this complex industry. ■ KGI faculty are renowned researchers, teachers and entrepreneurs with significant corporate experience, dedicated to building a cadre of leaders who will translate basic science into commercial realities. ■ KGI students come directly from undergraduate programs and industry. They arrive talented, bright and motivated; they leave skilled, ambitious and confident. All are highly recruited by leading life sciences companies. ■ Founded in 1997, KGI is the newest member of the prestigious Claremont Colleges in Claremont, California. Our interiors are designed for wet labs, classrooms, faculty offices and student project space. KGI is within easy walking distance to excellent restaurants, movies, shopping and banking. Parking is free. ■ With the world’s greatest concentration of research universities and biotechnology companies, California offers unlimited opportunities for research projects, internships, research funding and full-time employment. ■ KGI is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. We invite you to discover KGI for yourself
  4. 4. Clinical and Regulatory Pharmaceutical Discovery Affairs provides an and Development provides understanding of how the CURRICULUM OVERVIEW a clear focus students with an under- FDA and its international KGI’s team-oriented standing of the technical counterparts regulate project-based curriculum processes involved in the development of novel Medical Devices sets us apart and is widely Some might think Stephen Chang, MBS ’08, drug discovery, clinical products including and Diagnostics draws praised by industry. development and assessment of product on an interdisciplinary is a little “geeky.” If you define geeky as smart, regulatory approval quality, non-clinical and approach including First year for pharmaceutical and hard-working, respectful, and responsible, then clinical evaluation. engineering, chemistry, biological products. physiology, medicine we’d like to have a few more geeky students like All students take core and computer Stephen at KGI. Some of us lead by enthusiasm classes in the following science in the design areas to develop a broad and manufacturing Business of and communication; other leaders are more foundation in the industry: of medical devices Bioscience students introspective and deliberate. With our emphasis and diagnostics. identify business ■ Pharmaceutical opportunities in life Discovery and on team-based projects, all kinds of leadership science industries and Development skills are needed. analyze the associated ■ Medical Devices market, management, and Diagnostics technological and Stephen readily acknowledges that KGI isn’t ethical issues. ■ Marketing and Strategy for everyone. “It’s demanding, fast-paced and Bioprocessing students ■ Systems and constantly changing,” he admits. “But this is will obtain a thorough Computational understanding of how you work in real life. There are lulls and Biology industrial processes from then spurts when the work is very intense, and early-stage development ■ Accounting through large-scale and Finance finally a reprieve—and then you plunge headfirst manufacturing. ■ Bioethics into the next project.” For those who want ■ Bioprocessing to become leaders at companies fighting life- ■ Organizational threatening viruses, tackling genetic disorders, Behavior or improving the lives of the disabled, KGI Second is like no other graduate program. Our team- oriented, project-based dynamic approach year comes as close to industry as an academic Students choose electives institution can. from the five focus tracks. In addition, they “What sets KGI apart is that our curriculum participate in the Team Masters Project (TMP)—the is dynamic—we’re agile and we can continually equivalent of two courses adjust to the changing needs of industry,” he —a capstone consulting project that draws from all notes. “At other schools, they have a fixed, areas of the curriculum. core curriculum and change comes slowly—if at all. Our faculty solicit input from the corporate sector, alumni and even current students to make the courses more comprehensive and current.” As for Stephen, his leadership skills have already paid off—he earned a coveted internship with Team Masters Tunnell Consulting last summer. Project KGI’s focus tracks A year-long allow you to tailor your capstone consulting professional degree towards project equivalent your area of interest. to two courses per semester and in Stephen Chang, MBS ’08 lieu of a traditional For more information about KGI’s curriculum, visit: BS, Bioengineering master’s research University of California, San Diego thesis 2
  5. 5. Janelle Grimes, MBS ‘06 2007–2008 taking risks, BS, Biology and Spanish ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS Westminster College Annenberg Foundation reaping benefits Scholarship Regulatory Affairs Associate Bonnie Busenberg Amylin Pharmaceuticals Scholarship Janelle Grimes, MBS ’06, may have to put Hank and Gayle Riggs owning a Porsche GT3 on hold for a while. That’s Scholarship because she’s adjusting to a brand new job in John and Sandra Leland Scholarship Regulatory Affairs with Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Day paying off undergraduate loans, and cheering Scholarship on her favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Robert and Winifred Curry Scholarship The Ann Peppers After five years of bench work in various Foundation Scholarship research labs, Janelle knew that a master’s degree George H. Mayr was the ticket to furthering her career in the bio- Foundation Scholarship science industry. “I researched a ton of programs, Pioneer Hi-Bred Scholarship but most were part of existing schools of Hearst Foundation engineering or science. KGI was the only place Scholarship dedicated to the professional life sciences master’s Bradbury Endowed degree,” she says. Scholarship Fletcher Jones Foundation Scholarship Her decision to pursue a graduate degree was not made lightly. In fact, it’s something all KGI KGI offers generous merit- students grapple with whether entering from based financial support to all admitted students. the work force or immediately following their undergraduate work. After all, leaving (or foregoing) a coveted (or boring) job, taking on more debt and pursuing a unique degree that’s less than traditional, may seem risky at first. “It’s about the entire package. I quit my job and chose KGI because it provided an opportunity to make a real difference in the world, not just to make more money.” Students and faculty who come here share her enthusiasm and commitment to filling this niche in the biosciences industry. “We experience so much from each other in this small KGI community. You’d be amazed by the career In addition to paths our graduates take; it’s much more than scholarships, KGI you could put a dollar amount on.” Will it pay awards fellowships to 100% of its off? According to Janelle, it has so far! admitted students ranging from $7,000–15,000 For more information about financial aid, visit: per year. 4
  6. 6. Deb Chakravarti just call me deb FAST FACULTY FACTS Ph.D., Biochemistry University of Calcutta KGI student to teaching D.Phil., Immunochemistry Just a day before taking this photo, Deb faculty ratio: University of Oxford Chakravarti gave a lecture to the scientific 6:1 6:1 Professor community at a national symposium to honor his father. Deb telecast to India from his bedroom —and in his pajamas. While you won’t see Deb running KGI’s halls in his “PJs,” you will witness Patents held/filed: this Calcutta-raised, Oxford-educated son of two 92 professors doing amazing things to make your KGI experience exciting and relevant. Working late in the lab? Deb will stay until the Publications: wee morning hours. Students are welcome to 1187 drop by his office at all hours of the day—or night. One student says it all: “Your enthusiasm has given me something to look for in my own career. Thanks for making my time at KGI so Combined years special.” Plus, Deb lectures on such cutting-edge in Industry: research in proteomics that textbooks have yet 80 to be written. He’s also an expert on vaccine development and the history of science thanks to his many years of experience at Wyeth. Average years in industry: His annual celebration of Diwali, the Hindu 8 Festival of Lights, attracts scores from the KGI family. He’s known for regularly reassuring the families of international students that their kids are OK here in California. It’s this caring, Combined years personal touch—along with an impressive back- in academia: ground in academia and industry—that’s made 258 Deb a superstar educator worldwide. “We are producing a generation of students that is going to go out there and help build the industry of 2004 tomorrow,” says Deb. Average years 2006 Faculty in print: 2002 2005 in academia: Peer-reviewed publications 12 by year. 2003 Average height: 5’8” To hear from some of our faculty, visit: 6
  7. 7. UNDERGRADUATE DEGREES mixing business Our students come from top academic institutions and science in the U.S. including: Brigham Young University Brown University Move over Rachel Ray! If Sarah Koo, MBS ’09, Cal Poly Pomona has her way, you may be looking for another job Cal Poly SLO Caltech on the Food Network. Lucky for Rachel—and Carnegie Mellon University Sarah’s classmates—that her passion for cooking Case Western Reserve is exceeded by her interests in biochemistry. Claremont McKenna Colorado School of Mines Sarah first heard about KGI’s Master of Cornell University Cal State Universities (6) Bioscience program from her mentor during her Drake University junior year at UCLA. “When I saw the KGI Duke University program a light bulb went on. My interest was Georgia Tech definitely piqued but I was still at a crossroads Harvard University Harvey Mudd College whether to pursue science in academia or science Hillsdale College in industry,” she says. “After four years of college Louisiana State University I wanted to get some professional experience to Marquette University complement my academics.” MIT NYU Occidental College After two years working in an industrial lab, Oregon State University Sarah is now even more convinced that pursuing Princeton University the business aspects of science is the right path Purdue University for her. While some of her friends chose to pursue Rice University an MBA, she feels that route is too detached Rose-Hulman Santa Clara University from her excellent foundation in science. Unlike Stanford University traditional MBA programs, KGI’s business Texas A & M curriculum is taught from the discovery-oriented, Tulane University highly-regulated bioscience industry perspective University of Nebraska UC Berkeley which makes it more relevant to the problems UC Davis our students will actually take on. Case analyses UC Irvine include intellectual property considerations UC San Diego and the ethics involved when dealing with life- UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz threatening diseases. Sarah sums it up, “I liked UCLA the fact KGI’s Master of Bioscience is interdisci- University of Arizona plinary which, I know from experience, is much University of Chicago needed in the field.” University of Florida University of Georgia University of Oregon University of Southern California Vanderbilt University Washington State Gender isn’t the only place where KGI University has diversity: Our students’ undergraduate Willamette University For more information on our students, visit: majors range from chemistry to computer science, bioengineering to psychobiology, pre-med to chemical engineering. Sarah Koo, MBS ‘09 8 BS, Biochemistry University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  8. 8. CAMPUS CONNECTIONS mark your Since KGI is a member of the prestigious Claremont calendars Colleges, our students can take advantage of the resources and activities at all seven of the campuses You could let your studies at KGI take over including: your life. After all, this is graduate school—you’re ■ Cross-registration for courses expecting to work hard and Jennifer Boyd, ■ Intramural athletic MBS ’08, won’t argue with you. She leveraged teams her hard work into a Project Management ■ 4 libraries internship at Amylin Pharmaceuticals last sum- (including a science library) mer where she analyzed, validated and updated ■ 2 athletic facilities the tasks involved in tracking candidates in ■ Centralized student clinical trials—and presented the results to health and counseling senior management. center ■ 4 concert halls and theaters As you can see, Jen’s as focused as anyone can ■ International Student be on her education and career. But she also Center understands that the balance between fun and ■ Office of Black Student work is important. She’ll invite you to join a Affairs group of fellow students for a movie at the new ■ Chicano/Latino Student Affairs Center indie theater in Claremont, play a game of pool ■ Interfaith Chaplaincy of in the student lounge, check out a ball game or The Claremont Colleges a concert at Dodger Stadium or even test your snowboarding prowess at nearby Mount Baldy. As KGI’s unofficial student events coordinator, Jennifer has her hand in just about everything extracurricular. Whether you’re interested This year, she tackled KGI’s Student Mentor in film or football, hiking or The Claremont program, a student-run program that matches watersports, museums or music, Colleges incoming students with second-year students KGI has something for you to do— as their experienced guides. “I was part of the Pomona College outside the classroom. program coming into the school and had a great Jennifer Boyd, MBS ’08 Scripps College bonding experience with my mentor,” she says. BS, Biology Claremont “We talked about everything from what to expect California State University McKenna College from the classes and what the teachers are San Marcos Harvey Mudd like to where to go to have fun or a good local College Italian place to eat.” Pitzer College Claremont Graduate University For more information about Keck Graduate The Claremont Colleges, visit: Institute 10
  9. 9. Matthew S. Croughan FULL-TIME days of wine and Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, MIT TEACHING FACULTY George B. and Joy Rathmann Professor Bioethics and Director, Amgen Bioprocessing Center bioprocessing Gary A. Cohen, J.D. Columbia University Bioprocessing KGI Professor Matthew Croughan is not your Brian Aufderheide, Ph.D. typical wine maker. As director of KGI’s Amgen Chemical Engineering Bioprocessing Center, he and the Center play an Lehigh University integral role in the overall education of nearly Matthew S. Croughan, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, MIT every KGI student. After all, wine making is, Clinical and arguably, the world’s oldest form of bioprocess Regulatory Affairs engineering. Karen L. Moynihan, Ph.D. Chemistry, Boston College Matt, a former senior manager at Genentech, Management Steven Casper, Ph.D. is also highly sought after as a consultant to Government, Cornell University KGI Alumni at work: more than 40 companies in the biotech field. Functional areas of Medical Devices Throughout his experience, he witnessed the and Diagnostics first jobs. talent gap for technically savvy managers in Gail D. Baura, Ph.D. Bioengineering the field. Intrigued by the notion that KGI could University of Washington Project Management 10% actually help produce the next generation of Ali Nadim, Ph.D. Product Development 4% industry leaders, he joined the faculty in 2005. Chemical Engineering, MIT Operations 6% Ever the evangelist, he says, “When it comes to Angelika B. Niemz, Ph.D. Marketing/Market Research 10% Chemistry, University of pharmaceuticals and battling diseases—things Technical Services 8% Massachusetts at Amherst like vaccines, therapeutic proteins, therapeutic Finance 2% James D. Sterling, Ph.D. stem cells, and human growth hormones— Clinical Research 6% Mechanical Engineering Competitive Intelligence 10% all involve bioprocessing—as do some of life’s California Institute of Technology Consulting 13% simpler pleasures like beer, wine and cheese Pharmaceutical Discovery and Development Business Development 3% making. At KGI, there are many ongoing Deb N. Chakravarti, Ph.D. Bioinformatics 8% opportunities to take part in saving lives as Immunochemistry Other 4% University of Oxford well as making life worth living.” Sales 3% James M. Cregg, Ph.D. Research and Development 3% Biology, Rice University Matt notes that most graduate programs provide Regulatory Affairs 10% Molly B. Schmid, Ph.D. a good grounding in the fundamental sciences Biology, University of Utah and engineering. However, he will also point out Systems and Dedicated to a new model of that they lack attention to commercialization. Computational Biology graduate education, many faculty “We bridge that gap,” he says. “Our curriculum Christoph Adami, Ph.D. members have come to KGI from Physics, SUNY Stony Brook well-established academic positions is built upon the commercialization of science T. Gregory Dewey, Ph.D. and successful biotechnology and engineering and how to profitably market Chemistry companies, combining impressive products, create business models, understand University of Rochester academic credentials with a keen strategy, and respond to bioethical issues— Alpan Raval, Ph.D. awareness of the industry’s latest Physics all the while keeping in mind the end goal of developments from biofuels to University of Maryland, stem cell culture. helping improve people’s quality of life.” College Park Animesh Ray, Ph.D. Microbial Genetics Monash University For more information about KGI’s faculty, visit 12
  10. 10. FACULTY RESEARCH AREAS sowing the seeds Animal Models of Infection Antimicrobial Drug of invention Discovery Artificial Life Bioengineering The thrill of discovery (research) is so prominent Bioinformatics in Professor Molly Schmid’s daily life it should Biology of Stem Cells Bioprocessing not surprise anyone that this renowned scientist Biotechnology Clusters spends her free time in her garden. Nurturing a Computational and garden is a lot like fostering research discoveries Evolutionary Biology DNA Computing —they both need to be tended and allowed and Repair to grow. DNA-Protein Biosensors Drug Delivery Systems Drug Discovery After 10 years in the biotechnology industry Experimental and (most recently serving as the Senior VP for Computational Preclinical Programs at Affinium Pharmaceuticals Proteomics Flow Cytometry in Toronto) Molly brings vast technical knowl- Gene Expression edge and business experience to KGI. She is a Gene Targeting Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology, Genetic and Metabolic Molly B. Schmid Networks a Searle/Chicago Community Trust Scholar and Ph.D., Biology, University of Utah Genome Analysis a Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Fellow. She High-throughput Professor, Entrepreneur-in-Residence holds nine patents and, if that weren’t enough, Screening Immunology Director of Research Laboratory Automation she’s also KGI’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Liposomes Director of Research. Mathematical Modeling of Complex Biological Phenomena “Research at KGI is interdisciplinary and applied,” Medical Devices she explains. “We have faculty from engineering, Microbial Genomics molecular biology, computational science and Microfabrication applied physics to name a few—and they’re all Microfluidics Molecular Biophysics active in research.” As Entrepreneur-in Residence, Peroxisome Biogenesis Molly helps transfer KGI’s findings to the market- Pharmaceutical place. Like several of her KGI colleagues, she Manufacturing Pichia pastoris has managed start-up companies so she knows Plant Development all about business plans, intellectual property law, Protein Biochemistry and risk analysis. But one of her favorite things Recombinant Proteins (outside of gardening) is cultivating students’ Systems Biology Tissue Engineering aspirations—whether in research or industry. Vaccine Discovery and Development Since inception, KGI has received more than $20 million in research funding KGI research is supported through grants For more information about KGI’s research, visit: from a broad range of agencies—an acknowledgement of the impact and timeliness of KGI’s expertise. 14
  11. 11. REPRESENTATIVE it’s who you know COMPANIES THAT HIRE KGI INTERNS Advanced Medical Optics Paul Schultz, MBS ’08, was not a first round Allergan draft pick for the LA Lakers or the Seattle Amgen Supersonics. He wasn’t even a highly recruited Amylin Pharmaceuticals athlete at Washington State. However, he does Applied Biosystems Beckman Coulter know something about teamwork, hard work, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals practice, agility, communication skills—and Bio-Rad equally important—networking. With this skill Boston Biomedical set, Paul not only identifies opportunities, he Consultants Bristol-Myers Squibb makes them happen. Carl Zeiss Meditec Ceres For Paul, the ability to make industry connections City of Hope was just as compelling a reason to choose KGI as Daiichi Sankyo the academics. Right from the start, Paul jumped Edwards Lifesciences Eli Lilly into a wide range of KGI-associated corporate Gene Network Sciences events, gaining valuable information that he Genentech parlayed into his class work—and beyond. GenProbe “While working on a medical devices licensing Gevo Gilead Sciences project, I attended an industry symposium in HealthIQ Orange County where I met a venture capitalist Illumina who put me in touch with licensing experts. IntelliDOT Thanks to the corporate networking skills I Invitrogen Kalypsys gained at KGI, my project was a great success.” Kythera Los Alamos National Paul also leveraged his savvy into several summer Laboratory internship offers—including an on-the-spot MDS Pharma Services Career Slam Dunk Navigant Biotechnologies invitation to join the business development team OrthoClinical Diagnostics of an innovative healthcare products company. Amgen Northrop Grumman “Unfortunately, they needed someone right away Sponsored 3 TMPs PDL and hired 22 KGI alumni full-time and I was still finishing the semester so I had to Pfizer turn it down,” notes Paul. “But it did inspire me Pioneer Hi-Bred Amylin International to keep networking and I landed several more Hired 17 interns, sponsored 4 TMPs, Recombinant Capital and CEO sits on Board of Trustees internship offers.” Sometimes who you know is Regeneron just as important as what you know—it’s all part Beckman Coulter Theravance Sponsored 7 TMPs and hired 17 interns Tunnell Consulting of the KGI experience. UVP Bristol-Myers Squibb Xoma Offers special scholarships and internships just for KGI students Internship Gilead salaries range Sponsored 5 TMPs and Senior Vice President $17–$45 per hour sits on KGI’s Board of Trustees For more information about Internships are KGI’s intern program, visit: 10–12 weeks in Paul Schultz, MBS ’08 the summer BS, Biotechnology, Washington State University Internship: Operations Program Management 16 PDL Biopharma, Fremont, CA
  12. 12. KGI TEAM MASTERS staying grounded PROJECTS In 2007–2008, KGI hosted Who 13 TMP projects—some companies sponsored two—that combined As the lead on many of KGI’s business develop- business analysis with technical innovation. ment initiatives, Diana Bartlett, Director of Teams of 3–5 KGI students plus a faculty Corporate Partnerships, is frequently jetting off Diana Bartlett advisor and a corporate to meet with company representatives around liaison MBA, University of Chicago, Director of Corporate Partnerships the country. KGI’s weekly yoga class is one of What few non-negotiable events on her calendar. Multi-dimensional project featuring both a business This former newspaper reporter and PMI®- and a science component certified Project Management Professional relies requiring specific deliver- ables to the company on the same project management tools, such as sponsor forecast schedulers, scope definition and goal Where development methods, to organize and manage relationships with hundreds of companies. Our KGI provides office and lab space for each students learn to use these tools in the TMP TMP team projects that she solicits. Diana states “The When Office of Corporate Partnerships is here as a resource for KGI students, faculty and alumni— Second year at KGI our mission is to build industry relationships and (with opportunities for involvement during connect the various constituencies for everyone’s your first year) benefit.” Why In addition to rounding up more than a dozen Provides an opportunity TMP sponsors each year, Diana manages KGI’s to experience a real world, cross-disciplinary Advisory Council. This group of more than 30 project in a supportive industry leaders provides advice and resources setting so that you can build the skills needed for KGI. She’s always on the lookout for ways to lead project teams that KGI can interact with industry from upon completion of your degree including: establishing research partnerships to developing ■ Project management short courses for the senior managers of biotech and scheduling companies. With the launch of our Fully-Employed ■ Budgeting and resource allocation Master of Bioscience (FEMBS) program you can ■ Presentation and bet Diana will be out promoting the KGI message meeting planning throughout the year. It’s a good thing KGI’s yoga ■ Leadership and class will be here to keep her grounded! team dynamics 2007–2008 Team Masters Project Sponsors Amylin Beckman Coulter Brainscope TMP sponsors Clear Springs pay $55,000 for Dow Agrosciences the consulting work done by KGI Gilead Sciences For more information about project teams KGI’s new part-time program, visit: Navigant Biotechnologies Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Sterogene 18 Syngenta Theravance
  13. 13. Sandeep Inamdar, MBS ’03 REPRESENTATIVE COMPANIES the doctor is in MBBS, University of Mumbai HIRING KGI STUDENTS Senior Manager of Medical IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING GRADUATION: Communications, Amgen —at amgen Allergan Amgen If Sandeep Inamdar’s golf game was as good Amylin Pharmaceuticals Applied Biosystems as his fluency in languages, he’d be on the pro Baxter Healthcare golf tour with Tiger Woods. Sandeep, MBS ’03, Senior Manager of Bear Stearns is fluent in three languages and can order dinner Medical Communications Beckman Coulter Amgen and ask, “Where’s the restroom?” in five. Biogen Idec Biosense Webster Sandeep, who is also an MD, speaks the lan- Biosite guage of doctors, nurses and pharmacists. But Boston Scientific Campbell Alliance Manager, what was missing from the practice of medicine Cardinal Health Medical Affairs was what Sandeep was most interested in: the Amgen Cedars-Sinai Medical Center business of moving new medicines and medical Children’s Hospital devices into the market place. He wasn’t sure of Los Angeles Codexis what to expect from KGI or if the program was Dow Pharmaceutical recognized by top biotech and pharmaceutical Sciences companies. That uncertainty disappeared when Zuyder Frost & Sullivan he saw how KGI merged science and business Pharmaceuticals Genentech TMP into a team-based approach for solving real biotech GenProbe Gilead Sciences problems for industry leaders. “This program GlaxoSmithKline played to my strengths of coordinating, speaking Google and communicating with clinically trained HealthIQ professionals.” IMS Health Rinat Neuroscience Invitrogen Corporation Intern Today he’s at the intersection of clinical research Johnson & Johnson Kalypsys and commercial product development. Not Kythera Biopharmaceuticals surprisingly, he attributes landing this important L.E.K. Consulting position and his fast climb up the corporate Medtronic KGI alumni rise quickly ladder directly to KGI’s unique hybrid of science, Pfizer within organizations as business and engineering. “This background Roche Molecular Systems a result of their strong differentiated me from other candidates because St. Jude Medical interdisciplinary educa- Stratagene I understand the business part of the equation— tion, project management United Biosource skills and cross-functional how industry works. That sealed the deal for UVP approach to problem me,” he says. “To be a manager at Amgen, solving. Wyeth I must ‘walk the walk and talk the talk.’ KGI taught me that. Combined with a star-studded list of KGI Trustees and Advisory Council Typical salary members—all with corporate and academic range for new MBS backgrounds—my career opportunities were graduates: $55,000–$75,000 extraordinary.” For more information about 90% employed KGI career opportunities, visit: within three months of commencement 20
  14. 14. CLAREMONT— location, location, CLOSE TO EVERYTHING No matter what you location like to do—sports, music, theater, clubbing—it’s close to Claremont. “Like awesome, Dude” is not part of Steven Some Weinstein’s vocabulary. Nevertheless he is a suggestions: native Southern Californian through and through. Watch a movie at Steve, MBS ’07, agrees he may be a bit biased Grauman’s Chinese but he wouldn’t choose to live anyplace else— Theater Take a hike alongside and he hasn’t had to. Steve landed a great posi- the Hollywood sign tion with Baxter International in Los Angeles Visit the Getty Museum within its operational leadership development during sunset Where did they go? program right after graduation. Eat a Pink’s hotdog Go view the exhibits Despite Steve’s commitment to at the California the SoCal area, KGI alumni land You won’t hear much dissension from KGI’s Science Center all over the world. students, faculty and staff—many who’ve come Take a ride on the Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel from all corners of the world to study and work Go to a taping of Steven Weinstein, MBS ’07 in scenic Claremont—just ranked as the fifth The Price is Right best small community in the US to live. “There BS, Computer Science Walk along the Venice University of California, Irvine is so much to do here—It’s two hours to Santa Boardwalk Ride the Tower of Terror Operations Development Associate Barbara or San Diego, you can hit the beaches, at Disneyland Baxter International, Inc. the mountains, the desert, or go out clubbing Eat funnel cake in Hollywood,” he says. Home to the Getty at the L.A. County Fair Museum, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Go snowboarding or skiing at Mammoth more live theater than on Broadway, LA is the Stay up all night to center for cultural diversity, art, music, religion, score a curbside view of the Rose Parade commerce and politics for the Pacific Rim. Bring a picnic dinner to see your favorite band In addition, as one of the largest biotechnology at the Hollywood Bowl centers in the world, Southern California Spend the day at Zuma Beach has it all—and we’re right in the middle of it. Dance the night away But KGI’s reach extends beyond California’s at Avalon borders—our corporate partners come from all Go window shopping on Rodeo Drive over the United States—from Boston and New Feel like a celebrity York to Des Moines and Seattle. Our alumni by attending an have chosen to live all over the world. As you awards show Run in the Nike Run can see, with your MBS, your opportunities Hit Remix finishing in are borderless. the Coliseum Take a weekend trip to Las Vegas View the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach See if Beckham can bend it For more information on alumni services, visit: 22
  15. 15. Suzanne Kocian, MBS ’04 BEYOND THE SCIENCE human chemistry BS, Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin At KGI, the professional Clinical Education Marketing Manager skills you will develop Bioform Medical, San Mateo, CA outside the traditional The last thing Suzanne Kocian or Tom Lester, classroom setting enhance Tom Lester, MBS ’04 both MBS ’04, had on their minds upon arriving your marketability and help prepare you for at KGI was getting “involved” with anything BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Southern California rapid advancement other than their academic and career goals. But Associate Program Manager toward leadership roles. the house Tom shared with classmates became BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Novato, CA Some examples of KGI experiences that build a magnet for brainstorming sessions and social those skills include: activity. “I started hanging out there and Tom ■ Team Masters Project and I just hit it off,” says Suzanne. The couple ■ Industry-based internships have been together ever since. ■ Presentation skills workshops Not many students connect like Suzanne and ■ Project management Tom, but our community is close knit, respectful training and cares deeply about our student-derived ■ Poster session presentations core values. Trust is essential in a project-based ■ Business writing program. As Tom states about his TMP experi- workshops ence “My teammates and I relied on each other ■ Interviewing workshops to do our share of the work independently ■ Corporate mentor and then we worked together to cement the program pieces together for a final team report—exactly ■ Business etiquette workshops like industry. Working with teammates in other ■ Team building exercises disciplines also prepared me to work with KGI’s short but researchers, engineers, and other functions in extraordinary history drug development.” Tom leveraged this valuable began with a $50 million KGI team experience into a position as Associate grant from the W.M. Keck Program Manager at BioMarin Pharmaceutical. Foundation 1997 Suzanne combined her marketing and technical KGI established background into a new position at Bioform Medical as the Clinical Education Marketing 1998 Manager. Suzanne says “I work with both sales First faculty arrive on campus and product management, as well as interact with the research and regulatory departments. 2000 KGI prepared me to thrive in an environment First students arrive on campus where things change quickly and where the types of projects that cross my desk are so varied.” 2002 First Commencement 2004 KGI receives accreditation from WASC for MBS degree 2005 For more information about KGI’s history, visit: Establishment of career focus tracks 2006 24 KGI receives accreditation from WASC for Ph.D. degree in Applied Life Sciences
  16. 16. Sheldon M. Schuster into the gap Ph.D., University of Arizona Professor I often tell students that this is one of the most exciting times to be President, Keck Graduate Institute entering the bioscience industry. There is great science going on and almost daily discoveries with the potential to make a real difference in public health, food production and the preservation of the environment. But despite this potential, there are not enough new products entering the development pipeline, and, when they do, there aren’t enough people who can take them to the point where companies can manufacture and commercialize them. The industry refers to this as ‘the gap’—the difficulty in moving scientific discoveries to a bedside product. Life Science Industry at a glance: 2005 sales revenue by sector A major reason the “gap” exists is because there aren’t enough people who combine the necessary technical expertise with a solid understanding of the business, regulatory and intellectual property environment within the life sciences industry. This understanding is necessary to determine Medical Diagnostics 4% which technologies are appropriate to move forward. As a consequence, $33,528,000,000 the venture capital community has stopped funding early stage projects— the risks of failure are too high and time commitment too long. In a Medical Devices 22% sense, we are educating KGI students to fill “the gap” by preparing them $200,000,000,000 with the scientific skills and the business judgment that is needed. When they leave KGI, our graduates will be poised to seize those opportunities. KGI graduates will be the pioneers that fashion a new business model. They will create and commercialize therapeutics and medical devices All other Biotech 29% to address the needs of an aging population. They will develop new $273,529,000,000 diagnostics for identifying complex and rare diseases, leading us to more preventive and personalized medicine. They will harness new technologies to produce new foods and fuels needed to feed a growing population and economy. And as they forge this new way of combining business and science, KGI’s graduates will make decisions that are not only economically sound, but ethical, responsible and provide maximum benefit for all Biopharmaceuticals 45% of society. $416,535,000,000 KGI’s innovative program mixes science, engineering and the basics of business, finance and project management in a way that’s truly integrated. KGI is uniquely positioned to develop leaders who are up to the challenges and opportunities presented by this exciting industry at this history- making time. If you think you’re ready to take on “the gap,” I invite you to join us. Sheldon M. Schuster, Ph.D. KGI’s president and professor 26
  17. 17. What we look for As you can tell from the profiles of current students and alumni, we don’t have a cookie cutter approach for determining successful KGI students. The admissions committee carefully reviews each candidate’s application in its entirety. We’re looking for more than good students—we’re looking for future leaders. Our enrollment for the 2007–2008 academic year is about 80 full-time students— but we’re primed to grow to approximately 200 students per year over the next five years. If you’re interested in discovering more, we invite you to visit our website at: and sign up to receive more info at: For more information about our students, alumni, and faculty, visit: We do have a few requirements Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college, or its international equivalent, prior to enrollment. Strong record of academic achievement as demonstrated through undergraduate transcripts, GPA, and standardized test scores (GMAT, GRE, or MCAT). Demonstrated interest in the life sciences as indicated by coursework, volunteer activities, work and research experience, and/or your personal statement. A background in the life sciences, pre-med, physical sciences, or engineering will provide the most thorough preparation for the MBS degree. However, it is not a prerequisite for admission. For complete application information, updated deadlines and tuition, plus a list of upcoming Campus Visit Days, please visit our website at: